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12/23/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Dead Man's Switch: A Crypto Mystery
12/19/21 (Su.)9:00 PMIDJonBenét Ramsey: What Really Happened? (R)
12/18/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Drew's Dream Car
12/18/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Dream Kitchen: Carla Hall
12/18/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis
12/16/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers
12/15/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Repair Shop
12/13/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe
12/11/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Radford Returns
12/11/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Pioneer Woman: Hometown Stories
12/7/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alaskan Killer Bigfoot
12/2/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Great Balloon Bomb Invasion
11/29/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-113) Class FitSugar: Christa DiPaolo Workouts (R)
11/29/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-113) Class FitSugar: Jake Dupree Workouts (R)
11/29/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-125) Class FitSugar: Live (R)
11/29/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-415) Glow (R)
11/29/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-512) Glow (R)
11/29/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-108) Legendary (R)
11/27/21 (Sa.)9:00 PMIDWhen Philip Met Missy (R)
11/26/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Demon in the White House
11/26/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Festive Fireplaces of the World
11/24/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Keep Sweet
11/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-103) Ambulance
11/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-208) Ambulance
11/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-308) Ambulance
11/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-408) Ambulance
11/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-512) Ambulance
11/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-608) Ambulance
11/22/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110) Wife Swap Australia
11/22/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-206) Wife Swap Australia
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Field Full of Secrets (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Beyond Food (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Dark Forces: Shadow People (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Diet Fiction (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Eating You Alive (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Foodies: The Culinary Jetset (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+In Search of Balance (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Killer Legends (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+New Chefs on the Block (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Overfed and Undernourished (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Pre-Crime (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sir Noface (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Kids Menu (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Last Stop (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Liberators (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Two Face: The Grey (R)
11/21/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Wolfman's Got Nards (R)
11/19/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Story of Patrizia Reggiani (R)
11/19/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Candy Coated Christmas
11/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Christmas for Mary (R)
11/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Baking Christmas (R)
11/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Carole's Christmas (R)
11/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cooking Up Christmas (R)
11/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+First Christmas (R)
11/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+One Fine Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+12 Dog Days Till Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+12 Pups of Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Christmas Kiss II (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Christmas Movie Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Christmas Switch (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Cinderella Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Puppy For Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Winter Wedding (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Accidentally Engaged (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Angels in the Snow (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Back to Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Christmas Belle (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Christmas Comes Home (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Christmas Crush (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Christmas with the Andersons (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Holly's Holiday (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+How Sarah Got Her Wings (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Married by Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Merry Kissmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Santa (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Naughty and Nice (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rock N' Roll Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rodeo and Juliet (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Second Chance Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Snowmance (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sweet Home Carolina (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Christmas Calendar (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The March Sisters at Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Spirit of Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Spruces and The Pines (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Truth About Christmas (R)
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-215) Focal Point
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-315) Focal Point
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-415) Focal Point
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-506) Focal Point
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-115) Glow
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-215) Glow
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-315) Glow
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-112) NowThis Reports
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-212) NowThis Reports
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-108) Seeker Baby
11/15/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-108) Wine and Cheeseburger
11/14/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The World's Biggest Drug Lord
11/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Set!
