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9/22/04 - 1/2/05
canceled/ended (2004-2005 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (13 episodes)
(from The WB's press release) Boundary Mountain is an escapist playground for wealthy tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts, but to the Carver family, it's home. "The Mountain" chronicles the larger-than-life saga of the Carvers, whose colorful patriarch, David Carver, Sr. (guest star Chad Everett, "Mulholland Drive," "Medical Center"), founded the town and its internationally famous ski resort after winning the land in a poker game. When this legendary man unexpectedly dies, his choice of an heir sends shockwaves throughout the community. Free-spirited David Carver, Jr. (Oliver Hudson, "Dawson's Creek") left home years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class motocross racer, while his older brother Will (Anson Mount, "Poolhall Junkies") diligently attended business school with every expectation of taking over the family empire. No one, least of all the brothers themselves, expected David to inherit the Mountain. Now, David finds himself saddled with a responsibility he never wanted and a brother who rightly feels betrayed. On top of this, he is torn between two women and suddenly immersed in a power struggle with a neighboring family. David just wants to run, until he realizes his grandfather may have had bigger things in mind. Through the episodes to come, David will begin to reconnect with his mother Gennie (Barbara Hershey, "Hannah and Her Sisters," "Beaches") and teenage sister Shelley (newcomer Tara Thompson), and he will uncover long-buried secrets about his co-workers, his town and even his own family mythology. Also starring Alana De La Garza ("All My Children"), Johann Urb ("Zoolander"), Elizabeth Bogush ("Titans") and newcomer Tommy Dewey, with guest-stars Mitch Pileggi ("The X-Files") and Penn Badgley ("Do Over"). A Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision. Executive producers are McG ("The O.C," the "Charlie's Angels" blockbusters and the upcoming film "Superman"), Stephanie Savage ("The O.C.") and Shaun Cassidy ("American Gothic"). David Barrett ("Fast Lane") directed.
· Alana De La Garza as Maria Serrano
· Anson Mount as Will Carver
· Barbara Hershey as Gennie Carver
· Chad Everett as David Carver, Sr. (Guest Star)
· Elizabeth Bogush as Maxine Dowling
· Johann Urb as Travis Kurri
· Mitch Pileggi as Colin Dowling
· Oliver Hudson as David Carver, Jr.
· Penn Badgley as Sam Tunney
· Tara Thompson as Shelley Carver
· Tommy Dewey as Michael Dowling
· David Barrett as DIR (Pilot)
· McG as EP
· Shaun Cassidy as EP
· Stephanie Savage as EP
· drama
· Warner Bros. Television
· Wonderland Sound and Vision