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date (day) time network episode title
3/28/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#410-60) Belly Up
3/21/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#409-60) Whitney Gets a Date
3/14/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#408-60) Big Girl Dance Battle
3/7/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#407-60) Whitney Calls in Backup
3/6/17 (Mo.)8:00 PMTLCIs Whitney Pregnant?
2/28/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#406-60) I Kissed a Girl
2/21/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#405-60) How Low Can Whit Go?
2/14/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#404-60) Judging Whitney
2/7/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#403-60) Baby Fat
1/31/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#402-60) Immaculate Misconception
1/24/17 (Tu.)9:00 PMTLC(#401-60) Knocked Up?
1/24/17 (Tu.)7:00 PMTLCCountdown to the New Season
8/17/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#311-60) The Skinny Part 2
8/10/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#310-60) The Skinny Part 1
8/3/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#309-60) Big Fat Breakup
7/27/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#308-60) FLIRTING WITH DISASTER
7/20/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#307-60) FAT JOKES
7/13/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#306-60) CEREAL STALKER
7/6/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#305-60) (FAT GIRL) SPREAD THIN
6/29/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#304-60) LOSING AT LOVE
6/22/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#303-60) SPEECHLESS
6/15/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#302-60) A BRUSH WITH DEATH
6/8/16 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#301-60) I WANNA BE FAT
6/8/16 (We.)7:00 PMTLCCountdown to the New Season
11/25/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#220-60) The Skinny
11/18/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#219-60) WHITNEY TAKES ON LA
11/11/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#218) BIG WHIT'S DEBUT
11/11/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#217) WHITNEY'S TICKING CLOCK
11/4/15 (We.)8:00 PMTLC(#216-120) MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE LIVE
10/28/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#201) WHITNEY'S BACK! (R)
10/28/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#215) BURNING LOVE
10/21/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#214) BIG GIRLS SUMMER SHOWCASE
10/21/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#213) NO BODY SHAME
10/14/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#212) NOT YOUR MAMA'S CAT SHOW
10/14/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#211) A MUSE IN THE NUDE
10/7/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#210) Fighting the Scale
10/7/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#209) First Day on the Job
9/30/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#208) Little Big Girl Dance Class
9/30/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#207) Aloha 30
9/23/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#206) 5K RUN
9/23/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#205) DESIGN A DATE
9/16/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#204) A HOME OF HER OWN
9/16/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#203) 7th INNING SPLITS
9/9/15 (We.)9:30 PMTLC(#202) PASTA LA VISTA, BABY
9/9/15 (We.)9:00 PMTLC(#201) WHITNEY'S BACK!
9/9/15 (We.)8:00 PMTLC(#200-60) WHITNEY WEIGHS IN
5/10/15 (Su.)10:00 PMTLC(#110-60) BABS KNOWS BEST
2/10/15 (Tu.)11:00 PMTLC(#110) The Skinny
2/10/15 (Tu.)10:30 PMTLC(#109) Leaving the Nest
2/10/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTLC(#108) The Double Blind Date
2/3/15 (Tu.)10:30 PMTLC(#107) The Wedding Job
2/3/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTLC(#106) A Fling Thing
1/27/15 (Tu.)10:30 PMTLC(#105) Doing the Beach
1/27/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTLC(#104) More than a Buddy
1/20/15 (Tu.)10:30 PMTLC(#103) The Say-Yes Philosophy
1/20/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTLC(#102) Hate Mail
1/13/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTLC(#101-60) A Fat Girl Dancing

1/13/15 - ???
currently airing (spring 2017)
tuesdays from 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST
4 (14 episodes)
(from TLC's press release, August 2016) TLC announced today that it has ordered 14 additional episodes of MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE, which are set to premiere in early 2017. Thus far season three averaged 1.4M P2+ viewers and a 1.1 W25-54 rating, making it the highest rated season ever. MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE follows the dynamic life of 370-lb. Whitney Way Thore and shares the unforgettable events of her life; from breakups with her boyfriend to breakups with her trainer and the friendships that fall in between, Whitney's days are never dull. Production has begun in Whitney's hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina. New episodes will return in early 2017. The current season of MY BIG FAT FABULOUS life closes with a two-part tell all beginning this Wednesday, August 10th with part one, where Whitney and the entire cast dish on the highs and lows of the past season, from Whitney's real feelings about the funeral intervention to her beef with dance student, Catie. Plus, Lennie and Whitney meet for the first time since breaking up.
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