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date (day) time network episode title
2/27/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#25/304) Above The Border (R)
2/27/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#24/303) Cops and Cons (R)
2/20/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#02) Righteous Justice (R)
2/20/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#22/301) Drug Warriors (R)
2/13/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#27/306) Ancient Secrets (R)
2/13/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#29/308) Sensei and Student
2/6/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#26/305) The Knife's Edge (R)
2/6/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#07) Blood and Sand
1/30/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#25/304) Above The Border (R)
1/30/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#27/306) Ancient Secrets
1/23/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#24/303) Cops and Cons (R)
1/23/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#26/305) The Knife's Edge
1/16/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#06/106) Street Justice (R)
1/16/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#25/304) Above The Border
1/9/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#22/301) Drug Warriors (R)
1/9/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#24/303) Cops and Cons
1/2/14 (Th.)10:30 PMREELZ(#02) Righteous Justice
1/2/14 (Th.)10:00 PMREELZ(#22/301) Drug Warriors
1/25/12 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#??) Repeat TBA (R)
1/25/12 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#??) RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE
1/18/12 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#29/308) Sensei and Student
1/18/12 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#27/306) Ancient Secrets
1/11/12 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#25/304) Above the Border
1/11/12 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#26/305) The Knife's Edge
1/4/12 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#24/303) Cops and Cons
1/4/12 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#22/301) Drug Warriors
11/10/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#21/208) Blade Master (R)
11/10/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#18/205) Under the Influence
11/3/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#19/206) They Drive By Night (R)
11/3/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#18/205) Under the Influence
11/3/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#17/204) The Innocents
10/27/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#16/203) The Perfect Target (R)
10/27/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#20/207) Gimme Shelter
10/20/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#21/208) Blade Master (R)
10/20/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#14/201) On Dangerous Ground
10/13/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#16/203) The Perfect Target
10/13/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#15/202) Crossfire
10/6/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#21/208) Blade Master
10/6/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#19/206) They Drive By Night
9/29/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) The Deadly Hand (R)
9/29/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#01/101) The Way of the Gun (R)
2/3/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#03/103) A Parish Under Siege (R)
2/3/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#13/113) Ruthless Judgment
1/27/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#08/108) Crack War (R)
1/27/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#05/105) Narc Force
1/20/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#12/112) To Live or Die (R)
1/20/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#06/106) Street Justice
1/13/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#11/111) Medicine Man (R)
1/13/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#03/103) A Parish Under Siege
1/6/10 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#12/112) To Live or Die (R)
1/6/10 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#08/108) Crack War
12/30/09 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#09/109) The Student Becomes the Master (R)
12/30/09 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#11/111) Medicine Man
12/23/09 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) The Deadly Hand (R)
12/23/09 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#12/112) To Live or Die
12/16/09 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#09/109) The Student Becomes the Master
12/16/09 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#10/110) Firearms of Fury
12/10/09 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) The Deadly Hand (R)
12/10/09 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#07/107) Killer Canines (R)
12/10/09 (Th.)9:30 PMA&E(#02/102) Too Young to Die (R)
12/10/09 (Th.)9:00 PMA&E(#01/101) The Way of the Gun (R)
12/9/09 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#02/102) Too Young to Die
12/9/09 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#07/107) Killer Canines
12/2/09 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) The Deadly Hand
12/2/09 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#01/101) The Way of the Gun

12/2/09 - 2/13/14
canceled/ended (2013-2014 season)
completed airing its current season
3 (29 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from ReelzChannel's press release, November 2013) ReelzChannel today announced premiere dates for the lost season of Steven Seagal Lawman and the network's original reality sitcom Hollywood Hillbillies. Steven Seagal Lawman will premiere Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT and Hollywood Hillbillies will premiere Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. In the lost season viewers will see Seagal head to Arizona to work with "America's Toughest Sheriff", Joe Arpaio the six-term Sheriff from Maricopa County. In Steven Seagal Lawman, Seagal's experiences as an active and engaged lawman are chronicled. Each episode allows viewers to ride shotgun with Seagal as he and an elite team of deputies respond to crimes in progress including heart pounding police chases, dangerous drug busts, confrontations with volatile murder suspects, intense highway accidents and much more. Seagal lives in Maricopa County, AZ where he continues to be actively involved with Sheriff Arpaio's law enforcement activities.
· Steven Seagal
· Binh Dang as PROD
· David McKillop as EP (A&E)
· Harvey Wilson as CO-EP
· Jake Laufer as CO-EP
· John X. Kim as EP
· Neil A. Cohen as EP (A&E)
· Phillip B. Goldfine as EP
· Steven Seagal as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· ITV Studios
· Steamroller Films