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date (day) time network episode title
5/14/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#221) Before the Beginning
5/7/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#220) Lightning and Lockdown
4/30/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#219) Blair Bennett - Child Activist
4/23/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#218) The Blair Crush Project
4/16/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#217) In Da Club
4/9/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#216) The Great Switchy Witchy
4/2/21 (Fr.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#215) A League of Their Owen
3/26/21 (Fr.)8:47 PMDISNEY(#214) Warlock World: War of the Warlocks
3/19/21 (Fr.)8:47 PMDISNEY(#213) Just Reminisce With It!
12/11/20 (Fr.)8:24 PMDISNEY(#212) The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year
11/27/20 (Fr.)8:26 PMDISNEY(#211) Maybe Baby
11/20/20 (Fr.)8:26 PMDISNEY(#210) Owen's Bromance
11/13/20 (Fr.)8:26 PMDISNEY(#209) The Preventers Directive: Part Two: The End Part
11/6/20 (Fr.)8:26 PMDISNEY(#208) The Preventers Directive
10/23/20 (Fr.)8:27 PMDISNEY(#207) Shayna Pennsylvania
10/16/20 (Fr.)8:25 PMDISNEY(#206) Aliens Among Us
7/26/20 (Su.)8:00 PMDISNEYThe Preventers Directive
4/26/20 (Su.)8:23 PMDISNEYThe Preventers Directive
4/19/20 (Su.)8:23 PMDISNEY(#V305) Grandma & Grandpa Sittin' In A Tree
4/5/20 (Su.)8:46 PMDISNEY(#V304) Grandpa Gets Grounded
3/29/20 (Su.)8:49 PMDISNEY(#V303) The Great Coconuts Caper
3/22/20 (Su.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V302) The Most Brilliant Blair in the World
3/15/20 (Su.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V301) Grandpa Moves In
3/8/20 (Su.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V211) Byron & The Gator: The Far Side Of The World
3/1/20 (Su.)8:48 PMDISNEY(#V210) The People vs. Blair Bennett
2/23/20 (Su.)8:50 PMDISNEY(#V209) Owen and Blair In The Morning
12/6/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V208) Merry Christmas, Mr. Gooch
11/29/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V207) Owenfest
11/22/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V206) The Big Sneak
11/15/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V205) Family Squabbles
11/1/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V204) Gator's Reunion
10/25/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V203) Snow Way Out
10/18/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V202) The Tutor
10/11/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V201) Root of All Fears
10/4/19 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISNEY(#V111-60) You Decide LIVE!
9/27/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V110) And Gator Makes Five
9/20/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V109) General Nuisance
9/13/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#V108) Bringing Up Toilet
7/24/19 (We.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#V107) The Elevator
7/17/19 (We.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#V106) Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars
7/10/19 (We.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#V105) Date Fright
7/3/19 (We.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#V104) No Thank You For Your Service
6/26/19 (We.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#V103) Blair Gets Grounded
6/19/19 (We.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#V102) The Birthday War
6/14/19 (Fr.)9:45 PMDISNEY(#V101) Career Day Catastrophe

6/14/19 - 5/14/21
canceled/ended (2020-2021 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (42 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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confirmed as canceled on 12/6/21
(from Disney Channel's press release, February 2020) Raising the comedy stakes, the second season of the hybrid family sitcom/improvisation series "Just Roll With It" is set to premiere SUNDAY, MARCH 15 (8:45 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. Comedian J.C. Currais becomes a series regular cast member, in the fan-favorite role of Gator, and John Ratzenberger (Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story," "Cheers") guest stars in a recurring role as Blair's grandfather. The season also includes "wild" animals, real-life wedding vows with legal matrimony as part of a storyline and feats of epic proportions. The studio audience votes for wacky scenarios that the cast must improvise their way through during the show taping. Additional season two guest stars include Charles Shaughnessy ("The Magicians," "The Nanny"), Johnny Pemberton ("Superstore"), Jason Earles (Disney's "Hannah Montana"), Debra Wilson ("MADtv"), Jillian Shea Spaeder (Disney's "Walk the Prank") and Kingston Foster (Disney's "ZOMBIES"). "Just Roll With It" follows the newly blended Bennett-Blatt family as they navigate everyday family life and the ups and downs of adolescence. The series stars Tobie Windham and Suzi Barrett as fun-loving newlyweds and parents, Byron and Rachel; talented young actors Ramon Reed and Kaylin Hayman as preteen step-siblings, Owen and Blair; and J.C. Currais as The Gator.
· Kaylin Hayman as Blair
· Ramon Reed as Owen
· Suzi Barrett as Rachel
· Tobie Windham as Byron
· Adam Small as CRTR/EP
· Trevor Moore as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (improv/sketch)
· Kenwood TV Productions