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date (day) time network episode title
6/17/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#510) Mom phone; it was pretty good; sophomores.
6/10/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#509) Worst Orchestra; come down here; spaghettio's, homeless show, cactus wasp.
6/3/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#508) Timmy future; baby traits; Horse announcer.
5/27/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#507) Going home alone; liquor store robbery; pledge of allegiance; escape artist.
5/20/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#506) Dad will take care of it; bad drivers; hot sister; making animals kiss.
5/13/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#505) Black light; stork factory; CW5 pt ; CW 5 pt2.
5/6/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#504) Firetruck Pullover; Spanking dads; Careful commandos; Teacher's union; Didgeradoo.
4/29/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#503) Jizzle; ants!; Darren & the giraffe; bikini day.
4/22/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#502) Slo-mo squirrel; wedding flip flop; ocean 2.0; first date.
4/15/11 (Fr.)10:30 PMIFC(#501) Baked beans; war letter; finger ring friends.
8/13/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#410) Halloweiner; Things We Need; Landmine Factory; Job Interview Mess Up
8/6/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#409) Babe Magnet; Freaky Thursday; One of You is; Hell's Kitchen
7/30/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#408) Valentine's Day; Simple Chore; Pun Army; Chad's Rad
7/23/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#407) Cash Quiz; Great Grandmas; History Reset
7/16/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#406) John Cleese; 50 Cal Bar; Juror
7/9/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#405) Jumbo Tron; Kid Mechanic; Bananas
7/2/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#404) Old Man Winters; Booger Blasters; Moon Landing
6/25/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#403) Spaghetti Dinner Date; Mission Impossible; Walk of Shame
6/18/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#402) You Talkin' to Me; Dr. Kyle; Changing Channels
6/11/10 (Fr.)10:00 PMIFC(#401) Grandma's Cookies'; My Mouth Stuck Open; Alien Autopsy
6/30/09 (Tu.)11:00 PMIFC(#104) Scaring Babies, White Castle, Opposite Day Lawyer, Crying (R)
6/23/09 (Tu.)11:00 PMIFC(#103) Cubicle Guy, Peeing, Astronaut Mess, Time Travel Farmer (R)
6/16/09 (Tu.)11:00 PMIFC(#102) Sketch comedy group twists absurd situations. (R)
6/9/09 (Tu.)11:00 PMIFC(#101) Hitler Rap, Sexy Fawn, Get a New Daddy (R)
6/2/09 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#320) Another Astronaut Sketch, Not Particularly Sure, Maroon President, Bathroom Camera
6/2/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#319) Jerkocaust, Trophy Coach, Helicopter Wife, Cheating
5/26/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#318) End of Space, Donkey Dad, Hippo in the City
5/19/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#317) Wheel of Money, Butler Sketch, Hiking Documentary, Backseat
5/12/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#316) Courtroom Stripper, Dad Story, Life Goes Alien
5/5/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#315) Suicide Show, Anarchy, RC Glow
4/28/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#314) Grapist, Lottery, Ronnie, John & George
4/21/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#313) Genie, Epilepsy Test, Throw Up Employee
4/14/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#312) Mustard Gas, Kindergarden Cons, Table Monster
4/7/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#311) Shitchest Boner Neck, Crack, What is it Baby, Last Action Hero
3/31/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#310) Shoshan, Lawnmower Dad, Elves, Blue Hair
3/24/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#309) Horses Love, Lovliest Bride, Fight Club, Pop Tart
3/17/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#308) Tit Slap, John Hancock, Bad Dominatrix, Bobo The Monkey
3/10/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#307) Asian Hooker Business, Skatefall, Earthquake, Bonersong
3/3/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#306) Trent Reznor, Homeschool, Telekinesis, Dog Park
2/24/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#305) Presidential Props, Island Cannibal, Helicopter Door, Super Dog
2/17/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#304) Foot Touch Oh Gross, Gay Sketch, Bad Panda, Gandalf
2/10/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#303) Water Balloons, Hot Dog Timmy, JJ Marvin
2/3/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#302) Little Rascals, Call Of Duty, God Says Song
1/27/09 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#301) Chaplin, Bible Stories, Feline Delights, Dumb Newscast, Car Dealership
3/30/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#208) Episode 208
3/23/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#207) Episode 207
3/16/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#206) Episode 206
3/9/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#205) Episode 205
3/2/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#204) Episode 204
2/24/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#203) Episode 203
2/17/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#202) Episode 202
2/10/08 (Su.)11:00 PMIFC(#201) Episode 201
5/22/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#110) Episode 110
5/15/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#109) Episode 109
5/8/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#108) Episode 108
5/1/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#107) Episode 107
4/24/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#106) Episode 106
4/17/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#105) Episode 105
4/10/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#104) Episode 104
4/3/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#103) Episode 103
3/27/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#102) Episode 102
3/20/07 (Tu.)11:00 PMFUSE(#101) Episode 101

3/20/07 - 6/17/11
canceled/ended (2010-2011 season)
completed airing its current season
5 (58 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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series finale aired on 6/17/11
(from IFC's press release, March 2011) In the past four seasons, The Whitest Kids U' Know has built up a devoted and fervent following while also impressing the critics - Entertainment Weekly hailed it as "bizarre, edgy, and hilarious," while the San Francisco Chronicle enthused "WKUK wallows frequently in potty-mouth humor and somehow makes it seem almost sophisticated." The series pushes sketch comedy to a whole new level of depraved genius and this farewell season ups the ante like never before. This season, Trevor, Zach, Sam, Darren and Timmy are providing sardonic cracks on politics, gender, suburbia, and sex while featuring some of their most creative, hilarious, and often shocking material to date. Fans can expect to meet a whole new cast of characters including sex phone worker "Baked Beans"; world class Didgeradoo player "Sal Rosenberg"; child do-gooder "Little Hitler" and many more. The Kids will also feature commercials for some of their latest absurd inventions like the children's fashion accessory "the Finger Ring"; the next level in nerf combat, the "Nerf Nuke"; and nicotine replacement device "Nic-O-Dick." Additionally, each episode of this farewell season will end with a segment of an extended re-imagining of the Civil War as a war on drugs (as only the Kids could do).
· Christine Lubrano as EP (IFC)
· Debbie DeMontreux as EP (IFC)
· Jennifer Caserta as EP (IFC)
· Jim Biederman as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (improv/sketch)
· no information is available