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date (day) time network episode title
5/1/06 (Mo.)7:00 PMThe NOff-Network Premiere on The N (R)
8/29/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-012) Yummy Mummy (R)
8/22/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-011) Life In The Fishbowl (R)
8/15/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-010) Kicking and Screaming (R)
8/8/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-008) Secrets (R)
8/1/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-008) Secrets (R)
7/25/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-007) To Thine Own Self Be True (R)
7/25/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#206) The Pleiades (R)
7/18/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#213) What's Past Is Prologue
7/11/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#212) Careful What You Wish For
7/4/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#208) Leaving Playa Linda (R)
6/27/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#211) Safe House
6/20/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#210) The Space Between Us
6/13/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#209) Signs
6/7/05 (Tu.)9:00 PMThe WB(#209) Signs
4/11/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#208) Leaving Playa Linda
4/11/05 (Mo.)8:00 PMThe WB(#207) Where There's A Will, There's A Wave
4/4/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#206) The Pleiades
3/28/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#205) Mr. & Mrs. Who
3/21/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#204) Pik Nik
3/14/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#203) Sledgehammer
3/7/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#202) I Am The Walrus
3/3/05 (Th.)8:00 PMThe WB(#40384-013) On The Last Night Of Summer (R)
2/28/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#201) The Wisdom To Know The Difference
2/27/05 (Su.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-013) On The Last Night Of Summer (R)
2/27/05 (Su.)8:00 PMThe WB(#40384-012) Yummy Mummy (R)
2/27/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#40384-010) Kicking and Screaming (R)
2/20/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#40384-007) To Thine Own Self Be True (R)
2/13/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#40384-006) Big Waves (R)
2/6/05 (Su.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-008) Secrets (R)
2/6/05 (Su.)8:00 PMThe WB(#40384-005) The Grass Is Greener Than You Think (R)
2/6/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#40384-004) Into My Life (R)
1/30/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#103) Fireworks (R)
1/23/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#102) Pilot, Part 2 (R)
1/16/05 (Su.)7:00 PMThe WB(#101) Pilot, Part 1 (R)
8/17/04 (Tu.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-013) On The Last Night Of Summer (R)
8/16/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMThe WB(#40384-012) Yummy Mummy (R)

6/1/04 - 7/18/05
canceled/ended (2004-2005 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (26 episodes)
(from The WB's press release) Lori Loughlin, one of SUMMERLAND's creators and producers, stars as Ava Gregory, a woman in her 30's who is a rising star in the fashion industry and has an idyllic life living at the beach in Southern California with a close-knit circle of friends. Everything changes the day that Ava's sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident, leaving her to raise their three children and deal with teenage issues such as alcohol and drug use, rebellion, sex and relationships. The series also stars 18-year-old Jesse McCartney, a platinum-selling recording artist who's first solo album release "Beautiful Soul" has already sold over 1 million copies and landed a Top 5 single with its title track. The video for his current single, "She's No You," has hit #1 several times on MTV's Total Request Live since its release just weeks ago. McCartney is presently featured in Teen People's annual 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 issue. He returned last week from a successful run across Australia and Taiwan with his band, to officially begin his first headline tour of the U.S. Produced by Spelling Television, Inc. a Paramount/Viacom company, SUMMERLAND is from executive producers Remi Aubuchon ("24," "Lyon's Den"), Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent.
· Jesse McCartney as Bradin Westerly
· Kay Panabaker as Nikki Westerly
· Lori Loughlin as Ava Gregory
· Merrin Dungey as Susannah Rexford
· Nick Benson as Derrick Westerly
· Ryan Kwanten as Jay Robertson
· Shawn Christian as Johnny Durant
· Taylor Cole as Erika Spalding
· Aaron Spelling as EP
· E. Duke Vincent as EP
· Remi Aubuchon as EP
· drama
· Spelling Television