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(from National Geographic Channel's press release, May 2019) National Geographic, with Appian Way and Warner Horizon Scripted Television, announced today that Patrick J. Adams ("Suits") will star in THE RIGHT STUFF as Maj. John Glenn. This marks the network's next global scripted series, which is based on Tom Wolfe's iconic best-selling nonfiction book. The series takes a clear-eyed look at what would become America's first "reality show," as ambitious astronauts and their families become instant celebrities in a competition that will either kill them or make them immortal in the quest to be a part of Project Mercury. Production will begin this fall in Cocoa Beach, Fla., and will premiere globally on National Geographic in 2020. Glenn is a revered test pilot and committed family man with unwavering principles. He is the only astronaut to have experienced fame before Project Mercury, and he immediately locks horns with Alan Shepard in an unrelenting fight to be the first man in space. The first season of THE RIGHT STUFF, which uses Wolfe's book as its starting point, starts at the height of the Cold War. To combat a national sentiment of fear and decline, the U.S. government conceives of NASA's Project Mercury, igniting a space race with the Soviets and making instant celebrities of a handful of the military's adrenaline-fueled test pilots. These individuals, who come to be known as the Mercury Seven, are forged into heroes long before they have achieved a single heroic act. At the heart of a historic drama populated by deeply human characters, two archrivals - Glenn and Shepard - jockey to be the first man in space. Subsequent seasons of THE RIGHT STUFF will carry through to the epochal Apollo Space Program, where humankind saw one of its greatest achievements - man setting foot on the moon - and missions beyond.
· Aaron Staton as Wally Schirra
· Colin O'Donoghue as Gordon Cooper
· Danny Strong as John "Shorty" Powers
· Eloise Mumford as Trudy Cooper
· Eric Ladin as Chris Kraft
· Jade Albany as Rene Carpenter
· Jake McDorman as Alan Shepard
· James Lafferty as Gus Grissom
· Josh Cooke as Loudon Wainwright, Jr.
· Kaley Ronayne as Dee O'Hara
· Micah Stock as Deke Slayton
· Michael Trotter as Scott Carpenter
· Nora Zehetner as Annie Glenn
· Patrick Fischler as Bob Gilruth
· Patrick J. Adams as John Glenn
· Shannon Lucio as Louise Shepard
· Joe Dempsie as Gordon Cooper (Originally Cast)
· David Nutter as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Jennifer Davisson as EP
· Leonardo DiCaprio as EP
· Mark Lafferty as EP
· Tom Wolfe as BOOK
· Will Staples as CRTR/EP
· drama
· Appian Way Productions
· Warner Horizon Television