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date (day) time network episode title
7/23/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#220) With This Ring
7/23/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#215) The Debt (R)
7/23/09 (Th.)8:00 PMABC(#219) The Other Woman
7/23/09 (Th.)8:00 PMABC(#217) The Dream Job
7/9/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#218) The First Date
7/9/09 (Th.)8:00 PMABC(#217) The Dream Job
7/9/09 (Th.)8:00 PMABC(#214) The Sister
7/2/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#214) The Sister
7/2/09 (Th.)8:00 PMABC(#210) Todd's Job
6/25/09 (Th.)8:00 PMABC(#209) The Rock Star
6/19/09 (Fr.)9:30 PMABC(#208) The Park (R)
6/19/09 (Fr.)9:00 PMABC(#206) The Ex (R)
6/12/09 (Fr.)9:30 PMABC(#204) The Building (R)
6/12/09 (Fr.)9:00 PMABC(#203) The Pill (R)
6/12/09 (Fr.)9:00 PMABC(#201) Out of Africa (R)
6/5/09 (Fr.)9:30 PMABC(#201) Out of Africa (R)
6/5/09 (Fr.)9:00 PMABC(#202) So I Think I Can Dance (R)
4/30/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#219) The Other Woman
4/23/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#218) The First Date
4/16/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#215) The Debt
4/9/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#216) The Amazing Racist
4/2/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#213) The Dog
3/26/09 (Th.)8:30 PMABC(#212) My Best Friend's Boyfriend
2/2/09 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#210) Todd's Job
1/26/09 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#209) The Rock Star
1/26/09 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#210) Todd's Job
1/19/09 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#209) The Rock Star
1/19/09 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#210) Todd's Job
1/12/09 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#209) The Rock Star
12/1/08 (Mo.)9:31 PMABC(#211) The Family Vacation
12/1/08 (Mo.)9:02 PMABC(#208) The Park
11/24/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#207) The Farm
11/17/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#206) The Ex
11/10/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#205) Help!
11/3/08 (Mo.)9:31 PMABC(#204) The Building
10/27/08 (Mo.)9:31 PMABC(#203) The Pill
10/20/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#201) Out of Africa
10/20/08 (Mo.)9:31 PMABC(#201) Out of Africa
10/13/08 (Mo.)9:31 PMABC(#202) So I Think I Can Dance
9/1/08 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#112) The Birthday (R) (*)
9/1/08 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#111) The Boss (R)
9/1/08 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#113) The Butterflies (R) (*)
9/1/08 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#110) The Girlfriend (R)
8/25/08 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#105) The Restraining Order (R)
8/25/08 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#103) The Virgin (R)
8/19/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMABC(#105) The Restraining Order (R) (*)
8/19/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMABC(#103) The Virgin (R)
8/19/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMABC(#103) The Virgin (R) (*)
8/19/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMABC(#104) The Wedding (R)
8/12/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMABC(#104) The Wedding (R) (*)
8/12/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMABC(#102) The Job (R)
8/12/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMABC(#101) Pilot (R)
8/11/08 (Mo.)9:30 PMABC(#104) The Wedding (R)
8/11/08 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#101) Pilot (R)
8/8/08 (Fr.)8:00 PMABC(#109) The Car (R) (**)
8/8/08 (Fr.)8:00 PMABC(#109) The Car (R)
6/3/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMABC(#108) The Break Up (R)
6/3/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMABC(#107) The Hockey Date (R)
5/27/08 (Tu.)9:30 PMABC(#109) The Car (R)
5/27/08 (Tu.)9:00 PMABC(#106) The Hypnotherapist (R)
5/12/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#112) The Birthday
5/5/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#114) The Affair
4/28/08 (Mo.)9:38 PMABC(#115) The Gallery Show
4/28/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#115) The Gallery Show
4/21/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#113) The Butterflies
4/14/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#111) The Boss
4/7/08 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#110) The Girlfriend
1/28/08 (Mo.)10:30 PMABC(#105) The Restraining Order (R)
12/29/07 (Sa.)9:30 PMABC(#103) The Virgin (R)
12/29/07 (Sa.)9:00 PMABC(#104) The Wedding (R)
12/29/07 (Sa.)8:30 PMABC(#102) The Job (R)
12/29/07 (Sa.)8:00 PMABC(#101) Pilot (R)
