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9/22/20 (Tu.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYCal Fire: West Coast Fires - STATE ON FIRE

9/22/20 - ???
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(from Discovery Channel's press release, September 2020) The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) is dedicated to fire prevention and protection of California's privately and publicly-owned wildlands and is the lead agency battling the wildfires currently burning across California - the worst in the state's history. The men and women fighting on the frontlines are true heroes and now, Discovery Channel, in partnership with Cal Fire is bringing their battle on the fire lines to viewers at home in the brand-new multiplatform series, CAL FIRE premiering 4Q 2020. The network will also air a first look on Tuesday, September 22 at 10 PM ET/PT that delivers an in-depth view at the current wildfires ablaze throughout California. Viewers can follow the heroic firefighters during wildfire season now on the GO Original series CAL FIRE on the Discovery GO app or at Discovery.com/CalFire. In the series, multiple camera crews have been embedded with Cal Fire's frontline firefighters across the state - from Shasta in the North to San Diego in the South for the past three months, deploying cutting edge technology including fire-resistant helmet cameras to bring viewers an ultra-immersive perspective on the blazes. Crews had to undergo "Red Flag" training and were equipped with special protective gear in order to accompany the firefighters on the fire lines. During California's most destructive fire season ever, Cal Fire has deployed all of its 7,000 firefighters, and the worst is likely yet to come as they prepare for the fast-approaching Santa Ana wind season in Southern California. With more than 3.5 million acres burned, 6000 homes destroyed, and more than two dozen lives lost, Cal Fire is waging war on the catastrophic fires. The series will also dive deep into the stories behind the men and women of Cal Fire who have sacrificed their own lives to protect others. Many firefighters haven't been home to see their families in weeks as they constantly put the public's needs above their own and do everything possible to keep others safe.
· Aysu Saliba as CO-EP
· Christina Bavetta as EP (Discovery)
· John Slaughter as EP (Discovery)
· Pat McGee as EP
· Stu Schreiberg as EP
· Terence Wrong as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Third Force Productions
· Triage Entertainment