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Premieres in TBA 2021 or 2022 (Exact Date TBA)
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1 (8 episodes)
(from Netflix's press release, January 2021) We knew we were being pitched something incredible the first time See-Saw introduced us to the creator and artist/writer behind Heartstopper, Alice Oseman. It was clear right away that Alice not only had created these brilliant and emotionally engaging characters, but the world they populated was relatable yet somehow aspirational. The whole thing is just so poignant and beautifully crafted. To tell a love story between two boys who meet at school involves such vision and creative focus, Alice has absolutely delivered this here. Heartstopper started out as a webcomic in 2016 and it is no surprise that something as brilliant as this hasn't taken long to develop a large and loyal fanbase. The graphic novels are beautiful and compulsive reads laced with a unique style; sweetness and romance crossing over with contemporary and compelling plotlines. Our lead characters, Charlie and Nick, meet at school and become friends before gradually developing a romantic relationship. The emotional tension is brilliantly portrayed and I felt joy and nerves for them both throughout. When we started to develop the project we collectively decided that Alice had such a clear vision that it would make sense for her to adapt and write the episodes herself; this has paid dividends and we are confident that the 8 episodes we have commissioned will live up to the expectations of existing fans while also engaging a new audience. Alice is only 26 years old but her talent as a storyteller is astounding.
· Corinna Brown
· Cormac Hyde-Corrin
· Joe Locke as Nick
· Kit Connor as Charlie
· Kizzy Edgell
· Rhea Norwood
· Sebastian Croft
· Tobie Donovan
· William Gao
· Alice Oseman as BOOK/CRTR/EP
· Emile Sherman as EP
· Euros Lyn as DIR/EP
· Hakan Kousetta as EP
· Iain Canning as EP
· Jamie Laurenson as EP
· Patrick Walters as EP
· Zorana Piggott as PROD
· based on a comic book
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· See-Saw Films