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10/25/07 - 11/20/07
canceled/ended (2007-2008 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (10 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from MTV's web site, September 2008) Maybe you remember Menudo and maybe you don't. If not, let us explain. Menudo is a legendary five-member, all-Latino boy band that exploded in the 1980s and gave superstars like Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and Robi Draco Rosa their start. After several years of dormancy, Menudo is being revived for a big comeback -- but we're not talking about a reunion. Nope, it's totally not what you'd expect... Thirty years and 60 million albums ago, Menudo was born. The group was unique because it had a revolving door of young members who moved on once they turned 16. If you do the math, that means that Menudo has had a lot of members over the years! But now that all those original members are all grown up, MTV is looking for a whole new generation of young, talented Latino performers. We're shaking things up and Making Menudo a household name again! So, what does it take to put together the ultimate boy band? You're about to find out. In early 2007, MTV held auditions in various cities to find the best male singers and dancers between the ages of 13 and 19, a process that was chronicled on the MTV Tr3s series The Road to Menudo. Hundreds and hundreds of hopefuls auditioned for Making Menudo but, in the end, only 15 had the right stuff. Now the real work begins, as we narrow the field even more and choose the next boy band superstars! The 15 finalists will be flown to Miami, where they will be immersed in a Making Menudo boot camp where manager Johnny Wright (*NSync, Backstreet Boys), vocal coach David Coury and a team of choreographers will whip the hopefuls into shape and see if they have what it takes. Each week, selected finalists will be grouped together and must learn a song and dance routine, which they'll perform in front of a live audience. Then Johnny Wright and his team of judges will decide who stays and who goes. Who will have what it takes to make it into Menudo? Making Menudo is a tall order -- revamping and relaunching this legendary group isn't going to be easy -- but we're sure we've found some serious contenders who understand exactly what it takes to become a superstar. But, in the end, only five boys will make it into the group and have the chance to make their dreams come true by recording an album, touring the world and performing in front of millions of adoring fans. Get ready for the return of Menudo mania!
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