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date (day) time network episode title
8/16/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#110) The Sacrificial Dance
8/9/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#109) Sacrament of the Ancestors
8/2/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#108) Evocation of the Elders
7/26/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#107) Glorification of the Chosen One
7/19/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#106) The Mystic Circle of Young Girls
7/12/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#105) Dance of the Earth
7/5/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#104) The Sage
6/28/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#103) Ritual of the Rival Tribes
6/21/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#102) Ritual of Abduction
6/14/18 (Th.)3:01 AMCBSAA(#101) Augurs of Spring

Returns in TBA 2019 (Exact Date TBA)
6/14/18 - ???
returning in 2019/2020 (date TBA)
not on the schedule
2 (??? episodes)
renewed through the 2018-19 season (the show's second) on 10/29/18
(from CBS's press release, October 2018) CBS All Access today announced the second season renewal of its original series STRANGE ANGEL. The period drama explores the bizarre true story of Jack Parsons, a man who straddled the worlds of science and the occult, pioneering America's rocketry program while simultaneously practicing sex magick rituals and living by the creed "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." At the conclusion of STRANGE ANGEL's first season, Jack and his team from Caltech make a scientific breakthrough that secures the military's interest as the country nears the brink of war. In season two, the U.S. is fully engaged in World War II, transforming Jack's rocketry work into a lucrative business and further entrenching him in the military-industrial complex. While Jack's career takes off, he and his wife Susan's devotion to their new occult religion grows, leading them to invite the sex cult into their Pasadena mansion and to forge a personal relationship with the group's notorious founder, Aleister Crowley himself. "We look forward to exploring the next chapter of Jack Parsons' journey," said Julie McNamara, Executive Vice President, Original Content, CBS All Access. "STRANGE ANGEL and its talented cast and crew are the epitome of the type of programming we strive for at CBS All Access - daring, imaginative and unconventional."
· Bella Heathcote as Susan Parsons
· Elena Satine as Maggie
· Greg Wise as Alfred Miller
· Jack Reynor as Jack Parsons
· Karl Makinen as General Braxton
· Keye Chen as Gui Chiang
· Laine Neil as Patty
· Michael Gaston as Virgil Byrne
· Peter Mark Kendall as Richard Onsted
· Rade Šerbedžija as Filip Mešulam
· Rupert Friend as Ernest Donovan
· Zack Pearlman as Samson Hunt
· Clayton Krueger as CO-EP
· David DiGilio as EP
· David Lowery as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· David W. Zucker as EP
· George Pendle as BOOK
· Mark Heyman as CRTR/EP
· Ridley Scott as EP
· drama
· CBS Television Studios
· Scott Free Productions