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date (day) time network episode title
1/21/20 (Tu.)9:00 PMID(#1503) Aaron Hernandez - SECRETS AND DEMONS
1/20/20 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#1502) Aaron Hernandez - A FAMILY AFFAIR
1/20/20 (Mo.)9:00 PMID(#1501) Aaron Hernandez - THE BOY FROM BRISTOL
6/2/19 (Su.)10:00 PMID(#1401) Family Man, Family Murderer
5/27/19 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#1302) Rebecca Zahau
5/27/19 (Mo.)9:00 PMID(#1301) Rebecca Zahau
4/7/19 (Su.)10:00 PMID(#1202) Madeleine McCann
4/7/19 (Su.)9:00 PMID(#1201) Madeleine McCann
1/22/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMID(#1102) Robert Durst
1/21/19 (Mo.)9:00 PMID(#1101) Robert Durst
12/12/18 (We.)10:00 PMID(#1002) Susan Powell
12/12/18 (We.)9:00 PMID(#1001) Susan Powell
8/20/18 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#903) Pamela Smart - Black Widow
8/19/18 (Su.)11:00 PMID(#902) Pamela Smart - An Affair to Die For
8/19/18 (Su.)10:00 PMID(#901) Pamela Smart - A Death in Derry
4/16/18 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#801) Natalie Wood
4/10/18 (Tu.)10:00 PMID(#703) The Staircase - Reversal of Fortune
4/9/18 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#702) The Staircase - Lightning Strikes Twice
4/8/18 (Su.)10:00 PMID(#701) The Staircase - I Whispered Her Name
1/16/18 (Tu.)10:00 PMID(#603) Sex, Lies, and Audiotape
1/15/18 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#602) A Lover Scorned
1/14/18 (Su.)10:00 PMID(#601) Blood on the Wall
11/29/17 (We.)9:00 PMID(#501-120) SCOTT PETERSON
9/4/17 (Mo.)10:00 PMTLC(#403) CHANDRA LEVY: He Called Himself Phoenix
9/4/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMTLC(#402) CHANDRA LEVY: The Predator in the Park
9/4/17 (Mo.)8:00 PMTLC(#401) CHANDRA LEVY: Sex, Lies, and Missing Interns
8/27/17 (Su.)9:00 PMID(#301-120) DREW PETERSON
4/11/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMID(#203) CASEY ANTHONY: Ten Hours, Forty Minutes
4/11/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMID(#202) CASEY ANTHONY: A Shallow Grave (R)
4/10/17 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#202) CASEY ANTHONY: A Shallow Grave
4/10/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMID(#201) CASEY ANTHONY: Little Girl Lost (R)
4/9/17 (Su.)10:00 PMID(#201) CASEY ANTHONY: Little Girl Lost
9/14/16 (We.)10:00 PMID(#103) JONBENÉT RAMSEY: He Calls Himself Daxis
9/13/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMID(#102) JONBENÉT RAMSEY: Pool of Suspects
9/12/16 (Mo.)10:00 PMID(#101) JONBENÉT RAMSEY: A Killer on the Loose

9/12/16 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
15 (3 episodes)
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completed airing its 15th season on 1/21/20; has yet to be renewed for a 16th season
(from Investigation Discovery's press release, December 2019) The story of Aaron Hernandez is one of the most stunning falls from grace in recent history. Once hailed as a hero for the New England Patriots, Hernandez is now viewed as an American tragedy. After beginning a promising NFL career at the young age of 20, Hernandez was thrown into the limelight. But few could ever imagine that a three short years later, he would be on trial, convicted of murder. Football and sports fans alike were perplexed as to how a professional football player with a growing family and promising career could resort to such violence off the field. But as the investigation unfolded and his story unraveled, more unknown factors were brought to the forefront. The public was exposed to the dangerous innerworkings of Hernandez's psyche, seeing the anger, secrets and struggles that simmered beneath the All-American façade. Now, for the first time, Investigation Discovery (ID) explores how Hernandez went from professional football player to violent killer in AARON HERNANDEZ: AN ID MURDER MYSTERY premiering Monday, January 20 at 9/8c.
· Allison Wallach as EP
· Pamela Deutsch as EP (ID)
· Tim McConville as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Jupiter Entertainment