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date (day) time network episode title
11/17/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMAMC(#106) Checkmate
11/17/09 (Tu.)8:00 PMAMC(#105) Schizoid
11/16/09 (Mo.)9:00 PMAMC(#104) Darling
11/16/09 (Mo.)8:00 PMAMC(#103) Anvil
11/15/09 (Su.)9:00 PMAMC(#102) Harmony
11/15/09 (Su.)8:00 PMAMC(#101) Arrival

11/15/09 - 11/17/09
telefilm/mini-series in the can
(from AMC's press release, September 2009) AMC will premiere its six-part mini-series "The Prisoner" on Sunday, November 15 from 8 - 10pm ET/PT, featuring the series' first two episodes back-to-back. A reinterpretation of the 1960s cult classic, "The Prisoner" will air over three consecutive nights, with two episodes each evening, from 8-10pm ET/PT. Leading in to the highly-anticipated mini-series debut will be The Matrix Revolutions (2003), beginning at 5pm ET/PT, part of an all-day airing of The Matrix Trilogy of films starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Fans can watch all 17 episodes of the original 1960s "The Prisoner" in full screen on www.amctv.com. Each episode of AMC's mini-series will also be available On Demand the day following the linear premiere with select cable operators. "The Prisoner" tells the story of a man, Six (Caviezel), who wakes up to find himself inexplicably trapped in a mysterious and surreal place, The Village, with no memory of how he arrived. As he frantically explores his new environment, he discovers that Village residents are identified by number, have no memory of any prior existence, and are under constant surveillance. The Village is controlled by one man - the sinister and charismatic Two (McKellen). Throughout the series, Six and Two are locked in a battle of wits, as Six challenges the oppressive nature of The Village and struggles to learn the truth behind it.
· Hayley Atwell as Number 4-15
· Ian McKellen as Number Two
· Jamie Campbell-Bower as Number 11-12
· Jim Caviezel as Number Six
· Lennie James as Number 147
· Ruth Wilson as Number 313
· Bill Gallagher as WRTR
· Charlie Collier as EP (AMC)
· Christina Wayne as EP (AMC)
· Damien Timmer as EP
· Michele Buck as EP
· Nick Hurran as DIR
· Rebecca Keane as EP
· Trevor Hopkins as PROD
· Vlad Wolynetz as EP (AMC)
· mini-series
· ITV Studios