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date (day) time network episode title
3/27/21 (Sa.)10:30 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V311) Holi, By Golly!; The Pink City!
3/12/21 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V310) Crooner Mickey/Once Upon A Lemonade Stand
2/19/21 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V309) It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Hot Dog Hills! / Happy Friend-iversary!
2/5/21 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V308) Dales's New Pal / The Cuckoo Turnstyler!
1/22/21 (Fr.)6:00 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V307) Donald's Dilemma / Royal-lympics!, The
1/1/21 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V306) There Goes Our Fun! / Don't Wake the Baby!
12/11/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V305) All Aboard The Hot Diggity Dog Express! / Flea-Bee Jeebies!
11/20/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V304) Goofy and Pete's Wild Ride / The Happiest Day of All
11/13/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V303) Wheelchair Pals / Super-Duper-Stitious Day!
11/6/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V302) Duck, Duck... Geese!/Shhhhh...!
10/16/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V301) Magic Tricked!; Art From the Heart!
10/2/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V212) The Mystery of Hot Dog Lake!/Phantom Wing
9/18/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V211) Enough Stuff!; The Hippity Hop Horse Show!
9/11/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V210) Holiday in Hot Dog Hills; Happy Kitty Helpers
8/14/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V209) Goofy's Hot Dog Harvest; Puppy Birthday to You!
7/24/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V208) Mickey's Sporty Day; Go, Chili Dogs!
7/17/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V207) Mickey's Roommate / Minnie's Bow-tel!
7/3/20 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V206) Hanami Hijinks! / Happy Harajuku Helpers!
6/5/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V205) Donald's Fast Food 500/Mini-Helpers
4/10/20 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#V204) Rebuilding the playground! Pearl has nothing to wear!
3/27/20 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#V203) Old McMickey Had a Farm/Happy Lab Helpers
3/6/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V202) Mickey's New Mouse House/Millie and Melody's Sleepover!
2/21/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V201) Petey O'Pete/Daisy Does It!"
2/14/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYDanni Sue's Wedding/Happy Lab Helpers
1/17/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V112) Papa Pluto/Happy Valentine Helpers
12/13/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V111) Goofasaur!/Teahouse Helpers
11/22/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V110) Campy Camper Day!/Founder's Day Flounder!
11/15/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V109) Where's Mickey?/Cuckoo in Hot Dog Hills!
11/8/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V108) Caution: Kids At Work!/The Snoozy Doozy Pet and Breakfast!
11/1/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V107) Mickey's Thanksgiving Fun Race!/Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!
10/25/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V106) A Gollywood Wedding!/No Dilly Dally in New Delhi!
10/18/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V105) Mixed-Up for a Day!/Princess Clarabelle!
10/17/19 (Th.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V104) Mickey's Monstrous Truck!/Minnie's Vacation Home!
10/16/19 (We.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V103) Animal Antics/Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!
10/15/19 (Tu.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V102) One Unicorny Day!/The Happy Horse Helpers!
10/14/19 (Mo.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V101) Mickey's Mixed-Up Motor Lab/Wishy Washy Helpers
8/2/19 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEY(#V412) Hi, Jinx!; Pete's Junkyard Helpers
7/5/19 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEY(#V411) Goof Quest/Llama Drama
6/14/19 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEY(#V410) Super Charged: Two Close Friends/Mr. Bigby's Big Night
6/7/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V409) Super-Charged: Donald's Roadster Round-Up; The Daisy Dance!
5/17/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V408) Mickey's Fun-tastical Field Day; Clarabelle on the Mooo-ve!
4/5/19 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#V407) Mickey's Spring Grand Prix / My Little Daisy
3/29/19 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V406) You Quack Me Up/Tree House Trouble
2/15/19 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V405) Super-Charged: The Big Cheesy/Shenannygans!
1/18/19 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V404) Ski Trippin'! / My Fair Pete
11/30/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V403) Snow-Go with the Flow/Happy Helpers on Ice!
11/16/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V402) Mickey's Big Surprise/Meet the Beagles!
11/9/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V401) Goofy's Drive-In/The Iron Mouse
11/2/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V313) Pluto and the Pup/Trouble at Floochi's!
10/19/18 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#V312) Daisy's Photo Finish! / Super-Charged: Daisy's Grande Goal
10/5/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V311) Goof Mansion/A Doozy Night of Mystery
9/28/18 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#V310) Mickey's Ukulele Jam/Grandpa vs. Grandpa
8/24/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V309) Super-Charged: Pop Star Helpers/The Chip 'N Dale 500
8/17/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V308) Super-Charged! / Super-Charged: Mickey's Monster Rally
8/3/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V307) Phantom of the Café/Cuckoo in Paris
7/20/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V306) The Roadsterettes! / Oh Happy Day!
6/29/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V305) The Goofy Race! / Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks!
6/22/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V304) Racing Rivals/The Hapless Helpers
6/8/18 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V303) Donald's Stinky Day/The Hiking Honeybees
5/4/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V302) Stop Lazlo! / The Hot Diggity Dog Show
4/13/18 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V301) The Biggest Heist Ever/Thrillin' Hilda!
3/23/18 (Fr.)9:35 AMDISNEY(#V213) Rockin' Roadsters! / Safari, So Goody
2/19/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V212) The Grand Food Truck Rally/Cuckoo La-La
1/15/18 (Mo.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#V211) Hot Dog Daze Afternoon/Super Sweet Helpers
12/1/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#126) Happy Hot Diggity Dog Holiday! / Happy Holiday Helpers
11/17/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#123) Pit Stop and Go! / Alarm on the Farm!
