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date (day) time network episode title
8/2/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOONSophie, the Bakuganist/Midnight Train Battle!
7/26/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOONHere Comes Haavik/The Fusion Bakugan Arrive
7/19/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOONThe Director/Queen Ebony
7/5/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOONFinal Battle! Dan vs. Ajit/Secrets Exposed
6/28/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V516) The Best Friend/Thief and Brawler
6/14/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V515) The Mysterious Revenger/Wynton Vs. Lia
6/7/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V514) Kung Fu Master/A Battle of Popularity
5/31/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V513) The Bakugan Battle League Begins/Riot vs. Ajit
5/24/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V512) Awesome Brawlers Training Camp, Part 1 & 2
5/17/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V511) Magnus P.I., Part 1 & 2
5/3/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V510) Haunted House; Two of a Kind
4/26/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V509) Bakugan Wynton/The Boy from Brazil
4/19/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V508) The Bakugan Battle League/The Ancient Elder
4/12/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V507) Nice to Meet You, Bakugan!/Magnus
4/5/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V506) The Lady and the Queen/The AB's Silver Screen Debut
3/29/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V505) Phantom Thief Comes to Call, The/Phantom Thief Ajit
3/22/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V504) Trouble Busters!/French Fry Wars
3/15/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V503) Brawler Headhunting/Lightning's Entrance Exam
3/8/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V502) Baku-Gear/Bakugan Rock!
3/1/20 (Su.)6:30 AMCARTOON(#V501) The Mysterious Boy; A New Power
1/19/20 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V410) Planet-Ception/United We Stand
1/12/20 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V409) Bakuzon at the Gates
1/5/20 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V408) At the Beginning, an Ending/This Late Hour
12/29/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V407) The Golden Forge/A Deep Hibernation
12/22/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V406) The Healing Challenge/The Golden Drome
12/15/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V405) Our Ugly Selves/Trhyno Lives
12/8/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V404) Kazami Family Feud/Greatest of the Kazami
12/1/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V403) Girl Power/Return to the Fold
11/24/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V402) Calling All Parents/Nowhere to Turn
11/17/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V401) In My Room/An Army of Their Own
11/10/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V314) Stormy Weather/Who Can it Be Now
11/3/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V313) Happy/One Way or Another
10/27/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V312) Too Much/Who Are You?
10/20/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V311) Vestroia
10/13/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V310) Mask of Pride/The Graveyard of Courage
10/6/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V309) Bakugan Breakers/ The Awful Ones
9/29/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V308) Bakuzoned!/The Golden Secret
9/22/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V307) A Devil on Your Shoulder/Vestral Visions
9/15/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V306) A Door Closes, A Door Opens/Kazami's Gambit
9/8/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V305) Seek and Hide/Family First
8/25/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V304) Two Sides of the Coin / The Race for Gold
8/18/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V303) Hide Matrix and Seek / Or Forever Hold Your Peace
8/11/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V302) In the Wild / Call Me Old Brakken
8/4/19 (Su.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V301) The Forbidden Isle / New World Orders
5/18/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V213) Awesome vs. AAAnimus
5/11/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V212) Hostile Take Over/The Big Bounce
5/4/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V211) High Flying/Backfire Brawl
4/27/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V210) Career Opportunities/Punch the Clock
4/20/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V209) The Throw Down/Brawl for It All
4/13/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V208) A Real Steal/Lightning Unleashed
4/6/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V207) Tripped Up/Power Tripp
3/30/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V206) Framing Device/Bad Actors
3/23/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V205) Shun Shine/Ronin Son
3/16/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V204) Subterranean Homesick Blues/Honey Struck
3/9/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V203) Matter of the Mind/Core Cell
3/2/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V202) All Jungled Up/Outer Demons
2/23/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V201) Stratified / Maze Daze
2/16/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V113) Dawn Before Dusk
2/9/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V112) Fathers and Friends / Midsummer Nightmare
2/2/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V111) Home on the Run / Top Slot
1/26/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V110) Mask of Power / Story Holes
1/19/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V109) Rubbed the Wrong Way / Babysitting Bedlam
1/12/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V108) Mr. Moon / What's Wrong with Dan
1/5/19 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V107) The Exit / The Lost and the Cost
12/29/18 (Sa.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V106) Dog Daze / In Focus
12/28/18 (Fr.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V105) Frenemies / Strata's Fear
12/27/18 (Th.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V104) Local Heroes / Pegatrix
12/26/18 (We.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V103) Bully For You / Trolling for Laughs
12/23/18 (Su.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#V102) Burger Run / Monkey See, Monkey Don't
12/23/18 (Su.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V101) Origin of Species Part 1 / Origin of Species Part 2

12/23/18 - ???
currently airing (summer 2020)
sundays from 6:30 AM-7:00 AM EST
2 (??? episodes)
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