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date (day) time network episode title
8/28/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
8/22/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
8/22/15 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
8/21/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
8/14/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
8/8/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXA/C Tundra (R)
8/8/15 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXDDT (R)
8/7/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
7/31/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
7/24/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
7/17/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXHannibal Buress; Jerrod Carmichael; Jermaine Fowler; Natasha Leggero; Wil Sylvince; Tyler the Creator (R)
7/17/15 (Fr.)12:15 AMFXXEric Andre; Jillian Bell; Jake Roberts; Wil Sylvince; Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson; YG (R)
7/4/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXBig Head Mike (R)
6/26/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXRepeat TBA (R)
6/19/15 (Fr.)12:45 AMFXXJames Adomian; Kevin Barnett; Tommy Blacha; Ilana Glaser; Lil Rel Howery; Abbi Jacobson (R)
6/6/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
6/6/15 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
6/6/15 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
6/6/15 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXA/C Tundra (R)
6/5/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXNatasha Leggero; Michael K. Williams; Danny Brown (R)
6/5/15 (Fr.)12:15 AMFXXLamorne Morris; Hannibal Burress; Eric Andre; Peter Serafinowicz; Kyle Kinane; Mookie Thompson (R)
5/29/15 (Fr.)12:45 AMFXXErik Griffin; Hannibal Buress (R)
5/15/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXEric Andre; Michael Che; Kevin Barnett (R)
5/8/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXEric Andre; Isiah Whitlock Jr. (R)
4/24/15 (Fr.)12:45 AMFXXLuenell; Action Bronson; Questlove; Hannibal Burress (R)
4/17/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXBeck Bennett; Natasha Leggero; Jake Roberts (aka Jake the Snake) (R)
4/11/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXDDT (R)
4/11/15 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBig Head Mike (R)
4/11/15 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
4/11/15 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXA/C Tundra (R)
4/3/15 (Fr.)12:30 AMFXXHannibal Burress, Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Lil Rel Howery (R)
3/27/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXTyler the Creator; Jermaine Fowler; Lil Rel Howery; Kevin Barnett; Jillian Bell (R)
3/13/15 (Fr.)12:15 AMFXXEric Andre; Lil Rel Howery; Michael Che; Danny Brown (R)
3/13/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXThe Kid Mero (R)
2/28/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
2/28/15 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
2/28/15 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXDDT (R)
2/28/15 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
2/27/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXJamar Neighbors; Jillian Bell; Kevin Barnett; Eric Andre (R)
2/20/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXTommy Blacha; Luenell; Erik Griffin; Hannibal Buress; Matt Berry; Jimmy Tatro; Hannibal Buress (R)
2/13/15 (Fr.)12:15 AMFXXHannibal Buress; Jerrod Carmichael; Charley Damski; Jermaine Fowler; Natasha Leggero; Wil Sylvince; Tyler the Creator
2/13/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXJames Adodian; Kevin Barnett; Tommy Blacha; Ilana Glaser; Lil Rel Howery; Abbi Jacobson
2/7/15 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXBig Head Mike (R)
2/7/15 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
2/7/15 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
2/7/15 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXA/C Tundra (R)
2/6/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXEric Andre; Matt Berry; Tommy Blacha; Brant Duncan; Jake Roberts
1/30/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXSister Sister Sister
1/23/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXLucas Burgers
1/2/15 (Fr.)12:00 AMFXXWilldependence Day
12/6/14 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXDDT (R)
12/6/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
12/6/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
12/6/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
10/28/14 (Tu.)12:00 AMFXXTales from the Hoodie
9/13/14 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
9/13/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
9/13/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
9/13/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXBig Head Mike (R)
8/30/14 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
8/30/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
8/30/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
8/30/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXBig Head Mike (R)
8/16/14 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXDDT (R)
8/16/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
8/16/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
8/16/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXBeeper Beeper (R)
7/19/14 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOXA/C Tundra (R)
7/19/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOXBefore & After Models (R)
7/19/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOXFreedom Town (R)
7/19/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOXBig Head Mike (R)
6/28/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra (R)
6/28/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#101) DDT (R)
6/21/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#105) Beeper Beeper (R)
6/21/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#104) Freedom Town (R)
6/14/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#106) Big Head Mike (R)
6/14/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#103) Before & After Models (R)
6/7/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra (R)
5/31/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#101) DDT (R)
5/17/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#106) Big Head Mike (R)
5/10/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#105) Beeper Beeper (R)
5/10/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#104) Freedom Town (R)
5/3/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra (R)
5/3/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#101) DDT (R)
4/26/14 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#106) Big Head Mike (R)
4/26/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#103) Before & After Models (R)
4/5/14 (Sa.)11:45 PMFOX(#106) Big Head Mike (R)
4/5/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra (R)
3/29/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#106) Big Head Mike (R)
3/22/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#105) Beeper Beeper (R)
3/8/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#101) DDT (R)
3/1/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#105) Beeper Beeper (R)
3/1/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#106) Big Head Mike
2/22/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#104) Freedom Town (R)
2/15/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#103) Before & After Models (R)
2/8/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra (R)
2/1/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#104) Freedom Town (R)
2/1/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#105) Beeper Beeper
1/25/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#103) Before & After Models (R)
1/25/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#104) Freedom Town
1/18/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra (R)
1/18/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#103) Before & After Models
1/11/14 (Sa.)11:30 PMFOX(#101) DDT (R)
1/11/14 (Sa.)11:00 PMFOX(#102) A/C Tundra
12/29/13 (Su.)9:30 PMFOX(#101) DDT (R)
11/23/13 (Sa.)11:15 PMFOX(#101) DDT

11/23/13 - ???
currently airing (summer 2015)
fridays from 12:00 AM-12:15 AM EST
2 (??? episodes)
(from FXX's press release, December 2014) FXX will launch its new late-night animation block at midnight on January 22nd featuring all-new episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quackers, it was announced today by Chuck Saftler, President of Program Strategy and COO, FX Networks. Fans will get a sneak peek at the animation block on January 1st at 12 AM ET/PT immediately following a special marathon of The Simpsons. Following the official launch on January 22, the animation block will air on Thursdays at midnight ET/PT, featuring fresh episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quackers.
· Keith Lucas
· Kenny Lucas
· Keith Lucas as CRTR/EP
· Kenny Lucas as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
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