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date (day) time network episode title
9/16/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#08/108) Death Threat (R)
9/16/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#09/109) ON THE RUN
9/9/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#02/102) Murder in Unit 14 (R)
9/9/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#06/106) Conspiracy
9/2/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) Stuck (R)
9/2/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#10/110) Smuggler's Blues
8/26/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#07/107) The Informant (R)
8/26/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#03/103) Shanked
8/19/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#05/105) Extortion
8/19/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#08/108) Death Threat
8/12/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) Special Delivery
8/12/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#02/102) Murder in Unit 14
8/5/10 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) Stuck
8/5/10 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#07/107) The Informant

8/5/10 - 9/16/10
canceled/ended (2009-2010 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (10 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from A&E's press release, July 2010) A&E presents the new original real-life series "The Squad: Prison Police," following eight special agents who respond to, and investigate, every major crime in the Tennessee Prison system ranging from riots and assaults, to organized crime and drugs, to stabbings and murder. The ten episode half-hour series will premiere Thursday, August 5 at 10:00pm EST/PST on A&E. Imagine a city populated entirely by the nation's worst criminals, and it's your job to police them - Tennessee Prison is that city, and The Squad is that police force. As the only police unit in Tennessee Prison, a maximum security facility, The Squad functions as detectives, SWAT and CSI all combined into one. All members of The Squad must complete a rigorous training course with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, making their level of expertise incredibly unique. Similar to other prison investigative units, The Squad must build their cases for criminal prosecution - and the consequences for these crimes are serious: additional convictions and prison time, solitary confinement, and loss of a chance at parole. However, unlike other prison investigative units, The Squad has full police powers, enabling them to work these major criminal cases by themselves all the way to conviction. Last year, The Squad solved 130 major cases.
· Aaron Bowden as CO-EP
· Arcadia Berjonneau as PROD
· David Keane as EP
· Laura Fleury as EP (A&E)
· Robert Sharenow as EP (A&E)
· Ryan Spyker as SP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Wild Eyes Productions