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6/29/20 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICKKids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special
12/15/15 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#160-60) Hello, I Must Be Going: 25 Years of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee
8/23/15 (Su.)8:00 PMNICK(#159) Before I Go: Living with Dying
8/4/15 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#158) School Crime and Too Much Punishment
7/26/15 (Su.)10:00 PMNICK(#159) Before I Go: Living with Dying
6/16/15 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#157) The Electronic Leash: Safety vs. Privacy
4/13/15 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#156) So Close and Yet So Far Away: The Kids of Cuba
1/13/15 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#155) What is Title IX and Why Do You Care?
12/16/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#153) Old School/New School
12/2/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#154) The Border Kids
10/7/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#152) Coming Out
8/5/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#151) Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf?
7/1/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#149) Animal Rights.or Wrongs?
6/17/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#150) Twelve for the Road-The Ultimate Unusual & Unending Road Trip
5/13/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#148) If All the Other Kids Are.The Politics of Peer Pressure
4/15/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#147) Sidelined: How Safe are Kids Sports?
3/11/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#145) Fleeing Syria: Children of War
2/11/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICKBlack, White, and Brown V. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?
1/21/14 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#145) Children of War: Syrian Refugee Kids
12/30/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#143) Webstars II: More Kids Who are Online Hits
12/10/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#144) Going for Cold Gold
10/22/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#142) Liar, Liar: Pants on Fire!
9/24/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#141) Anxiety Makes Me Nervous
8/27/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#140) Twinsanity
8/26/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#140) Twinsanity
8/13/13 (Tu.)8:00 PMNICK(#138) Family Secrets: Kids Caught in Domestic Violence
7/15/13 (Mo.)8:30 PMNICK(#139) Everyday Heroes
6/17/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#138) Family Secrets: Kids Caught in Domestic Violence
5/13/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#134) If Only I Were an Only Child
4/1/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#137) Are We There Yet? Women's History, Past, Present, and Future
2/25/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#136) What's the Deal with Fracking?
1/28/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#135) Out of Sight: How Blind Kids See the World
12/17/12 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#134) If Only I Were an Only Child
11/26/12 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#133) Forgotten but not Gone: Kids, HIV and AIDS
10/15/12 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#132) Kids Pick the President
9/17/12 (Mo.)8:00 PMNICK(#131) Kids Pick the President: The Issues
8/26/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#129) Slavery in Ghana
8/12/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#130) Animals? Show Me The Money
7/15/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#129) Slavery in Ghana
5/27/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#128) Who Am I? Asian Pacific American, and Proud!
4/15/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#127) Going for the Games, Glory and Gold-Will These Kids Make It?
3/18/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#126) If a School Is Broken, Can Kids Fix It?
2/26/12 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#125) My Big Fat Failure
12/4/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#124) What's For Dinner? Hungry Kids in America
11/13/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#123) Dangerous Crossroads: Human Animal vs. Wild Animal
10/23/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#122) Minor Adjustments: Kids and Cosmetic Surgery
9/18/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICK(#121) The Gift of Life
9/1/11 (Th.)9:00 PMNICK(#120) What Happened?: The Story of September 11, 2001
8/7/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKIn Harm's Way? Japan Through The Eyes Of Its Kids
6/26/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKINSIDEOUTsiders
4/17/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKFreedom to Believe... or Not
3/6/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKLies We Tell in Middle School
2/13/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKBeyond I Have a Dream
1/9/11 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKHaiti Rising? Life in the Ruins
12/5/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKGood Dog
11/14/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKUnder the Influence: Kids of Alcoholics
10/24/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKFoster Care: A Reality Check
10/3/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKSticks, Stones and CyberSlams: A New Breed of Bully
8/8/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKWorkin' It
6/27/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKMiddle School Unplugged
5/16/10 (Su.)9:00 PMNICKThe Most Annoying Stuff Parents Say and Do
4/18/10 (Su.)8:30 PMNICKYour Thirsty World
3/7/10 (Su.)8:00 PMNICKCheaters Never Win: True or False?
1/24/10 (Su.)8:00 PMNICKFaces of Courage: Kids Living with Cancer

4/18/92 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
24 (161 episodes)
completed airing its 24th season on 6/29/20; has yet to be renewed for a 25th season
(from Nickelodeon's press release, June 2020) Nickelodeon's heralded Nick News marks its return with a special hour-long presentation--Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special, premiering Monday, June 29, at 7 p.m. (ET/PT). Hosted by global superstar Alicia Keys, the program will amplify the voices and experiences of Black children across the country amid current events. The special will feature the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement answering questions from real kids, offer tools for families to have constructive conversations about race and inclusivity, and highlight teen activists who are fighting racial injustice. Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special is the first of a series of Nick News specials that will air on Nickelodeon in the coming months. Said Keys, "I've had a vision of a forum that can engage kids during this time and help to focus our attention on how they might be feeling, and this Nick News special is it! Talking about race can be sensitive and uncomfortable; and sometimes we try to protect our children from racism they are already experiencing. But honestly, there is no way around this topic if we want to move forward in any kind of meaningful way. What's happening in the world is not just a problem for the Black community, it's all of our problem and we ALL have to care about it in order to change it! This is such an important, vulnerable, honest and beautiful conversation, and I know many families may be searching for the right way to enter it. Let's really deep dive together." Keys will lead a series of conversations with special guests, including: the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi; 12-year-old singer and viral sensation, Keedron Bryant; Ibram X. Kendi, author of "Antiracist Baby;" Jade Fuller, Nya Collins, Zee Thomas, Kennedy Green, Emma Rose Smith and Mikayla Smith, the Nashville, Tenn., teens who founded Teens4Equality; social media star Tabitha Brown and her family; and family therapist, Dr. George James.
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