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date (day) time network episode title
1/1/20 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#1R1R02) Lawn and Order (R)
1/1/20 (We.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R05) Below Board (R)
12/18/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#1R1R11) Money for Nothing (R)
12/11/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#1R1R08) House Sandwich (R)
12/4/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#1R1R12) To Mike, From Aggie (R)
11/27/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#1R1R03) Investment Gate (R)
11/13/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#107) Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (R)
11/6/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#109) Log Jam (R)
10/30/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#105) Below Board (R)
10/23/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#101) Building Hope (R)
10/16/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#111) Money for Nothing (R)
10/9/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#102) Lawn and Order (R)
10/2/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#108) House Sandwich (R)
9/18/19 (We.)10:00 PMDIY(#109) Log Jam (R)
7/16/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R02) Lawn and Order (R)
7/9/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R06) Urea Got Me (R)
7/2/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R10) Broken Record (R)
6/25/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R11) Money for Nothing (R)
6/18/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R08) House Sandwich (R)
6/11/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R05) Below Board (R)
6/4/19 (Tu.)8:00 PMDIY(#1R1R10) Broken Record (R)
5/28/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R06) Urea Got Me (R)
5/21/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R04) Flood Suckers (R)
5/14/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R09) Log Jam (R)
5/7/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R12) To Mike, From Aggie (R)
4/30/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R10) Broken Record (R)
4/23/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R01) Building Hope (R)
4/16/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R03) Investment Gate (R)
4/9/19 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#1R1R02) Lawn and Order (R)
12/31/17 (Su.)9:00 PMDIY(#110) Labor of Love (R)
7/26/16 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#109) Money For Nothing (R)
7/12/16 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#103) Ventilation Blues (R)
7/5/16 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#212) Great Wall of Crap: A Retaining Wall Faces Complete Failure When a Contractor Doesn't Measure Up (R)
6/28/16 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#207) A Tear in the Fabric: A Waterproof Membrane That Was Accidentally Cut Causes Water Damage in a Home (R)
6/21/16 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(#203) 5 Years Old: Newer Is Not Necessarily Better (R)
3/10/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-218H) Walk the Planks: A Second-Storey Deck is an Accident Waiting to Happen
3/3/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-217H) To Mike, From Aggie: A woman Tracks Mike Down and Asks Him to Help Fix Her Daughter-in-Law's Home
2/24/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-216H) Investment Gate: A Couple Is Conned Out Of $300,000 And They Are Left With a Destroyed Basement
2/17/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-215H) Another Storey - Part 2: Mike And His Team Are Called In To One Of The Worst Jobs He's Ever Had To Fix
2/10/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-214H) Another Storey - Part 1: A Second-Floor Addition Threatens a Family's Safety and Their Entire Home
2/3/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-213H) Flood Suckers: A Basement is Damaged When Flood Waters Cause Sewage to Back Up Into the Home
1/27/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-212H) Great Wall of Crap: A Retaining Wall Faces Complete Failure When a Contractor Doesn't Measure Up
1/20/15 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-211H) Lawn and Order: A Couple Tries to Retain Their Composure When Their Deck and Retaining Walls Fail
9/23/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-210H) Five Alarm Chili - Part 2: Mike steps into the fire and repairs a home damaged by an arsonist.
9/16/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-209H) Five Alarm Chili - Part 1: After her home is set on fire, Chili fears she'll never be safe again.
9/9/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-208H) Here In Spirit: A homeowner tragically dies weeks after working up in her attic.
9/2/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-207H) A Tear in the Fabric: A Waterproof Membrane That Was Accidentally Cut Causes Water Damage in a Home
8/26/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-206H) High Water: A Calgary Home Nearly Destroyed by Floods Gets Completely Repaired
8/19/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-205H) Hoofed Roof: A Botched Barn Roof Threatens The Life of a Group of Rescued Horses
8/12/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-204H) Broken Record: A Con Artist Cheats Another Couple Leaving Them With a Half-Demoed Kitchen
8/5/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-203H) 5 Years Old: Newer Is Not Necessarily Better
7/29/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-202H) Below Board: A House That Looks Good on the Outside Hides a Rotten Secret
7/22/14 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-201H) House Sandwich: Two Monster Homes Were Built on Either Side of a House That's Now Flooding
12/3/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-118H) Log Jam: Building a log house crosses enemy lines.
11/26/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-117H) Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
11/19/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-116H) Starting Again
11/12/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-115H) Building Hope
11/5/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-114H) Mystery Staircase
10/29/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-113H) Over Their Heads
10/22/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-112H) A Lift Up
10/15/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-111H) Breaking Through
10/8/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-110H) Labour of Love
10/1/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-109H) Held for Ransom
9/24/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-108H) Title Fight
9/17/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-107H) If the Shoe Fits
9/10/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-106H) Urea Got Me
9/3/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-105H) Caught in a Trap - Part 2
8/27/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-104H) Caught in a Trap - Part 1
8/20/13 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-103H) Ventilation Blues
8/13/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-102H) Building Castles
8/6/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMDIY(DHMIR-101H) A Case of Shingles

8/6/13 - 3/10/15
canceled/ended (2014-2015 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (36 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from DIY's press release, July 2013) Popular contractor Mike Holmes stars in Holmes Makes It Right, a new series making its U.S. premiere on DIY Network on Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. During each one-hour episode, Holmes uncovers shoddy construction practices and rescues deserving homeowners and communities from repair and renovation disasters. The projects range from playground rebuilds and asbestos removal to fixing dangerous electrical and faulty roofing. Throughout the series, Holmes shows homeowners how botched jobs should have been completed and educates them on how to be better informed before their next home improvement project.
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