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date (day) time network episode title
1/26/17 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#202) Can You Hear Me Now?
1/25/17 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#209) Volcano A Go-Go
1/24/17 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#207) Very Important Party
1/23/17 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#212) Salute your Frozen Butt
1/19/17 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#214) Skip, Drip & Zip
1/18/17 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#208) Paradise Express
1/17/17 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#201) Zip, Launch, & Fly
1/12/17 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#213) The Butt Squeeze
1/11/17 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#211) Something's Fishy
1/10/17 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#206) Rocketing Rainbow Scoops
1/9/17 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#203) Crazy Lei, Crazy Time
1/5/17 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#215) Forgive You Not!
1/4/17 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#204) Lava Reception
1/3/17 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#205) I Scream for Ice Cream
1/2/17 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#210) Whose Underwear Is That?
11/18/16 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#218) A Nick Showdown In Paradise
11/17/16 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#220) NRDD in the House
11/16/16 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#217) Thundermans in Paradise
11/15/16 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#219) NRDD Run for Charity
11/14/16 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#216) It's All About the Thunder-man!
2/29/16 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#114) What's Apple-Pine?
2/26/16 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#112) Puzzles In Paradise
2/25/16 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#108) Are We There Yet?
2/24/16 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#120) Water Wonderland
2/23/16 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#102) Mix N Match
2/22/16 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#117) Going Coconuts For Sand Dollars
2/19/16 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#106) Raging Falls
2/18/16 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#113) Moving Statues
2/17/16 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#103) Hula What?
2/16/16 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#110) Riddle Me This
2/12/16 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#104) What A Mess
2/11/16 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#109) Where's My Charger?
2/10/16 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#101) Hidden Zodiac
2/9/16 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#116) Cabana-Rama Adventure
2/8/16 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#119) Panic Under The Falls
2/5/16 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#111) Splish-Splash and Dash
2/4/16 (Th.)7:00 PMNICK(#107) Puzzled Tiki
2/3/16 (We.)7:00 PMNICK(#118) Girl Power
2/2/16 (Tu.)7:00 PMNICK(#115) Dig, Slide and Toss
2/1/16 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK(#105) Besties

2/1/16 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
2 (20 episodes)
completed airing its second season on 1/26/17; has yet to be renewed for a third season
(from Nickelodeon's press release, November 2016) Physical and mental grit are once again put to the test as Nickelodeon premieres season two of the hit competition series, Paradise Run airing daily starting Monday, Jan. 2 at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT). Hosted by Daniella Monet (Victorious), Paradise Run features three teams of kids racing across a luxurious resort competing in a series of funny and adrenaline-pumping challenges. Shot against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii, Paradise Run kicks-off with the ultimate Nickelodeon showdown for a wild sneak-peek week of celebrity episodes beginning Monday, Nov. 14 at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT). Episodes feature fan- favorite Nickelodeon stars Jack Griffo, Kira Kosarin, Addison Riecke, Audrey Whitby, Diego Velazquez and Ryan Newman from The Thundermans as well as Lizzy Greene, Casey Simpson, Mace Coronel, Aidan Gallagher and Kyla Drew Simmons from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Fans see their favorite Nick celebrities pushed out of their comfort zones, as they slip, slide and swing their way to victory. Click here for the first look. In each episode, contestants face brand-new obstacles including, propelling down 50-foot slippery slides, quenching the thirst of man-made volcanoes, digging through giant mud-pits, and racing on football-length zip-lines into the hotel's lagoon for the ultimate prize--a paradise vacation.
· Daniella Monet as Host
· Marcus Fox as EP
· Scott A. Stone as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (competition)
· Stone & Company Entertainment