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date (day) time network episode title
8/15/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVAn officer tries to convince a young couple to seek help for their addictions after their numerous arrests
8/8/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVA spitmask-wearing suspect tries to score male enhancement drugs from the jail nurse
8/1/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVTequila is responsible for one man’s outrageous behavior as he is sent to jail
7/18/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVGrooving to the music gets one man a trip to jail after dancing in the street in his underpants
7/11/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVA cologne salesman swears he sells the magic potion which makes ladies lose their undies
6/27/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVJAIL: LAS VEGAS has exclusive access
2/28/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVA meth user tries to prove how tough he is
2/21/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVOfficers try to deal with a sloppy and combative drunk
2/14/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVAn inmate goes on a rampage when he thinks the cops lost his money
2/7/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVBatman is arrested after punching Chewbacca
1/31/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVOfficers outwit a man who refuses to give his name
1/24/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVIrate about his arrest, a drunk veteran tests officers' patience
1/17/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVCousins come to jail together but only one leaves
1/10/15 (Sa.)9:00 PMSPIKE TVOfficers struggle with an angry drunk after he kicks out a patrol car window
9/8/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60204) Las Vegas/Portland/Tacoma (R)
9/8/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60205) Austin/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
9/1/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60205) Austin/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
9/1/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60204) Las Vegas/Portland/Tacoma (R)
8/25/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60203) Las Vegas/Albuquerque/Portland (R)
8/25/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60202) San Diego/Fort Worth/Portland (R)
8/18/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60137) Austin/San Diego/Charlotte (R)
8/18/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60201) Charlotte/San Diego/Portland (R)
8/11/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60136) Fort Worth/San Diego/Tulsa (R)
8/11/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60205) Austin/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
8/4/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60135) Austin/Las Vegas/Charlotte (R)
8/4/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60204) Las Vegas/Portland/Tacoma (R)
7/28/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60134) Austin/Fort Worth/Las Vegas (R)
7/28/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60132) Salt Lake City/Fort Worth/Austin (R)
7/21/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60202) San Diego/Fort Worth/Portland (R)
7/21/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60203) Las Vegas/Albuquerque/Portland (R)
7/14/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60137) Austin/San Diego/Charlotte (R)
7/14/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60205) Austin/Las Vegas/Portland
7/7/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60201) Charlotte/San Diego/Portland (R)
7/7/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60204) Las Vegas/Portland/Tacoma
6/30/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60203) Las Vegas/Albuquerque/Portland (R)
6/30/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60131) Tulsa/Austin/Fort Wayne (R)
6/23/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60201) Charlotte/San Diego/Portland (R)
6/23/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60202) San Diego/Fort Worth/Portland (R)
6/16/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60136) Fort Worth/San Diego/Tulsa (R)
6/16/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60135) Austin/Las Vegas/Charlotte (R)
6/9/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60137) Austin/San Diego/Charlotte (R)
6/9/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60134) Austin/Fort Worth/Las Vegas (R)
6/2/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60133) Austin/Salt Lake City/Las Vegas (R)
6/2/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60132) Salt Lake City/Fort Worth/Austin (R)
5/26/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60131) Tulsa/Austin/Fort Wayne (R)
5/26/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60136) Fort Worth/San Diego/Tulsa (R)
5/19/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60133) Austin/Salt Lake City/Las Vegas (R)
5/19/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60203) Las Vegas/Albuquerque/Portland
5/12/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60135) Austin/Las Vegas/Charlotte (R)
5/12/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60202) San Diego/Fort Worth/Portland
5/5/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60130) Salt Lake City/Tulsa/Austin (R)
5/5/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60201) Charlotte/San Diego/Portland
4/28/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60129) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana (R)
4/28/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60137) Austin/San Diego/Charlotte
4/21/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60126) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
4/21/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60120) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Hillsboro (R)
4/14/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60134) Austin/Fort Worth/Las Vegas (R)
4/14/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60133) Austin/Salt Lake City/Las Vegas (R)
4/7/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60132) Salt Lake City/Fort Worth/Austin (R)
4/7/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60131) Tulsa/Austin/Fort Wayne (R)
3/31/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60130) Salt Lake City/Tulsa/Austin (R)
3/31/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60136) Fort Worth/San Diego/Tulsa
