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date (day) time network episode title
12/24/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#410) Episode 10
12/17/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#409) Episode 9
12/10/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#408) Episode 8
12/3/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#407) Episode 7
11/26/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#406) Charity Galore
11/19/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#405) In Angus We Trust
11/12/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#404) Smile Through the Pain
11/5/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#403) Trust Exercise
10/29/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#402) Arguing in Agreement
10/22/14 (We.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#401) Call in the Light
9/24/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#310) No Place Like Home
9/17/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#309) Affairs To Remember
9/10/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#308) Husband Hunting
9/3/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#307) Games People Play
8/27/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#306) Love Stories
8/20/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#305) Stage Struck
8/13/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#304) Case Files
8/6/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#303) Believe It Or Not
7/30/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#302) Who Doesn't Love Musicals
7/23/13 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#301) Relax, Reboot, Revenge
7/22/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#301) Relax, Reboot, Revenge
9/9/12 (Su.)10:30 PMSHOWTIME(#211) Electile Dysfunction
9/2/12 (Su.)10:30 PMSHOWTIME(#210) Stalk Therapy
8/27/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#209) The Insanity Offense
8/20/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#208) Man-Cave Man
8/13/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#207) Infanticipation
8/6/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#206) Adaptation
7/30/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#205) National Exposure
7/23/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#204) Sister Act
7/16/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#203) Campaign Reform
7/9/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#202) Blindsides and Backslides
7/2/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#201) Getting It Straight
9/20/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#110) Strange Bedfellows
9/13/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#109) Whistle While You Work
9/6/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#108) Psychic Analysis
8/30/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#107) Exposed!
8/23/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#106) We've Got A Secret
8/16/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#105) Shrinking And Growing
8/9/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#104) Public Relations
8/2/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#103) Shrink Rap
7/26/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#102) Desperate Measures
7/19/11 (Tu.)11:00 PMSHOWTIME(#101) Click To Start

7/19/11 - ???
currently airing (fall 2014)
wednesdays from 11:00 PM-11:30 PM EST
4 (10 episodes)
(from Showtime's press release, June 2014) Everyone's favorite online therapist, played by Emmy Award winner Lisa Kudrow, will dole out more horrible advice on the fourth season of WEB THERAPY, premiering on Wednesday, October 22nd at 11 P.M. ET/PT. Season four brings top film and television stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Hamm, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matthew Perry (the fourth consecutive 'Friend' to appear on the series), Allison Janney, Lauren Graham, Craig Ferguson, Calista Flockhart, Dax Shephard, and Marie Claire Creative Director Nina Garcia into Fiona's narcissistic world. Additionally, series co-creator, executive producer and Emmy Award winner Dan Bucatinsky will reprise his role as Fiona's old assistant Jerome, along with returning guest stars Billy Crystal, Lily Tomlin, Rashida Jones, Victor Garber, Julie Claire, Jennifer Elise Cox and Tim Bagley.
· Lisa Kudrow as Fiona Wallice
· Dan Bucatinsky as CRTR/EP
· Diane Charles as EP
· Don Roos as CRTR/EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Lisa Kudrow as CRTR/EP
· Ron Qurashi as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· Is or Isn't Entertainment