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date (day) time network episode title
10/7/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#801) TBA
8/19/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#711) SECRETS REVEALED
8/12/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#710) UNVEIL THE BETRAYAL
8/5/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#709) LYING UP A STORM
7/29/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#708) PANIC IN THE CONTROL ROOM
7/22/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#707) TRAINWRECKING
7/15/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#706) PUPPET MASTER
7/8/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#705) HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOCK
6/24/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#704) MEMP-HITZ THE FAN
6/10/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#702) OVER MY DEAD BODY
6/3/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#701) TARADISE LOST
2/26/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#611/612) SECRETS REVEALED; BABY SHOWER
2/19/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#610) The Broken Heart
2/12/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#609) POLY-WRATH
2/5/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#608) Lowe and Behold
1/29/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#607) Mocked and Rocked
1/22/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#606) Kiss and Tell
1/15/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#605) Sugar Coated Lies
1/8/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#604) The Low Blow
12/18/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#603) DANCING WITH THE DEVIL
12/11/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#602) THE SECRET WEAPON
12/4/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#601) AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER
8/28/15 (Fr.)9:30 PMWE(#513-30) SECRETS REVEALED
8/21/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#512) DIAMONDS AREN'T FOREVER
8/14/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#511) WEB OF LIES
8/7/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#510) THE LONG LIE
7/31/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#509) GRAVE INJUSTICE
7/24/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#508) THE SEX TAPE
7/17/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#507) THE CONFESSION
7/10/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#506) DANGEROUS LIASONS
7/3/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#501) SHOTGUN WEDDING (R)
6/26/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#505) TROUBLED WATERS
6/19/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#504) DISORDERLY COURTSHIP
6/12/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#503) SEX, LIES AND AUDIOTAPE
6/5/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#502) DEATH WISH
5/29/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#501) SHOTGUN WEDDING
3/13/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#410) THE ULTIMATUM
3/6/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#409) DECEPTION INDICATED
2/27/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#408) LET THEM EAT CAKE
2/20/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#407) THE EXORCISM
2/13/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#406) LUST OR BUST
2/6/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#405) SHOCK IT TO ME
1/30/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#404) PICTURE PERFECT REVENGE
1/23/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#403) PLAYED AND BETRAYED
1/16/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#402) DEATH AND DIVORCE COURT
1/9/15 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#401) HOUSE OF LIES
7/25/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#308-98) PROPOSAL OR DISPOSAL
7/18/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#307) FATE COMES KNOCKING
7/11/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#306) SEX AND THE SECRET
6/27/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#305) DATERS AND TRAITORS
6/20/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#304) TIP YOUR BARTENDER
6/13/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#303) THE MORGUE
6/6/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#302) RING OF FIRE
5/30/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#301) THE AMBUSH
5/23/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#212) THE AFTERMATH
5/16/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#211) THE AFTERMATH
5/9/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#210) PROPOSAL OR DISPOSAL
5/2/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#209) THE LIE DETECTOR
4/25/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#208) LEAP OR DIE FRYING
4/18/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#207) SEX IS THE GLUE
4/11/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#206) SPOUSE SWAP
4/4/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#205) A MAZE AND CONFUSED
3/28/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#204) DON'T TOUCH MY WOMAN!
3/21/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#203) SHE SHOT HER HUSBAND!
3/14/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#202) DEATH OR DIVORCE
3/7/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#201) BOOZE AND BREAKDOWNS
3/6/14 (Th.)10:00 PMWEMEET THE COUPLES
2/28/14 (Fr.)9:00 PMWEWHERE ARE THEY NOW?
7/26/13 (Fr.)11:00 PMWERemy and Rob
7/26/13 (Fr.)10:00 PMWE(#110) Bridezillas Reunion
7/26/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#109) I Do or I Don't
7/19/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#108) Liars Exposed
7/12/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#107) The Plunge
7/5/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#106) Sex, Lies & Cellphones
6/28/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#105) Dance With the Devil
6/21/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#104) Spouse Swap
6/14/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#103) Love and Warfare
6/7/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#102) Grave Loss
5/31/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMWE(#101) Introduction to Boot Camp

Returns Friday, October 7
5/31/13 - ???
returning this fall (yet to premiere)
fridays from 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST
8 (??? episodes)
(from WE tv's press release, May 2016) WE tv's hit series, "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars," returns on Friday, June 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Season five follows a new group of headline-making reality stars who through weeks of intense concentrated therapy, must decide to work out the issues that are destroying their relationships - including lying, cheating and anger - or call it quits. And for the first time in Boot Camp history, a couples' dark secret, rocks the boot camp to its core. Tune in to this explosive season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars when the lies begin to unravel and a shocking betrayal blindsides the house. This season follows Tara Reid & Dean May (Taradise & Big Brother UK), Lisa D'Amato & Adam Friedman (America's Next Top Model), Michelle Money & Cody Sattler (Bachelor in Paradise), Toya & Memphitz (Toya Family Affair) and Brittish Williams & Lorenzo Gordon (Basketball Wives LA) as they undergo extreme relationship therapy to decide whether their troubled unions are worth saving. Guiding them every step of the way are Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, along with Co-directors Ilsa Norman and David Bishop, who will challenge each couple as they participate in exercises that will push them to the brink physically, mentally and emotionally.
· Adam Freeman as EP
· Adam Reed as EP
· Antonia Mattia as EP
· Erin Kelly as EP
· Lauren Gellert as EP (WE)
· Leslie Grief as EP
· Suzanne Murch as EP (WE)
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· September Films
· Thinkfactory Media