11/9/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-120) Ravinder's Kitchen
11/8/21 (Mo.)9:00 PMIDThe Long Island Serial Killer (R)
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-106) Life and Birth
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-106) The Island with Bear Grylls
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-213) The Island with Bear Grylls
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-307) The Island with Bear Grylls
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-406) The Island with Bear Grylls
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-506) The Island with Bear Grylls
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-606) The Island with Bear Grylls
11/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unraveled: Experts on Trial
11/4/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Space Titans
11/2/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+She Made Them Do It (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Christmas in Tennessee (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Christmas Wish (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Gift Wrapped Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Place at the Table (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Sleepwalker's Nightmare (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Sweet Christmas Romance (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Very Nutty Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Very Vintage Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Best of Enemies (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Christmas Lost and Found (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Christmas Pen Pals (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Heaven Sent (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Inside The New York Times (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Iris (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Jesus Camp (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Christmas Inn (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Christmas Prince (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Snowed Inn Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sweet Mountain Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The First Monday in May (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Flight Before Christmas (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Neighbor in the Window (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Simone Biles Story (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Watcher in the Woods (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Victoria Gotti (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+You Can't Take My Daughter (R)
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Candy Coated Christmas BTS
11/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Pioneer Woman's Hometown Holidays
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-112) Apollo
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110) Best of POPSUGAR
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-108) Between Two Buns
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-231) Class FitSugar
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-331) Class FitSugar
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-431) Class FitSugar
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-531) Class FitSugar
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-631) Class FitSugar
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Curse of the Highgate Vampire
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-215) I Kid You Not
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-104) Kid's Best Friend
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-509) Kids: Best Animal Friends
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-609) Kids: Best Animal Friends
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110) Little But Fierce
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-210) Little But Fierce
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-310) Little But Fierce
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-413) Little But Fierce
10/29/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The First Annual Fasties
10/28/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-103) Surviving The Stone Age: Adventure in the Wild
10/26/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-212) Help! My House is Haunted
10/26/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-312) Help! My House is Haunted
10/24/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Jack & Kelly: Night of Terror
10/23/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Fergie's Killer Dresser
10/23/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Hatton Garden
10/21/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Introducing, Selma Blair
10/19/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-512) Total Wipeout UK (R)
10/19/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-612) Total Wipeout UK (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-115) Hannahgram (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-105) HerStories (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-217) HerStories (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110) Kids: Best Animal Friends (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-210) Kids: Best Animal Friends (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-310) Kids: Best Animal Friends (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-410) Kids: Best Animal Friends (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#501-514) Send Foodz (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-613) Send Foodz (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#701-708) Send Foodz (R)
10/15/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110) Space Crafts (R)
10/14/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Crutch
10/12/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-312) Total Wipeout UK (R)
10/12/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#401-412) Total Wipeout UK (R)
10/12/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-109) Wipeout Australia (R)
10/12/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Cleveland Kidnappings
10/8/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-120/122/124-130) Birth Day (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Woman's Work (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Close Encounters (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Dawn Wall (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Last Animals (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-109) Total Wipeout UK (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-212) Total Wipeout UK (R)
10/5/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unacknowledged (R)
10/1/21 (Fr.)9:00 PMIDWho Killed My Son? (R)
10/1/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Hunt for the Skinwalker (R)
10/1/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+I Am Not Your Negro (R)
10/1/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Jiro Dreams of Sushi (R)
10/1/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Smartest Guys in the Room (R)
9/28/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110/201-225/301-325) Dance FitSugar (R)
9/28/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110/201-216) POPSUGAR Pop Quiz (R)
9/28/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Family I Had (R)
9/28/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Nightmare (R)
9/28/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unseen (R)
9/25/21 (Sa.)9:00 PMIDThe Murder List (R)
9/22/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rewind
9/15/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-208) Dude You're Screwed (R)
9/14/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110) Focal Point (R)
9/14/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#601-610) Odd Couples (R)
9/14/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110/201-210/301-310/401-409/501-510/601-610/701-710/801-810) Pretty Unfiltered (R)
9/14/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-108/201-206/301-311) Really Dough (R)
9/14/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-308) Seen (R)
9/14/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110/201-210/301-307) Sick (R)
9/11/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Surviving 9/11
9/10/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Curse of Lizzie Borden
9/9/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+No Responders Left Behind
9/7/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rebuilding Hope
9/1/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead (R)
9/1/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sunshine Superman (R)
8/28/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-110/201-210/301-306) 100% Hotter (R)
8/26/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Lily Topples the World
8/23/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Generation Growth
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+1 Mountain (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Faster Horse (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alone Across the Arctic (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+American Relapse (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+An Artificial Reality (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Ancient Aliens and World Order (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Armstrong (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Fine Lines (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Gamemaster (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Jasper Mall (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Saving Jaws (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sisu (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The 25,000 Mile Love Story (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Crest (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The End of Meat (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Gateway Bug (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Human Race (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Shadow of Gold (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unbranded (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+West No More (R)
