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date (day) time network episode title
8/24/16 (We.)10:01 PMA&E(#47) Wahlbowl
8/17/16 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#49) Donnie Draper
8/10/16 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#45) When Mark Met Rhea
8/3/16 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#46) Mark's Ha-Bachi
7/27/16 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#51/409) Dorchester Daze
7/20/16 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#50/408) Five Card Studs
7/13/16 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#43/401) No Ifs, Ands Or Putts
7/6/16 (We.)10:01 PMA&E(#44/402) Paul-itics
4/6/16 (We.)9:00 PMA&E(#42/316-60) The Fenway Way Back
3/30/16 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#40/314) The Fast and the Furious Paul
3/30/16 (We.)9:00 PMA&E(#38/312) Nurse Alma
3/23/16 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#37/311) Wahl Always Have Paris
3/23/16 (We.)9:00 PMA&E(#36/310) Bahston Gahden Pahtay
3/16/16 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#41/315) Brooklyn Bound Burgers
3/16/16 (We.)9:00 PMA&E(#39/313) Family & Faith
3/9/16 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#35B/309) Directing Drama, Part 2
3/9/16 (We.)9:00 PMA&E(#35A/309) Directing Drama, Part 1
9/2/15 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#29/303) Matchmaker Mark
8/26/15 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#32/306) New Kids On The Boardwalk
8/19/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#31/305) Not Your Routine Poutine
8/12/15 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#34/308) Drama Meets Drama
8/5/15 (We.)9:31 PMA&E(#30/304) Good Vi-Bro-Tions
7/29/15 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#33/307) Krafting a Patriot Burger
7/22/15 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#28/302) Do the Hustle
7/15/15 (We.)9:30 PMA&E(#27/301) License to Grill
3/4/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#26/218) Grand Opening, Eh?
2/25/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#15/207) Bowling for Burgers
2/18/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#18/210) On Your Mark...Ted Set...Home!
2/11/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#22/214) Wahl of Fame
2/4/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#25/217) A Re-Mark-able Feast
1/28/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#23/215) Viva Paul Vegas
1/21/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#21/213) Should I Stay Orr Should I Go?
1/14/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#18/210) On Your Mark...Get Ted...Home!
1/14/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#20/212) The Weight Is Over
1/7/15 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#24/216) Wedding Bliss & Big Papi Hits
10/8/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#19/211) Trading Places
10/1/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#16/208) Something's Fishy
9/24/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#10/202) Guarding Alma
9/17/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#09/201) A Cut Above
9/10/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#11/203) Meat the Press
9/3/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#13/205) An American Wahlberg in London
8/27/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#11/203) Meat the Press
8/27/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#14/206) Pranks for the Memories
8/20/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#17/209) The Great Wahlberg of China
8/13/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#12/204) Here's the Drill
6/29/14 (Su.)10:00 PMA&E4th of July Special
3/19/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#08/108) The Real Entourage
3/12/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#07/107) Pauliday
3/12/14 (We.)10:00 PMA&E(#03/103) The Funky Bunch
3/5/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#06/106) Eating Green
2/27/14 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) 5 O'clock is Dinnertime (R)
2/27/14 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#05/105) Prized Possessions (R)
2/26/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#05/105) Prized Possessions
2/20/14 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) Baby Knows Best (R)
2/20/14 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#02/102) Sibling Rivalry (R)
2/19/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) Baby Knows Best
2/19/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#02/102) Sibling Rivalry
2/13/14 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) 5 O'clock is Dinnertime (R)
2/13/14 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#04/104) Baby Knows Best (R)
2/13/14 (Th.)9:00 PMA&E(#00/100-60) Who's Your Favorite? (R)
2/12/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) 5 O'clock is Dinnertime (R)
2/6/14 (Th.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) 5 O'clock is Dinnertime (R)
2/6/14 (Th.)10:00 PMA&E(#04/104) Baby Knows Best (R)
2/5/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#02/102) Sibling Rivalry
2/5/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#04/104) Baby Knows Best
1/30/14 (Th.)9:00 PMA&E(#00/100-60) Who's Your Favorite? (R)
1/29/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#01/101) 5 O'clock is Dinnertime
1/22/14 (We.)10:30 PMA&E(#00/100-60) Who's Your Favorite?

1/22/14 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
5 (8 episodes)
completed airing its fifth season on 8/24/16; has yet to be renewed for a sixth season
(from A&E's press release, June 2016) The laughs keep coming on A&E Network this summer with the return of two of America's most entertaining families-- the Robertsons and the Wahlbergs. The new season of "Duck Dynasty" premieres with back-to-back episodes at 9:00PM and 9:30PM ET/PT and the new season of "Wahlburgers" premieres at 10:00PM ET/PT on A&E. "Wahlburgers" chronicles the lives of one of Boston's most famous families, the Wahlbergs. This season Mark and Paul travel to Orlando to celebrate the opening of the latest Wahlburgers location and Paul heads to the Kentucky Derby to be a celebrity chef at Taste of Derby. Donnie helps Alma overcome her fear of flying and the two even take salsa lessons together. And fans may finally get the answer to the question everyone has been asking-- which son really is Alma's favorite? Additional recognizable faces this season include Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, Patriots' owner Robert Kraft and pro golfers Bubba Watson, Jason Day and D.H. Lee.
· Donnie Wahlberg
· Mark Wahlberg
· Paul Wahlberg
· Archie Gips as EP
· David Hale as EP
· Devon Hammonds as EP (A&E)
· Donnie Wahlberg as EP
· Mark Wahlberg as EP
· Rasha Drachkovitch as EP
· Stephen Levinson as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· 44 Blue Productions
· Closest to the Hole Productions
· Donnie D Productions
· Leverage Entertainment