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date (day) time network episode title
7/26/15 (Su.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#406) Blowing Up the World's Longest in NJ
7/19/15 (Su.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#405) Getting Wet in Fiji
7/19/15 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#405) Getting Wet in Fiji
7/12/15 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#404) America's Biggest Wave Pool
7/5/15 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#403) Getting Wet in New Jersey
6/28/15 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#402) Getting Wet in New Zealand
6/21/15 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#401-60) Building The World's Longest
7/20/14 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#306-60) Xtreme Waterparks: World's Best II
7/13/14 (Su.)8:30 PMTRAVEL(#305) Getting Wet in Malaysia
7/13/14 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#304) Getting Wet in Cancun
7/6/14 (Su.)8:30 PMTRAVEL(#303) Getting Wet in Summer Camp
7/6/14 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#302) Getting Wet in the Jungle
6/29/14 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#301-60) Building the World's Tallest
8/4/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#209) Getting Wet in Honolulu
7/28/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#208) Getting Wet in San Diego
7/21/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#207) Getting Wet in Abu Dhabi
7/14/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#206) Getting Wet in Maui
7/7/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#205) Getting Wet In China
6/30/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#204) Getting Wet in the Backyard
6/23/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#203) Getting Wet in the Bahamas
6/16/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#202) Getting Wet in the Canary Islands
6/9/13 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#201) Getting Wet in Vail
8/12/12 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#107-60) World's Best Rides
8/5/12 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#106) Getting Wet in Jersey
7/29/12 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#105) Getting Wet in Denver
7/22/12 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#104) Getting Wet in Italy
7/15/12 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#103) Getting Wet in Germany
7/8/12 (Su.)8:30 PMTRAVEL(#102) Getting Wet in Phoenix
7/8/12 (Su.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#101) Getting Wet in Brazil

Returns in TBA 2016 (Exact Date TBA)
7/8/12 - ???
returning in 2016/2017 (date TBA)
not on the schedule
5 (7 episodes)
renewed through the 2015-16 season (the show's fifth of seven episodes) on 9/30/15
(from Travel Channel's press release, September 2015) Back with Season Five, "Xtreme Waterparks" continues to give viewers an exclusive, adrenaline-filled spin on the wildest, over-the-top and exhilarating water rides in the world! From high-speed, gravity-defying water rides, to the world's tallest waterslides, this series reveals the most insane, nail-biting waterparks around the globe. This season, we're taking you to the world's tallest and fastest body slide in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the largest funnel slide on the planet in Yongin, South Korea; and a homemade slide that uses ATVs to launch rafts and turn you into a human slingshot in Quebec, Canada. "Xtreme Waterparks" will return to the network with seven all-new, half-hour episodes. The series is produced by High Noon Entertainment.
· Patrick McManamee as EP (Travel)
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· High Noon Entertainment