8/21/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Big Fat Summer
8/19/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Smartest Kids In The World
8/16/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Smartest Kids In The World
8/15/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley
8/11/21 (We.)9:00 PMIDThe Jodi Arias Story (R)
8/10/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unraveled: The Stalker's Web
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Fall From Freedom (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Butterflygirl (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Dinosaur 13 (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Gridiron Heroes (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+How To Cook Your Life (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Miss Sharon Jones! (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Nostradamus: The Last Words (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Return to Area 51 (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Ride For Lance (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Tillman Story (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+To Joey, With Love (R)
8/7/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unbranded (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+An Amish Murder (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Bigger, Stronger, Faster (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Girl In the Bunker (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Guerrilla (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+I Am Elizabeth Smart (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Lo and Behold (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+No End in Sight (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Stalked By My Mother (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Stockholm, Pennsylvania (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Stolen by My Mother (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Taken From Me (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Abduction of Lisa McVey (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Wrecking Crew (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Tiny House of Terror (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Venus and Serena (R)
8/1/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Whitney (R)
7/31/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Summer Games
7/22/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Reaching the Sky
7/18/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E8) Daily Bite: Ninja Sharks 2
7/18/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Great Hammerhead Stakeout
7/17/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E7) Daily Bite: Headstone Hell
7/17/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rogue Tiger Shark
7/16/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E6) Daily Bite: Jaws of Alaska
7/16/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Extinct or Alive: Jaws of AK
7/15/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E5) Daily Bite: Dr. Pimple Popper
7/15/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Raging Bulls
7/14/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E4) Daily Bite: Return to Lair
7/14/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Tiger Queen
7/13/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E3) Daily Bite: Shark Vortex
7/13/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Fin
7/13/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Great White Comeback
7/12/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E2) Daily Bite: Shark Trek
7/12/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Stranger Sharks
7/11/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101) Air Jaws: Going for Gold
7/11/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#S2021 E1) Daily Bite: Going for Gold
7/11/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Shark Rumble
7/11/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharkbait With David Dobrik
7/11/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Song of the Shark
7/10/21 (Sa.)8:00 PMDIY(#101) Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead Vol. 2 (R)
7/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Animals Unexpected
7/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Attenborough at 90
7/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Snow Babies
7/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Super Cute Animals
7/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Survival Senses
7/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Big Crash Diet Experiment
7/6/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101) Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Shark Week - Shark Off the Charts
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+2-Headed Shark Attack (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+3-Headed Shark Attack (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Blackfish (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Bob Lazar: Area 51 (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Envoy: Shark Cull (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Food Inc. (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Frenzy (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Gonzo: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Life Itself (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Mega Predators of Oz (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Return to Headstone Hell (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharknado (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharknado 2: The Second One (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sharknado: It's About Time (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Tickled (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+USS Indianapolis (R)
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101) Return to Shark Vortex
7/1/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Surge at Mount Sinai
6/27/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rebel Hearts
6/24/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Yellowstone Supervolcano: American Doomsday
6/17/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Name is Bulger
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Artifacts
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Autopsy Encore
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Encounters: Roswell
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Australien Skies 3
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Everest: The Peak of Mankind
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Here, There & Everywhere
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Love and Saucers
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Love Between the Covers
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Michelin Stars
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Nelson Mandela: Resistance
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Renegade: David Icke
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Scotch: A Golden Dream
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Secret Societies: Occult Power
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Straight Up: Kentucky Bourbon
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Human Element
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Pollinators
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Toxic Beauty
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Unorthodox
6/15/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101-104) William & Kate: The Journey
6/11/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Devil Made Me Do It
6/8/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Chasing the Thunder
6/8/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Secret Islands of the Pacific
6/5/21 (Sa.)8:00 PMANIMAL PLANETCrikey! It's a Baby! (R)
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+180 Degrees South
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Gray State
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A League of Ordinary Gentlemen
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Born to Be Wild
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Criss Angel Trick'd Up
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Deep Sea
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Wolfpack
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Under the Sea
6/1/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+World's Biggest Ghost Hunt
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Beyond the Brick
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Capitalism: A Love Story
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Citizenfour
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Deliver Us From Evil
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Demon House
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Demon House: The Lost Footage
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Grizzly Man
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sicko
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Great Invisible
5/28/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Million Dollar Duck
5/27/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Apocalypse '45
5/27/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Ford at Pearl
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Big Cats: The Science of
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Climate Change: The Facts
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Horizon: Depression and Me
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Horizon: Diagnosis on Demand?