11/5/17 (Su.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#122) Billy Beagle's Tip-Top Garage / Diner Dog Rescue
10/6/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#112) The Haunted Hot Rod / Pete's Ghostly Gala
9/15/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#121) Garage Alone / Camp Happy Helpers
8/25/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#120) Ready, Get Pet ... GO PLUTO! / Figaro's New Friend!
8/11/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEYDonald's Garage; Artful Helpers
7/28/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#117) Mouse vs. Machine / Grandpa Beagle's Day Out
7/14/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEYStop That Heist! / Lights, Camera, HELP!
6/16/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#114) Daredevil Goofy! / The Big Broadcast
6/16/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEY(#114) Daredevil Goofy!; The Big Broadcast
5/12/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#115) Smarty Goof / Adventures in Buddysitting!
4/14/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#111) The Impossible Race / The Happiest Helpers Cruise!
3/24/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEYGoof Luck Charm/ Teed Off!
3/10/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#110) Going Upppppppppp! / Gone Fishin'!
2/25/17 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#108) Guru Goofy / Bed, Breakfast and Bungled! (R)
2/24/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#108) Guru Goofy / Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!
2/11/17 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#109) Abra-ka-Goof! / Happy Birthday Helpers! (R)
2/10/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#109) Abra-ka-Goof! / Happy Birthday Helpers!
2/4/17 (Sa.)10:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#107) Ye Olde Royal Heist / Tea Time Trouble! (R)
2/3/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#107) Ye Olde Royal Heist / Tea Time Trouble!
1/28/17 (Sa.)9:30 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#106) It's Wiki Wiki Time / Happy Hula Helpers! (R)
1/27/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#106) It's Wiki Wiki Time/Happy Hula Helpers!
1/21/17 (Sa.)9:30 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#104) Mickey's Perfecto Day! / Running of the Roadsters! (R)
1/20/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#104) Mickey's Perfecto Day!/Running of the Roadsters!
1/16/17 (Mo.)12:25 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#105) Agent Double-O-Goof / Egg-xasperating! (R)
1/16/17 (Mo.)12:00 PMDISNEY JUNIOR(#103) Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon! / Roaming Around Rome (R)
1/16/17 (Mo.)9:25 AMDISNEY(#105) Agent Double-O-Goof /Egg-xasperating!
1/16/17 (Mo.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#103) Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon! /Roaming Around Rome
1/15/17 (Su.)9:25 AMDISNEY(#102) Goofy Gas! /Little Big Ape
1/15/17 (Su.)9:25 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#102) Goofy Gas! / Little Big Ape (R)
1/15/17 (Su.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#101) Mickey's Wild Tire! /Sittin' Kitty
1/15/17 (Su.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#101) Mickey's Wild Tire! / Sittin' Kitty (R)

1/15/17 - ???
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(from Disney Channel's press release, August 2019) Disney Junior's "Mickey and the Roadster Racers" featuring Disney's #1 star, Mickey Mouse, and his pals, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto, will premiere its third season with the new title, "Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures," and an updated version of the fan-favorite "Hot Dog!" song, on MONDAY, OCT. 14 on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and DisneyNOW. That same day, a new series of shorts, "Hot Diggity-Dog Tales" starring Mickey and "mouse's best friend" Pluto will also debut on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and DisneyNOW. Beloved by preschool fans and their families around the globe, Mickey has been the cornerstone of Disney Junior programming throughout the years. Since January 2017, both "Mickey and the Roadster Racers" and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" have consistently ranked among the Top 5 reaching cable series for Kids 2-5 and together have garnered over 680 million views on YouTube. The original "Hot Dog!" song alone has garnered more than 47 million views on YouTube. Mickey and pals are featured in the all-new "Disney Junior Holiday Party! On Tour" debuting Friday, Nov. 1, with several stops at marquee venues across the country throughout the holiday season and the popular "Disney Junior Dance Party!" attraction at Disney California Adventure. Additional brand extensions, including toys, storybooks, apparel, plush, home décor and more, are available at Disney store, shopDisney.com and retailers nationwide, with new products debuting this fall. The new season takes Mickey and the gang along with friends Chip & Dale on zany adventures all around Hot Dog Hills in fun locales including Mickey's new gadget-filled house, the Mixed-Up Motor Lab at Mickey's Garage and Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca's Happy Helpers office. Designed to impart lessons about friendship, teamwork and community, each episode features two 11-minute stories and mid-episode dance break in which Mickey and the gang invite viewers to dance along to the new "Hot Dog!" song. Season three guest stars include Maulik Pancholy ("30 Rock") as pet store clerk Jasper; Ana Gasteyer (ABC's "The Goldbergs") as royal courtier Wilhelmina; Madison Pettis ("The Fosters") as Olivia, a young beagle tour guide; and Nazneen Contractor ("Ransom") as Bollywood film director Davaan Dutt. Returning this season are Jay Leno as Billy Beagle, Camilla Belle as Almanda, Patton Oswalt as Mr. McSnorter, Kate Micucci as Emmy Lou and McKenna Grace as Bitsy Beagleberg.
· Mark Seidenberg as CO-EP
· Rob LaDuca as EP
· Thomas Hart as SE
· comedy (all)
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· Disney Television Animation