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7/14/20 (Tu.)3:01 AMMOTORTREND.COM(#105) Classic Cars vs. Electric Engines: Lee, DeAnda, Musto, and Baugh Wrestle for First!
7/7/20 (Tu.)3:01 AMMOTORTREND.COM(#104) Don't Let the Robots Drive: Lieberman, Angelo, De Vera, and Takahashi Hit the Streets!
6/30/20 (Tu.)3:01 AMMOTORTREND.COM(#103) A Car Doomed From ‘Go': Elana Scherr, Patrick George, Larry Chen, and Matt Farah Redline It!
6/23/20 (Tu.)3:01 AMMOTORTREND.COM(#102) Built With Tree Sap and Dreams: Lee, D'Andria, Muzio, and Lohnes Duke It Out!
6/16/20 (Tu.)3:01 AMMOTORTREND.COM(#101) Mopar, Steam Car or E-Car: The Showdown of David Freiburger, KJ Jones, Tim Stevens and Jason Torchinsky!

6/16/20 - ???
currently airing (summer 2020)
tuesdays from 3:01 AM-4:00 AM EST
1 (??? episodes)
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(from MotorTrend's press release, June 2020) MotorTrend, the world's top automotive media brand, launches the weekly debate series, SHIFT TALKERS, today, Tuesday, June 16, exclusively on the MotorTrend App. The all new series brings together some of the car world's most passionate and opinionated experts, journalists and personalities via videoconference for free-wheeling debates on everything from the best car and ideal car repair strategies to what's next in car design and performance and so much more. SHIFT TALKERS is MotorTrend's first debate and discussion series, and is now available on the MotorTrend App, the only subscription streaming service dedicated entirely to the motoring world. Hosted by Hooniverse co-founder and executive editor Jeff Glucker, SHIFT TALKERS uses videoconference technology to create a virtual roundtable for four panelists as they participate in five rounds of challenges. Each challenge allows the panelists to give their hot takes on car culture tropes and reveals how in tune they are with current automotive trends. Along the way, their arguments are judged by Glucker until a winner is crowned. In each SHIFT TALKERS episode the panelists can collect laps around a virtual track. During each round they're evaluated by Glucker who gives out a certain number of laps to each panelist. By the end of all the rounds the laps are added up. A clear winner emerges and takes first place on the podium. In the first episode, premiering today on the MotorTrend App, Glucker's guests include: Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik senior editor; David Freiburger, host of MotorTrend's hit series ROADKILL; KJ Jones, editor-in-chief, Diesel Power Magazine; and Tim Stevens, editor-at-large, CNET's Roadshow.
· Jeff Glucker as Host
· Bart Bidlingmeyer as EP
· Levi Rugg as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· MotorTrend Studios