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date (day) time network episode title
12/6/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#126) O'Come All Ye Rabbids/Slippery and Soapy/Rabbid Stick-Up
11/22/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#204) Guide-Rabbid/The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids/Rabbids BFFs
11/15/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#203) Rabbidroid/Rabbid Compression/Rabbid Fit
11/1/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#202) Green Rabbid/Star Rabbids/Rabbid Obsession
10/18/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#123) Vampire Rabbid/Rabbid Halloween/Zombie Rabbid
10/11/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#201) Being Rabbids/Rabbid Diet/Reflections in a Rabbid Eye
4/26/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#125) Rabbid 2.0/Rabbid Undies/Sneezy Rabbid
4/19/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#124) Safe Deposit Rabbids/Why Did The Rabbid Cross The Road?/Dream On, Rabbid
4/12/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#122) Raving Chicken/Plunger Rabbids/Rabbid Snob
4/5/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#121) Rabbid Parasol/Rabbid Tummy Rumble/Rabbid's Rules Of Order
2/15/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#120) Rabbid Like Me/Rabbid Mozart/Raving Alien
2/8/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#119) Rabbid Doggies/Rabbid Test N°98006-c: the Chair/Raving Thirst
2/1/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#118) Rabbid Race to the Moon/Rabbid Games/Rabbid Test N°98005-c: the Blue Rabbid
1/25/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#117) Hypno Rabbid/Rabbid Dreams/Snoring Rabbid
1/18/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#116) Pecking Rabbid/Rabbidmobile/Prisoner Rabbid
1/11/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#115) Flight of the Rabbids/The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth/Holy Rabbid-Cow!
1/4/14 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#114) Super Rabbid/Dueling Rabbids/Rabbid Test N°98004-c: the Animals
11/30/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#113) Rabbid Elevation/Surprise Rabbid/Rabbid Test N°98001-c: the Mirror
11/23/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#112) Rabbidocchio/Rabbid Test N°98003-c: the Cube/Rabbids with Fleas
11/16/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#111) R.C. Rabbid/Sticky Rabbid/Rabbid Test N°98002-c: the Platform
11/9/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#110) Music Rabbid/Wake Up, Rabbids!/Get in Line, Rabbids!
11/2/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#109) Museum Rabbids/Kite Rabbids/Never Refreeze a Rabbid
10/12/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#108) Keypad Rabbids/Special Agent Rabbids/Schnoz Rabbid
9/28/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#107) Scout Rabbids/Jurassic Rabbid/Moo Rabbids
9/21/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#106) Rabbid Playa/Fast Food Rabbid/Escalator Rabbid
9/14/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#105) Rabbids Against the Machine/Ring! Bwaah!/Radio Rabbid
8/24/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#104) Elevatorus Rabbidinus/Until Rabbids Do You Part/Rabbid Radar
8/17/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#103) Rabbids Say Cheese/Raving Lifeguard/Rabbid Market
8/10/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#102) Stop! No More!/Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner/Runway Rabbids
8/3/13 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK(#101) Omelet Party/Rabbid Mollusk/Rabbid, Are You There?

8/3/13 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
not on the schedule
1 (26 episodes)
renewed through the 2014-15 season (the show's second of 26 episodes) on 12/17/13
(from Nickelodeon's press release, December 2013) The wacky adventures continue with a second season order of Nickelodeon's CG-animated series Rabbids Invasion. The announcement was made today by Russell Hicks, President of Content Development and Production, Nickelodeon. The series follows a mysterious breed of creatures known as Rabbids who often create mayhem and chaos whilst exploring the human world. While still continuing to discover new things, places, animals and creatures on Earth, the second season storyline will introduce a recurring goal for the Rabbids - get to the moon! New episodes from the second season will wreak havoc beginning mid-2014.
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