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date (day) time network episode title
1/20/17 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEYGirl Meets Goodbye
1/13/17 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEY(#319) Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen
1/6/17 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEY(#321-60) World Meets Girl
12/2/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#314) Girl Meets A Christmas Maya
11/25/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#318) Girl Meets Hollyworld
11/4/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#316) Girl Meets Her Monster
10/14/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#317) Girl Meets World of Terror 3
9/23/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#308) Girl Meets She Don't Like Me
9/16/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#310) Girl Meets The Great Lady of New York
8/26/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#315) Girl Meets Bear
8/19/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#309) Girl Meets Sassy Haltertop
8/12/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#311) Girl Meets I Do
7/29/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEYGirl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2
7/22/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEYGirl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1
7/15/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#307) Girl Meets True Maya
7/8/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#306) Girl Meets Upstate
6/24/16 (Fr.)7:30 PMDISNEY(#305) Girl Meets Triangle
6/17/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#304) Girl Meets Permanent Record
6/10/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#303) Girl Meets Jexica
6/5/16 (Su.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#302) Girl Meets High School Part Two
6/3/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#301) Girl Meets High School Part One
3/11/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#230) Girl Meets Legacy
2/19/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#226) Girl Meets The Bay Window
2/12/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#206) Girl Meets Commonism
1/22/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#226) Girl Meets Money
1/8/16 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#219) Girl Meets STEM
12/4/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#229) Girl Meets The New Year
11/13/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#213) Girl Meets Belief
11/6/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#221) Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project
10/18/15 (Su.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#227) Girl Meets Texas, Part 3
10/17/15 (Sa.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#225) Girl Meets Texas, Part 2
10/16/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#224) Girl Meets Texas, Part 1
10/9/15 (Fr.)9:30 PMDISNEY(#222) Girl Meets Rah Rah
10/2/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#215) Girl Meets World of Terror 2
9/25/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#223) Girl Meets Rileytown
9/18/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#220) Girl Meets Cory and Topanga
9/11/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#217) Girl Meets Farkle
8/21/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#218) Girl Meets Creativity
8/14/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#216) Girl Meets Semi-Formal
8/7/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#214) Girl Meets Yearbook
7/24/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#219) Girl Meets Fish
7/17/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#212) Girl Meets the New Teacher
7/10/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#210) Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington
6/19/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#209) Girl Meets Hurricane
6/12/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#211) Girl Meets Rules
6/5/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#205) Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot
5/15/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#204) Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels
5/14/15 (Th.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#203) Girl Meets Pluto
5/13/15 (We.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#202) Girl Meets the Secret of Life
5/12/15 (Tu.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#208) Girl Meets the New World
5/11/15 (Mo.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#201) Girl Meets Gravity
4/17/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#21) Girl Meets What the What
3/27/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#20) Girl Meets First Date
2/6/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#19) Girl Meets Farkle's Choice
1/16/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#18) Girl Meets Master Plan
1/9/15 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#17) Girl Meets Game Night
12/5/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#16) Girl Meets Home for the Holidays
11/28/14 (Fr.)7:30 PMDISNEY(#15) Girl Meets Brother
11/21/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#109) Girl Meets Friendship
10/17/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#13) Girl Meets Flaws
10/10/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMDISNEY(#12) Girl Meets the Forgotten
10/2/14 (Th.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#11) Girl Meets World: Of Terror
9/26/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#10) Girl Meets Crazy Hat
9/19/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#09) Girl Meets 1961
9/12/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#08) Girl Meets Smackle
8/15/14 (Fr.)9:45 PMDISNEY(#07) Girl Meets Maya's Mother
8/8/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#06) Girl Meets Popular
8/1/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#05) Girl Meets the Truth
7/25/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#04) Girl Meets Father
7/18/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#03) Girl Meets Sneak Attack
7/11/14 (Fr.)8:30 PMDISNEY(#02) Girl Meets Boy
6/27/14 (Fr.)9:45 PMDISNEY(#01) Girl Meets World

6/27/14 - 1/20/17
canceled/ended (2016-2017 season)
completed airing its current season
3 (73 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
confirmed as canceled on 1/4/17
(from Disney Channel's press release, November 2015) Disney Channel has ordered a third season of the comedy series "Girl Meets World." It was announced today by Adam Bonnett, Executive Vice President, Original Programming, Disney Channels Worldwide. In Total Viewers, "Girl Meets World" is the number one rated series across all kid-targeted, cable-television networks and ranks among the top five cable television series of the year among Kids 2-11 and Tweens 9-14. The series was created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly and is executive-produced by Jacobs. It stars Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, August Maturo, Peyton Meyer and Corey Fogelmanis. Production resumes in Los Angeles in January. Season Three is scheduled to premiere in spring 2016. "Michael Jacobs has one of the most authentic voices in television today," said Bonnett. "He and the entire 'Girl Meets World' team will not only continue to entertain families but also help kids discover who they are and who they want to be in this world." "Girl Meets World" follows the everyday adventures of an unlikely duo, Riley and Maya - a curious and bright-eyed teenager and her bold best friend - who along with Farkle and Lucas, are navigating the ups and downs of life, all while trying to find their unique place in the world. Season Two tackled a variety of storylines that included autism, cyber-bullying and forgiveness. In Season Three, Riley and her best friends will begin a brand-new chapter as they enter high school.
· Ben Savage as Cory
· Danielle Fishel as Topanga
· Jackée Harry as TBA
· Peyton Meyer as Tristan
· Rowan Blanchard as Riley
· Sabrina Carpenter as Maya
· William Daniels as Mr. Feeny
· Teo Halm as Elliott (Original Pilot)
· April Kelly as CRTR/EP
· John Whitesell as DIR (Pilot)
· Michael Jacobs as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· It's A Laugh Productions