3/24/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60127) Austin/Wayne/Fort Myers (R)
3/24/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60135) Austin/Las Vegas/Charlotte
3/17/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60128) Austin/Las Vegas (R)
3/17/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60134) Austin/Fort Worth/Las Vegas
3/10/09 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60129) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana (R)
3/10/09 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60133) Austin/Salt Lake City/Las Vegas
11/25/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60125) Austin/Portland (R)
11/25/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60132) Salt Lake City/Fort Worth/Austin
11/18/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60117) Portland/Santa Ana/Tampa (R)
11/18/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60131) Tulsa/Austin/Fort Wayne
10/28/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60129) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana (R)
10/28/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60130) Salt Lake City/Tulsa/Austin (R)
10/21/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60127) Austin/Wayne/Fort Myers (R)
10/21/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60128) Austin/Las Vegas (R)
10/14/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60125) Austin/Portland (R)
10/14/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60126) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
10/7/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60128) Austin/Las Vegas (R)
10/7/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60130) Salt Lake City/Tulsa/Austin
9/30/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60127) Austin/Wayne/Fort Myers (R)
9/30/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60129) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana
9/23/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60126) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
9/23/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60128) Austin/Las Vegas
9/16/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60125) Austin/Portland (R)
9/16/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60127) Austin/Wayne/Fort Myers
9/9/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60126) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland
9/9/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60125) Austin/Portland
9/2/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60124) Las Vegas/Austin (R)
9/2/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60123) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana (R)
8/26/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60122) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
8/26/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60121) Austin/Tulsa/Las Vegas (R)
8/12/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60124) Las Vegas/Austin (R)
8/12/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60123) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana (R)
8/5/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60122) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
8/5/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL114) Austin/Tampa/Modesto (R)
7/29/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60121) Austin/Tulsa/Las Vegas (R)
7/29/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL101) Las Vegas/Tampa/Fort Worth (R)
7/22/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60117) Portland/Santa Ana/Tampa (R)
7/22/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60120) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Hillsboro (R)
7/15/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60119) Tulsa/Austin/Portland (R)
7/15/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60124) Las Vegas/Austin (R)
7/8/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60123) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana (R)
7/8/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60118) Portland/Austin/Tulsa (R)
7/1/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60116) Austin/Memphis/Modesto (R)
7/1/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60122) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
6/24/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60121) Austin/Tulsa/Las Vegas (R)
6/24/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL114) Austin/Tampa/Modesto (R)
6/17/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60115) Fort Myers/Modesto/Las Vegas (R)
6/17/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60119) Tulsa/Austin/Portland (R)
6/10/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL113) Las Vegas/Fort Myers/Portland (R)
6/10/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60118) Portland/Austin/Tulsa (R)
6/3/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL112) Austin/Draper/Hillsboro (R)
6/3/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL111) Tampa/Portland (R)
5/27/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60120) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Hillsboro (R)
5/27/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL110) Austin/Tampa/Portland (R)
5/20/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL114) Austin/Tampa/Modesto (R)
5/20/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60124) Las Vegas/Austin
5/20/08 (Tu.)8:30 PMMNT(U60117) Portland/Santa Ana/Tampa (R)
5/20/08 (Tu.)8:00 PMMNT(U60123) Austin/Las Vegas/Santa Ana
5/13/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60116) Austin/Memphis/Modesto (R)
5/13/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60122) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Portland
5/6/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60115) Fort Myers/Modesto/Las Vegas (R)
5/6/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60121) Austin/Tulsa/Las Vegas
4/29/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60119) Tulsa/Austin/Portland (R)
4/29/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60120) Tulsa/Las Vegas/Hillsboro
4/22/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL109) Patterson/Portland/Tampa Bay (R)
4/22/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL113) Las Vegas/Fort Myers/Portland (R)
4/15/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL108) Las Vegas/Paterson (R)
4/15/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL112) Austin/Draper/Hillsboro (R)
4/8/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60118) Portland/Austin/Tulsa (R)