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+How to Build a Time Machine
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+How To Die a Better Death
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Restaurant That Burns Calories
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Honesty Experiment
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Placebo Experiment
5/25/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Wonders of Space Revealed
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Global Threat
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+American Ghost Hunter
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Chely Wright - Wish Me Away
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Coming of Age in Cherry Grove
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cropsey
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Drag Kids
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Light in the Water
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Queens and Cowboys
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Milky Way
5/21/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+To the Moon and Back
5/20/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Genius Factory
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+2030
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Windsor Wedding
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Agenda
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Contact
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Alien Moon
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Bias
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Big Fur
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Brewmaster
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cannabis Evolution
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cartel Land
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Churchill: The Road to Victory
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Coyote: The Mike Plant Story
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Down to Earth: Skydive Dubai
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Finders Keepers
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Gurukulam
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+I Am Human
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Jack the Ripper
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Just Eat It: Food Waste Story
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+K2: Beyond the Comfort Zone
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Killing John F. Kennedy
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Killswitch
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Life, Animated
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Rebel with a Cause
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Militarization of Love
5/19/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Trophy
5/18/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Broken Harts
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+American Swing
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Ballet 422
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cocaine Cowboys Reloaded
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Countdown to Zero
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Fracknation
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+School Life
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+We Are X
5/15/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Whitey: USA v. James J. Bulger
5/12/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Man Named Pearl
5/10/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Sin City Showdown
5/6/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Citizen Penn
5/5/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Feral
5/2/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Francesco: Vices and Virtues
4/27/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+When Philip Met Missy
4/25/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Crikey! It's a Baby!
4/23/21 (Fr.)8:00 PMDIY(#102) Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead - A Look Ahead Vol. 2
4/23/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#102) Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead - A Look Ahead Vol. 2
4/22/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Endangered
4/22/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+HGTV Smart Home - Smart Home Special 2021
4/15/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Swim
4/13/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+GameStop: Wall Street Hijack
4/10/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Future People
4/9/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Ed Gein: The Real Psycho
4/8/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+First to the Top the World
3/30/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Dreaming of Jerusalem
3/28/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Francesco
3/28/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Future People: The Family of Donor 5114
3/27/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Resurrection
3/26/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cocktails and Tall Tales
3/25/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Miracle Fishing
3/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Who Killed My Son?
3/20/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Prince Andrew, Maxwell & Epstein
3/20/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Story of Patrizia Reggiani
3/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Groomed
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Seat at the Table
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Year in Burgundy
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Year in Champagne
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Year in Port
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+At the Fork
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Barista
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Chicken People
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Super Size Me
3/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+That Sugar Film
3/11/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+My Beautiful Stutter
3/9/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Long Island Serial Killer
3/8/21 (Mo.)9:00 PMIDIn Pursuit: The Missing (R)
3/7/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+In Pursuit: The Missing
3/4/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Walrus and the Whistleblower
3/1/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Pop My Pet
2/28/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+NASA Mars Landing: 4K
2/28/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Valley of the Kings: The Lost Tombs
2/27/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Body Language of Donald Trump
2/25/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-310/401-410) Odd Couples - Seasons 3 & 4
2/25/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Warren Miller Story
2/24/21 (We.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+A Tale of Two Fridges
2/23/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Murder List
2/20/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Attack of the Murder Hornets
2/18/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Vaccine: Conquering Covid
2/16/21 (Tu.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Beach Cabana Royale
2/12/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Jodi Arias Story
2/11/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#301-308) Comeback Kids - Season 3
2/11/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+They Call Me Dr. Miami
2/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#201-219) Adoption Day - Season 2
2/8/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Search Continues
2/7/21 (Su.)2:00 PMDISCOVERY+(#1701) Puppy Bowl XVII
2/7/21 (Su.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Puppy Bowl XVII: Best in Show
2/6/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Cupcake Guys Training Camp - Austin
2/6/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Puppy Bowl Nation
2/6/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Puppy Bowl XVII Pre-game Show
2/6/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Puppy Bowl XVII: Best in Show
2/6/21 (Sa.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Dog Games
2/5/21 (Fr.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Exorcism of Roland Doe
1/14/21 (Th.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Prince William: A Planet For Us All
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+(#101) Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead - Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead (R)
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Amityville Horror House
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Beyond Borders
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Extreme Everest - Understanding Everest
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+JonBenét Ramsey: What Really Happened?
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+P.S. Burn This Letter Please
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+Restaurant Hustle Director's Cut
1/4/21 (Mo.)3:01 AMDISCOVERY+The Impossible Row
1/1/21 (Fr.)11:00 PMTRAVEL(#102) FIRST LOOK: discovery+
1/1/21 (Fr.)4:00 PMIDFirst Look: Discovery+

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