12/17/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#110) The Girlfriend
12/10/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#108) The Break Up
12/10/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#109) The Car
12/3/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#109) The Car
12/3/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#108) The Break Up
11/26/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#108) The Break Up
11/26/07 (Mo.)9:00 PMABC(#107) The Hockey Date
11/19/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#106) The Hypnotherapist
11/19/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#107) The Hockey Date
11/12/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#105) The Restraining Order
11/5/07 (Mo.)9:45 PMABC(#103) The Virgin
11/5/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#103) The Virgin
10/29/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#104) The Wedding
10/22/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#102) The Job
10/15/07 (Mo.)9:32 PMABC(#101) Pilot

10/15/07 - 7/23/09
canceled/ended (2008-2009 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (35 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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confirmed as canceled on 5/18/09
(from ABC's web site, March 2009) After a hit-and-run accident left Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) in an eight-day coma, she awoke with retrograde amnesia, which allowed her to fully function in the world but leaves her with no personal memories of her past. As she began her quest to rediscover herself, she learned that she had been a horrible person. Vain, selfish and potentially surrounded by far more enemies than friends, she made a conscious decision to improve herself moving forward with the help of her eclectic friends and family. In an attempt to reboot her life, Sam quits her job in order to find something that is more suitable to her "new" self, and moves out of her parents' home and back into her apartment -- where ex-boyfriend Todd (Barry Watson) has been living, rent free. She also feels it's time to move on from Todd and begin dating other men. But their feelings for each other are still strong, which could ultimately torpedo any possible romantic relationships they may find with other people. Sam's mother, Regina (Jean Smart, Emmy award winner for supporting actress in the show), afraid that she'll lose touch with her daughter again when she moves, entices her to partner in a mother/daughter real estate team. But father Howard (Kevin Dunn) will still have to act as mediator when the mother/daughter dynamics go awry. Changes are also in store for Sam's best friends Dena (Melissa McCarthy) and Andrea (Jennifer Esposito). Dena continues to date Sam's ex-boss -- and Andrea's current boss -- Mr. Chapman, but she so admires Sam's do-over in life that she will decide to make some changes of her own. As for the self-centered Andrea, she will begin dating a professional athlete -- a popular player at the top of his game and always in the spotlight. Andrea will, for the first time in her life, have to contend with the fact that she's not the center of attention in the relationship and may actually be dating out of her league. As for Frank (Tim Russ), the doorman at Sam's apartment, he will continue to be her reluctant spiritual advisor and confidant. Sam will continue to try and make better choices in life, even though her instincts may not always steer her in the right direction. She will piece together things from her past to guide her in discovering who she is...or was. After all, sometimes to get to the end of the story, the only place to start is the beginning. Samantha Who? stars Christina Applegate as Samantha, Jennifer Esposito as Andrea, Kevin Dunn as Howard, Melissa McCarthy as Dena, Tim Russ as Frank with Barry Watson as Todd and Jean Smart as Regina. Samantha Who? was created by Cecelia Ahern and Donald Todd. Todd and Peter Traugott serve as executive producers. Samantha Who?, which is filmed in Los Angeles and premiered on October 15, 2007, is from ABC Studios.
· Barry Watson as Todd
· Christina Applegate as Samantha
· Jean Smart as Regina
· Jennifer Esposito as Angela
· Kevin Dunn as Howard
· Melissa McCarthy as Dena
· Tim Russ as Frank
· Alex Reid as CO-EP
· Bob Kushell as CO-EP
· Cecelia Ahern as PROD
· Cecelia Ahern as STORY (Pilot)
· Christina Applegate as CO-EP
· Dawn DeKeyser as SP
· Donald Todd as EP
· Donald Todd as TELE/STORY (Pilot)
· John Amodeo as SP
· Marco Pennette as CO-EP
· Peter Traugott as EP
· Robert Duncan McNeil as DIR (Pilot)
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· ABC Studios
· Brillstein Entertainment Partners
· Donald Todd Productions