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date (day) time network episode title
12/25/20 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEYTBA (R)
12/18/20 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEYTBA (R)
12/11/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYSanta Baby; Shear Madness (R)
12/4/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYHug-A-Pip / Out of Control Tower
12/4/20 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEYSanta Baby; Shear Madness (R)
11/20/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYThe Magical Baby / Loveys On the Loose
11/13/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYTOTSGIVING / Woodbird's Wish
11/6/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYFar Far From Home / Toy Trouble (R)
10/30/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYUnder One Roof; A Spooky Delivery (R)
10/23/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYThe Fastest Flier; Best Friends Wherever (R)
10/16/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYThe Fastest Flier; Best Friends Wherever (R)
10/16/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYUnder One Roof; A Spooky Delivery (R)
10/9/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYThe Ring Bear; Bull of Energy (R)
10/2/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYUnder One Roof; A Spooky Delivery
9/25/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYThe Ring Bear; Bull of Energy
9/25/20 (Fr.)8:00 AMDISNEYBack to Cool; Baby Breakdown (R)
9/18/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYJunior Junior Fliers; Good Vibrations (R)
9/11/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYThe Big Little Baby; The Super Secret Mission (R)
9/11/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYMission to the Moon; Say Cheese
9/4/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEYPuppy Problems; The Mighty Little Dragon (R)
9/4/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYNight Flight; Slippery When Wet (R)
8/28/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V304) Junior Junior Fliers; Good Vibrations
8/21/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V303) The Big Little Baby; The Super Secret Mission
8/14/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V302) Mid-Air Care; The Itsy Bitsy Baby
8/7/20 (Fr.)9:25 AMDISNEYAll Aboard Babies
8/7/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V301) Puppy Problems; The Mighty Little Dragon
7/10/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V212) Bringing This Family Home / Flight of the Penguin
6/19/20 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V211) Daddy Delivery/Junior Flyer JP
4/17/20 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#V206) The Fly-Along / Rock-A-Bye Birdie (R)
3/20/20 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#V210) Night at the Nursery/Seas the Day
3/13/20 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#V209) The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt/A Chewy Challenge
2/21/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V208) The Fastest Flier/Best Friends Wherever
1/24/20 (Fr.)10:00 AMDISNEY(#V207) The Valentine Spirit/Shell Games
1/3/20 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V206) The Fly-Along / Rock-A-Bye Birdie
12/6/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V205) Santa Baby/Shear Madness
11/22/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V204) Out Foxed/Elephant in the Room
11/8/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V203) Bringing Baby Back/A Penguin in the Desert
10/18/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V202) Monkeying Around and Around/Koala Kuisine
9/27/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V201) The Fearful Flier/Lend Me Your Paw
9/13/19 (Fr.)9:30 AMDISNEY(#V113) For Lion Out Loud/Porcupine Panic
8/23/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V112) The Bouncy Bouncy Baby/Like Cats and Dogs
8/16/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V111) Temple of the Tiger/The Gift-Mazing Birthday
8/9/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V110) Lost Lovey/Diggity Dog
8/2/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V109) Back To Cool/Baby Breakdown
7/26/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V108) The Great Robot Race/Hiccup Hazard
7/19/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V107) Night Flight/Slippery When Wet
7/12/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V106) Stripe Out/A Splashy Delivery
7/5/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V105) The Purrfect Little Helper/The Colorful Chameleon
6/28/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V104) Nursery Schooling/Bunny Bunanza
6/21/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V103) Cheetah Chase/Training Daze
6/14/19 (Fr.)9:25 AMDISNEY(#V102) Panda Excess/A Stinky Situation
6/14/19 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#V101) You've Gotta Be Kitten Me/Whale, Hello There

6/14/19 - ???
currently airing (fall 2020)
fridays from 9:30 AM-10:00 AM EST
2 (??? episodes)
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renewed through the 2020-21 season (the show's third) on 8/5/20
(from Disney Channel's press release, May 2019) Disney Junior has ordered a second season of the animated series "T.O.T.S." - ahead of the series debut, FRIDAY, JUNE 14 (9:00 A.M. EDT/PDT) - on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. The comedy follows the adventures of best friends Pip and Freddy, a tenacious penguin and a kind-hearted flamingo, who are the only non-stork delivery birds in-training at Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.). Designed for kids age 2-7, "T.O.T.S." stories suggest themes of positively interacting with and nurturing others while celebrating each other's differences. Every episode has an original song and the recurring delivery anthem "Bringing This Baby Home." The series voice cast includes Vanessa Williams (ABC's "Ugly Betty") as Captain Beakman, Megan Hilty (Broadway's "Noises Off" and "Wicked") as K.C. the Koala, Jet Jurgensmeyer ("Last Man Standing") as Pip the Penguin and Christian Simon (Disney Channel's "Sydney to the Max") as Freddy the Flamingo. Each episode features two 11-minute stories that highlight the use of creative thinking, teamwork and problem solving to model for young viewers that there is more than one way to achieve a goal.
· Christian Simon as Freddy the Flamingo
· Jet Jurgensmeyer as Pip the Penguin
· Megan Hilty as K.C. the Koala
· Vanessa Williams as Captain Beakman
· Chris Gilligan as CO-EP
· Travis Braun as CRTR/CO-EP
· Vic Cook as DIR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Titmouse Animation Studios