4/8/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL111) Tampa/Portland (R)
4/1/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(U60116) Austin/Memphis/Modesto (R)
4/1/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60115) Fort Myers/Modesto/Las Vegas (R)
3/25/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL107) Portland/Tampa/Paterson (R)
3/25/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL106) Phoenix/Tampa/Las Vegas (R)
3/18/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL113) Las Vegas/Fort Myers/Portland (R)
3/18/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL110) Austin/Tampa/Portland (R)
3/11/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL112) Austin/Draper/Hillsboro (R)
3/11/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL109) Patterson/Portland/Tampa Bay (R)
3/4/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL111) Tampa/Portland (R)
3/4/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL108) Las Vegas/Paterson (R)
2/26/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL105) Tampa/Las Vegas/Paterson (R)
2/26/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60119) Tulsa/Austin/Portland
2/19/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL104) Tampa/Las Vegas/Fort Worth (R)
2/19/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60118) Portland/Austin/Tulsa
2/12/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL103) Fort Worth/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
2/12/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60117) Portland/Santa Ana/Tampa
2/5/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL102) Cincinnati/Las Vegas/Tacoma (R)
2/5/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60116) Austin/Memphis/Modesto
1/29/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL101) Las Vegas/Tampa/Fort Worth (R)
1/29/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(U60115) Fort Myers/Modesto/Las Vegas
1/22/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL107) Portland/Tampa/Paterson (R)
1/22/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL102) Cincinnati/Las Vegas/Tacoma (R)
1/15/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL106) Phoenix/Tampa/Las Vegas (R)
1/15/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL105) Tampa/Las Vegas/Paterson (R)
1/8/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL104) Tampa/Las Vegas/Fort Worth (R)
1/8/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL103) Fort Worth/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
11/27/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL110) Austin/Tampa/Portland (R)
11/27/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL114) Austin/Tampa/Modesto
11/20/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL109) Patterson/Portland/Tampa Bay (R)
11/20/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL113) Las Vegas/Fort Myers/Portland
11/13/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL108) Las Vegas/Paterson (R)
11/13/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL112) Austin/Draper/Hillsboro
11/6/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL107) Portland/Tampa/Paterson (R)
11/6/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL111) Tampa/Portland
10/23/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL106) Phoenix/Tampa/Las Vegas (R)
10/23/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL110) Austin/Tampa/Portland
10/16/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL105) Tampa/Las Vegas/Paterson (R)
10/16/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL109) Patterson/Portland/Tampa Bay
10/9/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL104) Tampa/Las Vegas/Fort Worth (R)
10/9/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL108) Las Vegas/Paterson
10/4/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#114A) N/A
10/4/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#1??A) N/A (R)
10/2/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL103) Fort Worth/Las Vegas/Portland (R)
10/2/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL107) Portland/Tampa/Paterson
9/27/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#113A) N/A
9/27/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#1??A) N/A (R)
9/25/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL102) Cincinnati/Las Vegas/Tacoma (R)
9/25/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL106) Phoenix/Tampa/Las Vegas
9/20/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#112A) N/A
9/20/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#1??A) N/A (R)
9/18/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL101) Las Vegas/Tampa/Fort Worth (R)
9/18/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL105) Tampa/Las Vegas/Paterson
9/13/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#111A) N/A
9/13/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#1??A) N/A (R)
9/11/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL104) Tampa/Las Vegas/Fort Worth
9/11/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL103) Fort Worth/Las Vegas/Portland
9/6/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#110A) N/A
9/6/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#1??A) N/A (R)
9/4/07 (Tu.)9:30 PMMNT(JAIL102) Cincinnati/Las Vegas/Tacoma
9/4/07 (Tu.)9:00 PMMNT(JAIL101) Las Vegas/Tampa/Fort Worth
8/30/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#109A) N/A
8/30/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#1??A) N/A (R)
8/23/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#108A) N/A
8/23/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#107A) N/A
8/16/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#106A) N/A
8/16/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#105A) N/A
8/9/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#104A) N/A
8/9/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#103A) N/A
8/2/07 (Th.)8:30 PMCOURT TV(#102A) N/A
8/2/07 (Th.)8:00 PMCOURT TV(#101A) N/A

9/4/07 - ???
currently airing (summer 2015)
saturdays from 9:00 PM-9:30 PM EST
4 (??? episodes)
(from MyNetworkTV's web site, March 2009) You’ve seen ’em do the crime, now see ’em get the time. From John Langley, producer of the groundbreaking Cops, comes the next big law enforcement reality series Jail. Shot on location in cities across the U.S., Jail follows prison inmates from their initial booking through their first moments behind bars. Each episode captures the harsh and sometimes humorous reality of what happens to criminals after they’re caught. If its groundbreaking, its on MyNetworkTV.
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