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date (day) time network episode title
5/20/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9020) Soap Stars Talking, Open Mic at the Airport, Nude beach ticketing
5/13/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9019) Renting a Room, Community announcements, Rave at the Mall
5/6/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9018) Parking you car illegally, Picky eating, Power napping
4/29/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9017) Breathing restrictions, Hospital waiting room, Pedestrian Road rage
4/22/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9016) Doctor Dog, Large Newspapers, The Sydney Bridge
4/15/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9015) Dumping junk, Stripe club Bouncers , The Secret
4/8/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9014) Speed race Sunday, Polish Club, Responsible drinking
4/1/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9013) Hardware store, Famous landmarks, Fox news
3/25/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9012) Gambling, Gay conversion therapy, Trying out a new Mattress
3/18/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9011) The biggest Muslim, Water taste test, Speed cop
3/11/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9010) Moving furniture, The Chinese Premiere, Global Warming Games
3/4/09 (We.)11:00 PMG4(#9009) President Bushes visit, Free Hugs, Tattoo Fines
2/25/09 (We.)9:30 PMG4(#9003) Bonehead Challenge, Explaining American Football in the USA, Video Surveillance (R)
2/25/09 (We.)9:00 PMG4(#9008) ADD drugs for Kids, Air Orchestra, Telemarketers
2/18/09 (We.)9:30 PMG4(#9001) Sniffer Dogs, Robberies, and Food Tasting (R)
2/18/09 (We.)9:00 PMG4(#9007) Prime Minster Security, Dr. Who, Ikea returns
2/11/09 (We.)9:30 PMG4(#9006) Back Street boy's, Broke Back Mountain for Jesus, Cool to be Black in America
2/11/09 (We.)9:00 PMG4(#9005) Cheap child care, British Comedy, Boy Band
2/4/09 (We.)9:30 PMG4(#9004) Taxi Rides on the cheap, Freedon in America, Charlize Theron Interview
2/4/09 (We.)9:00 PMG4(#9003) Bonehead Challenge, Explaining American Football in the USA, Video Surveillance
1/28/09 (We.)9:30 PMG4(#9002) Trojan Horse, Airport Security, and Hugh Jackman Interview
1/28/09 (We.)9:00 PMG4(#9001) Sniffer Dogs, Robberies, and Food Tasting

1/28/09 - 5/20/09
canceled/ended (2008-2009 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (20 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from G4's press release, January 2009) G4's fearless new comedy series from the land down under slams US shores with a wave of stunts and sketches covering controversial topics and exploiting taboos most other shows refuse to touch. "The Chaser," a team of irreverent wise-guys and award-winning comedians, declare a "War on Everything" in this politically incorrect series, which takes on religion, media, celebrities, politicians, corporations and all kinds of authority. "The Chaser" became a media phenomenon and international topic of conversation following the 2007 APEC summit when they managed to drive a fake Canadian motorcade past Australia's top security forces all the way to President Bush's hotel with one of the team members dressed as Osama Bin Laden. "The Chaser's War on Everything" premieres on Wednesday, January 28 at 9pm ET/PT, only on G4. The half-hour variety show is written and performed by the Chaser team, made up of Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor, Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello and Andrew Hansen. Each episode is presented in front of a studio audience on a set reminiscent of a college dorm, where the team introduces the different segments and stunts, showing the hilarious and embarrassed reactions of their "victims." Their anti-establishment style features shocking pull-offs that leave audiences asking "did they really do that?" Not afraid to land in the hot seat, the team dares to go where no other show has gone before, including into airports, elections, press conferences, security-sensitive government buildings, churches, award shows, sporting events, fast-food chains, five-star restaurants and more.
· Andrew Hansen
· Chas Licciardello
· Chris Taylor
· Craig Reucassel
· Julian Morrow
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· comedy (all)
· comedy (improv/sketch)
· Chaser Broadcasting