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date (day) time network episode title
4/5/19 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEYMickey's Spring Grand Prix/My Little Daisy
11/30/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#216) Snow-Go with the Flow/Happy Helpers on Ice!
11/16/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#202) Mickey's Big Surprise/Meet the Beagles!
11/2/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYPluto and the Pup; Trouble at Floochi's!
10/19/18 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEYDaisy's Photo Finish!; Super-Charged: Daisy's Grande Goal
10/5/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYGoof Mansion/A Doozy Night of Mystery
8/24/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#213) Super-Charged: Pop Star Helpers/The Chip 'N Dale 500
8/17/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#212) Super-Charged!/Super-Charged: Mickey's Monster Rally
7/20/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#209) The Roadsterettes/Oh Happy Day!
6/8/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#204) Donald's Stinky Day / The Hiking Honeybees
5/4/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYStop Lazlo!; The Hot Diggity Dog Show
4/13/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#201) The Biggest Heist Ever / Thrillin' Hilda!
3/23/18 (Fr.)9:35 AMDISNEYRockin' Roadsters!; Safari, So Goody
2/19/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#119) The Grand Food Truck Rally / Cuckoo La-La
1/15/18 (Mo.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#124) Hot Dog Daze Afternoon / Super Sweet Helpers
12/1/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#126) Happy Hot Diggity Dog Holiday! / Happy Holiday Helpers
11/17/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#123) Pit Stop and Go! / Alarm on the Farm!
11/5/17 (Su.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#122) Billy Beagle's Tip-Top Garage / Diner Dog Rescue
10/6/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#112) The Haunted Hot Rod / Pete's Ghostly Gala
9/15/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#121) Garage Alone / Camp Happy Helpers
8/25/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#120) Ready, Get Pet ... GO PLUTO! / Figaro's New Friend!
8/11/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEYDonald's Garage; Artful Helpers
7/28/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#117) Mouse vs. Machine / Grandpa Beagle's Day Out
7/14/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEYStop That Heist! / Lights, Camera, HELP!
6/16/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#114) Daredevil Goofy! / The Big Broadcast
6/16/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#114) Daredevil Goofy!; The Big Broadcast
5/12/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#115) Smarty Goof / Adventures in Buddysitting!
4/14/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#111) The Impossible Race / The Happiest Helpers Cruise!
3/24/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEYGoof Luck Charm/ Teed Off!
3/10/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#110) Going Upppppppppp! / Gone Fishin'!
2/25/17 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#108) Guru Goofy / Bed, Breakfast and Bungled! (R)
2/24/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#108) Guru Goofy / Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!
2/11/17 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#109) Abra-ka-Goof! / Happy Birthday Helpers! (R)
2/10/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#109) Abra-ka-Goof! / Happy Birthday Helpers!
2/4/17 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#107) Ye Olde Royal Heist / Tea Time Trouble! (R)
2/3/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#107) Ye Olde Royal Heist / Tea Time Trouble!
1/28/17 (Sa.)9:30 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#106) It's Wiki Wiki Time / Happy Hula Helpers! (R)
1/27/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#106) It's Wiki Wiki Time/Happy Hula Helpers!
1/21/17 (Sa.)9:30 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#104) Mickey's Perfecto Day! / Running of the Roadsters! (R)
1/20/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#104) Mickey's Perfecto Day!/Running of the Roadsters!
1/16/17 (Mo.)12:25 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#105) Agent Double-O-Goof / Egg-xasperating! (R)
1/16/17 (Mo.)12:00 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#103) Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon! / Roaming Around Rome (R)
1/16/17 (Mo.)9:25 AMDISNEY(#105) Agent Double-O-Goof /Egg-xasperating!
1/16/17 (Mo.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#103) Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon! /Roaming Around Rome
1/15/17 (Su.)9:25 AMDISNEY(#102) Goofy Gas! /Little Big Ape
1/15/17 (Su.)9:25 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#102) Goofy Gas! / Little Big Ape (R)
1/15/17 (Su.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#101) Mickey's Wild Tire! /Sittin' Kitty
1/15/17 (Su.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#101) Mickey's Wild Tire! / Sittin' Kitty (R)

1/15/17 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
not on the schedule
2 (??? episodes)
renewed through the 2018-19 season (the show's third) on 3/15/18
(from Disney Channel's press release, March 2018) Disney Junior has ordered a third season of the animated "Mickey and the Roadster Racers," Disney Channel's #1 series among Kids 2-5. Production will continue as season two of the hit series - with a remarkable guest cast throughout - debuts FRIDAY, APRIL 13 (9:30 a.m., EDT/PDT) on Disney Channel. New episodes will also be available on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Junior VOD that day. The guest voice cast for season two includes: Academy Award(R)-winning director and writer Guillermo del Toro as Mr. Talbot, business partner to Goofy's world-adventuring Uncle Goof; rock legend Alice Cooper as treasure hunter Alistair Coop De Ville; racing icon Mario Andretti as Mickey's racing teammate Mario Mousedretti; actor and comedian Stephen Fry as English gentleman Dr. Crutchley; recording artist Sabrina Carpenter as pop star Nina; Camilla Belle ("Diablo") as Daisy's Brazilian cousin, Almanda; Broadway's Andrea Martin as Mrs. Bigby, a stylish pink poodle; and Indycar drivers Bia Figueiredo, Takuma Sato and Pippa Mann as international race car drivers. Returning this season are Jay Leno as Billy Beagle; Patton Oswalt as Mr. McSnorter; Jane Leeves as the Queen of England; Danica Patrick as race car driver Danni Sue; Jeff Gordon as race car driver Gordon Gear; and Kate Micucci as Emmy Lou.
· Mark Seidenberg as CO-EP
· Rob LaDuca as EP
· Thomas Hart as SE
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Disney Television Animation