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date (day) time network episode title
12/22/18 (Sa.)12:30 PMDFC(#126) Eyes and Ears of Paw-Tucket/Get Her to the Lips
12/22/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#125) Curiosity and Cats/Fetch the Story Stick
12/15/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#124) Surprise! Paw-Zombies!/The Big Paw'd-Cast
12/8/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#123) The Couch is Always Greater/Model Behavior
12/1/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#122) Big Sis, Lil Pup/Trip for the Record
11/17/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#121) Surf & Turf Shindig/Austin La Vista
11/10/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#120) With Friends Like These/Take This Suggestion And…
11/3/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#119) Seeing Double/Trip Kwan Do
10/27/18 (Sa.)12:30 PMDFC(#117) Mayor May Not/The Scratch Tree Society (R)
10/27/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#118) Nightmare at 30,000 Bleats/Pet Side Story
10/20/18 (Sa.)12:30 PMDFC(#116) Homesick as a Dog/Never to Bed (R)
10/20/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#117) Mayor May Not/The Scratch Tree Society
10/13/18 (Sa.)12:30 PMDFC(#114) Fear Factor/Good Luck Jade (R)
10/13/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#116) Homesick as a Dog/Never to Bed
10/6/18 (Sa.)12:30 PMDFC(#115) Double-Booked Bev/As The Hamster Wheel Turns
10/6/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#114) Fear Factor/Good Luck Jade
6/30/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#113) The Incredible Roman and Ray/Paw It Forward
6/23/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#112) Bev Rolls with It/CEO Trip
6/16/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#111) Fine, Feathered Fortune Teller/Scrappers Keepers
6/9/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#110) Crystal Fever/So Trip Thinks He Can Dance?
6/2/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#109) The Purr-fect Storm/Spooky Tails
5/26/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#108) Copycats, Copy-Dogs & Copy-Iguanas/The Imitation Game
5/19/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#107) The Call of the Mild/Four Left Feet
5/12/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#106) All Decked Out/Bev on the Edge
5/5/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#105) Show Your Beau/A Brave New Quincy
4/28/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#104) Let It Go (Not The Hit Song)/The Fast and Fur-ious
4/21/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#103) Pitch Im-Purr-Fect/The Big Sleep-Over
4/14/18 (Sa.)12:30 PMDFC(#102) The Wheel Deal/In the Steal of the Night
4/14/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMDFC(#101) A Pet's Best Friend Is.../Pet, Peeved

4/14/18 - 12/22/18
canceled/ended (2018-2019 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (26 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from Discovery Family Channel's press release, February 2018) Who's a good boy? Today, Discovery Family announced LITTLEST PET SHOP: A WORLD OF OUR OWN, an all-new 52-episode animated series produced by Allspark Animation, a Hasbro Company, premiering Saturday, April 14 at 12/11c with two back-to-back episodes. New 11-minute episodes of the series will stream live on Discovery Family GO and will also be available on demand the following day. Inspired by Discovery Family's 2012 hit series LITTLEST PET SHOP, "A World of Our Own" reveals a completely overhauled pet-centric world where even the littlest pet is treated like the greatest king! Pets (especially the really good ones) gain access to the Littlest Pet Shop in Paw-Tucket via a magical portal that spans between the human and pet world. Once they arrive, pets from all walks of life near and far come to celebrate who they are, with a ton of fun along the way! Featuring ski slopes operated by St. Bernards, "Pet-Ultimate" apartments with pet-appropriate accommodations (lots of perches, cardboard boxes and rooms furnished in rawhide) and the relaxing "Shake 'n' Dry" beauty salon where cats walk on your back, Paw-Tucket is a pet utopia full of purr, pounce and organic dog bones. LITTLEST PET SHOP: A WORLD OF OUR OWN follows the many adventures of six cool and very different friends: Roxie, a lovable, supremely optimistic Boston Terrier; Jade, a Bombay short-hair with tons of catitude; Trip, a sweet-spirited hamster macho goofball; Quincy, an anxiety-prone, risk-averse fainting pygmy goat; Edie, a parakeet whose personality is a reflection of the 14-year-old drama-queen girl she lives with, and Bev, a cheerful, positive and supportive box turtle with a proclivity for self-improvement - she wants to be the best Bev she can be!
· Stephen Davis as EP
· based on a tv series
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Allspark Animation