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date (day) time network episode title
6/3/18 (Su.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V149) She Wore Red Velvet
6/2/18 (Sa.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V148) Unleashed
6/1/18 (Fr.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V147) Keeping Up with the Kryptonians
5/31/18 (Th.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V146) Captain Bamboozle
5/30/18 (We.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V145) Barehanded
5/29/18 (Tu.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V144) Watchtower Tours
5/12/18 (Sa.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V149) She Wore Red Velvet
5/11/18 (Fr.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V148) Unleashed
5/10/18 (Th.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V147) Keeping Up with the Kryptonians
5/9/18 (We.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V146) Captain Bamboozle
5/8/18 (Tu.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V145) Barehanded
5/7/18 (Mo.)6:15 AMCARTOON(#V144) Watchtower Tours
12/23/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#149) Captain Bamboozle
12/16/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#148) Barehanded
12/9/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#147) Watchtower Hours
12/2/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#146) Party Animal
11/18/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#145) Race Against Crime
11/11/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#144) System Error
11/4/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#143) It'll Take A Miracle!
10/28/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#142) Phased and Confused
10/21/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#141) Harley Goes Ape!
10/14/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#140) E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
10/7/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#139) The Brain Buster
9/30/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#138) Forget Me Not
9/23/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#137) The Ringer
9/16/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#136) Superman Red vs Superman Blue
9/9/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#135) Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
9/2/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#134) The Cube Root
8/26/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#133) Best Day Ever
8/19/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#132) Boo-ray for Bizarro
8/12/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#131) Booster's Gold
8/5/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#131) Booster's Gold
7/29/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#130) Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
7/22/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#129) Mxy's Mix-Up
7/15/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#128) The Fatal Fare
7/8/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#127) Time Out
7/1/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#126) All Aboard the Space Train
6/24/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#125) Garden of Evil
6/17/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#124) Battle for Bottled City
6/10/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#123) Double Cross
6/3/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#121/122) Inside Job; The Trouble With Truth
5/27/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#120) Freezer Burn
5/20/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#119) Rage of the Red Lanterns
5/13/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#118) Field Trip
5/6/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#117) Plastic Man Saves the World
4/29/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#116) Luthor In Paradise
4/8/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#115) Hat Trick
4/1/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#115) Hat Trick
3/25/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#114) Speed Demon
3/18/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#113) Trick or Threat
3/11/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#112) Repulse!
3/4/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#111) Play Date
2/25/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#110) Under a Red Sun
2/18/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#109) Time Share
2/11/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#108) Galaxy Jest
2/4/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#107) Zombie King
1/28/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#106) Nuclear Family Values
1/21/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#105) Follow That Space Cab!
1/14/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#104) Abate and Switch
1/7/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#103) Night of the Bat
12/31/16 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#102) Power Outage
12/24/16 (Sa.)7:30 AMCARTOON(#101) Classic Rock
12/16/16 (Fr.)6:00 PMCARTOON(#101-104) Shazam Slam

12/16/16 - 6/3/18
canceled/ended (2017-2018 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (52 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from Cartoon Network's press release, January 2016) The world's greatest Super Heroes return to television in Justice League Action, an all-new quarter-hour animated series from Warner Bros. Animation coming soon to Cartoon Network. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Comics Super Heroes against their most infamous foes in adventures packed with relentless thrills, fun and action. No need to wait for the good stuff to start, each eleven-minute episode jumps in with lightning-paced action and heroics. Whether defending the Earth, facing invaders from space, or battling the bizarre forces of magic, the always-rotating team of Justice League heroes, are up to any challenge. The new series is the first DC Comics-based franchise to launch on Cartoon Network since the highly-successful Teen Titan Go!, which in 2015 ranked as a Top 5 animated series among Kids 2-11, 6-11 and all key Boys. Teen Titans Go! also ranks as Cartoon Network's #1 property for cross-platform video plays and on VOD. Justice League Action marks the return of Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series), beloved by fans worldwide as one of the most iconic voices of Batman, to a weekly-animated television series. The series will also deliver an all-star lineup of regular and guest cast voices, including Mark Hamill as Joker, James Woods as Lex Luthor, Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold and many more portraying your favorite DC Comics Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!) serves as executive producer with Butch Lukic (Justice League, Batman Beyond), Alan Burnett (Batman: The Animated Series) and Jim Krieg (Green Lantern: The Animated Series) serving as producers.
· Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold
· James Woods as Lex Luthor
· Kevin Conroy as Batman
· Mark Hamill as Joker
· Butch Lukic as EP
· Jim Krieg as EP
· Sam Register as EP
· based on a comic book
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Warner Bros. Animation