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date (day) time network episode title
10/4/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#307) Friendship Cards; The Missing Manual
9/13/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#306) Tiny Tells; Sleeping Spino
9/6/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#305) Wait For It!; Mr. Careful
8/30/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#304) Termy Steps Out; The Tooth Fairy
8/23/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#303) Adventures in Egg Sitting; Rainbow's End
8/16/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#302) Bubble Bill; The Perfect Bone
8/9/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#301) Ayati's Great Adventure; King of The Horseshoe Crabs
6/28/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#226) A New Big Guy; Battle of The Titans
6/21/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#225) A Giant Success; The Stick in the Stone
6/14/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#224) Bill's Nose Knows; Big Brother, Big Sister
6/7/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#223) A Brush with Sadness; What If?
6/1/21 (Tu.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#222) Master of the Elements; Cretacia's School for Dinos
5/24/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#221) The Great Sled Chase; Dino-Sitting
5/17/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#220) The Time Capsule; Marsh O Saurus
5/10/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#219) The Snow Cave; Good Dino
5/3/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#218) Scary Bill; The Dino Finder
4/26/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#217) The Singing Chef; The Dino Drone
4/19/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#216) The Big Ig; Saving Snugglesaurus
4/12/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#215) Rugo the Roommate; The Winner
4/5/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#214) The Star Stone; Capa-Bill
3/29/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#213) Plink, Plonk, and Plunk; The Caterpillar Contest
3/22/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#212) Archaeop-Tricks; Blind to Fashion
3/15/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#211) Dino Dash; Good Idea
3/8/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#210) Secret-saurus; Party of One
3/1/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#209) Don't Bug Bill/Super Marsh
2/22/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#208) Top DIno; Dinos to the Moon
2/15/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#207) Ayati's Big Birthday; A New Best T
2/8/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#206) I Heart Giganto; Guardians of the Herds
2/1/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#205) A New Home for Leon/Mirror Mirror
1/25/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#204) Mini Giganto; Singosaurus
1/18/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#203) Giganto Games; Coconuts for Coco-Phones
1/11/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#202) I Heart Giganto/Guardians of the Herds
1/4/21 (Mo.)8:55 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#201) Termy, Come Home!/Rocky the Record Breaker
2/29/20 (Sa.)8:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORGoodbye Giganto!
12/7/19 (Sa.)8:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORThe Shortest Day/Mazu's Comet
11/9/19 (Sa.)8:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORFrozen Giganto; Dinosia
10/26/19 (Sa.)8:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORThe Floating Stone; The Light in the Storm
9/6/19 (Fr.)11:00 AMDISNEY JUNIORCoco Bill; Brothers and Sisters

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