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date (day) time network episode title
6/1/15 (Mo.)8:00 PMBOUNCE TVOff-Network Premiere on Bounce TV (R)
9/9/08 (Tu.)8:00 AMFXOff-Network Premiere on FX (R)
4/14/06 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-515/516) Growing Pains/Bernie's Angels
4/7/06 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-511) Spinning Wheels
4/7/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-513) It's Never As Bad As the First Time
3/31/06 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-510) What Would Jason Do
3/31/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-514) Who's Your Mama
2/3/06 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-422) Marathon Mac (R)
2/3/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-512) Bar Mizvah Crashers
1/27/06 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-501) Wrestling with a Sticky Situation (R)
1/27/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-509) Fantasy Football
1/20/06 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-502) Father Knows Best (R)
1/20/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-421) Exercise in Fertility, Part 2
1/13/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-420) Exercise in Fertility, Part 1
1/6/06 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-419) Fumes of Détente
12/16/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-415) The Music Mac (R)
12/16/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-418) Sorely Missed
12/9/05 (Fr.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-416) Walk Like a Man (R)
12/2/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-417) Some Church Bull
11/18/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-508) Prison Break
11/11/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-507) Pop Pop Goes the Weasel
11/4/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-506) For Whom the Belt Tolls
10/28/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-504) Night of Terror
10/21/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-505) Car Wars
10/7/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-503) The Big Payback
9/30/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-422) Marathon Mac
9/30/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-503) The Big Payback
9/23/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-502/501) Father Knows Best/Wrestling with a Sticky Situation
9/16/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-406) Who Gives This Bride (R)
9/15/05 (Th.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-406) Who Gives This Bride (R)
9/12/05 (Mo.)12:00 AMSYNFive-Nights-a-Week Syndication Premiere (R)
9/9/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-405) My Privacy (R)
9/9/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-403) Stiff Upper Lip (R)
9/7/05 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-415) The Music Mac (R)
9/2/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-402) Mac Overdrive (R)
9/2/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-401) Being Bernie Mac (R)
8/31/05 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-411) You Don't Know Squad (R)
8/24/05 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-404) Big Brother (R)
8/10/05 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-211) Bernie Mac Dance Party (R)
8/3/05 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-309) Eye of the Tiger (R)
4/8/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-416) Walk Like a Man
4/1/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-415) The Music Mac
3/18/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-305) The Getaway (R)
3/18/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-414) The Big Picture
3/11/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-215) The Incredible Bulk (R)
3/11/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-413) I Don't Wanna Be A Playa No More
3/4/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-212) Nut Job (R)
3/4/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-413) I Don't Wanna Be A Playa No More
2/25/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-321) Go Bernie, It's Your Birthday (R)
2/25/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-412) You Got Served
2/18/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-211) Bernie Mac Dance Party (R)
2/18/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-411) You Don't Know Squad
2/11/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-216) Bernie Mac Rope-A-Dope (R)
2/11/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-410) Manchild in Vanessa Land
2/4/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-114) Hall of Fame (R)
2/4/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-409) Jack & Jacqueline
1/28/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-221) Pink Gold (R)
1/28/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-408) Stone Nuts
1/21/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-201) Keep it on the Short Grass (R)
1/21/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-106) Stop Having Sex (R)
1/21/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-407) Nerdy Mac
1/14/05 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-406) Who Gives This Bride
1/14/05 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-405) My Privacy
12/3/04 (Fr.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-209) Tryptophan-tasy (R)
12/3/04 (Fr.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-313) Road to Tradition (R)
10/20/04 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-404) Big Brother (R)
10/20/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-212) Nut Job (R)
10/6/04 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-122) Sweet Home Chicago, Part 2 (R)
10/6/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-121) Sweet Home Chicago, Part 1 (R)
10/6/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-405) My Privacy
9/29/04 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-320) That Old Mac Magic (R)
9/29/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-402) Mac Overdrive
9/22/04 (We.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-318) MAC-INATIONS (R)
9/22/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-401) Being Bernie Mac
9/15/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-403) Stiff Upper Lip
9/8/04 (We.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-404) Big Brother
8/20/04 (Fr.)9:30 PMFOX(MAC-322) Who's That Lady (R)
8/20/04 (Fr.)9:00 PMFOX(MAC-306) It's a Wonderful Wife (R)
8/20/04 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(MAC-319) Easy Rider (R)
8/20/04 (Fr.)8:00 PMFOX(MAC-312) Hair Jordan (R)

11/14/01 - 4/14/06
canceled/ended (2005-2006 season)
completed airing its current season
5 (104 episodes)
(from FOX's press release) In the first half-hour of the season finale, Vanessa needs to study for the SAT but keeps blowing it off to make extra money working at a coffee house. Bernie thinks she's too comfortable living at home and working, so he asks her to pay rent and amenities. Unfortunately for Bernie, Vanessa manages her money well and she sees no reason for college. Meanwhile, Jordan discovers the ability to overpower Vanessa because he is now taller than she is and begins to exert his power with other members of the house, which doesn't sit well with Bernie. In the second half-hour, Bernie suffers a near-death experience due to the kids' carelessness and when he awakens from being electrocuted, he feels the need to lovingly impart all of his knowledge to the children before he passes. Inspired by something he saw on "Oprah," Bernie goes all-out and makes videos for every topic the children could possibly need his advice on after he's gone. Meanwhile, Vanessa is struggling with her college applications, and she believes Bernie and Wanda don't have faith in her abilities because Bernie wants to use his celebrity influence with the schools; however, Jordan takes advantage of Bernie's state of mind and scams him out of material goods at every turn. Tune in to the "Growing Pains"/"Bernie's Angels" season-finale episode of THE BERNIE MAC SHOW Friday, April 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
· Bernie Mac
· Camille Winbush as Vanessa
· Dee Dee Davis as Bryana
· Jeremy Suarez as Jordan
· Kellita Smith as Wanda
· Ken Kwapis as DIR (Pilot)
· Larry Wilmore as WRTR (Pilot)
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· 20th Century Fox Television
· Regency Television