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date (day) time network episode title
12/15/17 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#413) The Black Rainbow
12/15/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#412) Mt. Weather
12/8/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#411) Return to Mercy Labs
12/1/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#410) Frenemies
11/24/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#409) We Interrupt This Program
11/17/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#408) Crisis of Faith
11/10/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#407) Warren's Wedding
11/3/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#406) Back From the Undead
10/27/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#405) The Unknowns
10/20/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#404) A New Mission: Keep Moving
10/13/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#403) The Vanishing
10/6/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#402) Escape from Zona
9/29/17 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#401) Warren's Dream
12/16/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#315) Everybody Dies in the End
12/9/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#314) Duel
12/2/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#313) The Siege of Murphytown
11/25/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#312) Doc's Angels
11/18/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#311) They Grow Up So Quickly
11/11/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#310) Heart of Darkness
11/4/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#309) Election Day
10/28/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#308) Welcome to Murphytown
10/21/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#307) Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
10/14/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#306) Little Red And The WolfZ
10/7/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#305) Escorpion and The Red Hand
9/30/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#304) Murphy's Miracle
9/23/16 (Fr.)9:00 PMSYFY(#303) A New Mission
9/16/16 (Fr.)8:00 PMSYFY(#301/302) No Mercy, Parts 1 & 2
9/5/16 (Mo.)3:00 AMSYFYLabor Day Marathon (R)
12/18/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#215) All Good Things Must Come to an End
12/11/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#214) Day One
12/4/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#213) Adios, Muchachos
11/27/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#212) Party With the Zeros
11/20/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#211) Corporate Retreat
11/13/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#210) We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon
11/6/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#209) Rozwell
10/30/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#208) The Collector
10/23/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#207) Down the Mississippi
10/16/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#206) Zombie Baby Daddy
10/9/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#205) Zombaby!
10/2/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#204) Batch 47
9/25/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#203) Zombie Road
9/18/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#202) White Light
9/11/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#201) The Murphy
12/5/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#113) Doctor Of The Dead
11/28/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#112) Murphy's Law
11/21/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#111) Sisters Of Mercy
11/14/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#110) Going Nuclear
11/7/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#109) Die Zombie Die...again
10/31/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#108) Zunami
10/24/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#107) Welcome To The Fu-bar
10/17/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#106) Resurrection Z
10/10/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#105) Home Sweet Zombie
10/3/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#104) Full Metal Zombie
9/26/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#103) Philly Feast
9/19/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#102) Fracking Zombies
9/12/14 (Fr.)10:00 PMSYFY(#101) Puppies And Kittens

Returns in TBA 2018 (Exact Date TBA)
9/12/14 - ???
returning in 2018/2019 (date TBA)
not on the schedule
5 (??? episodes)
renewed through the 2018-19 season (the show's fifth) on 12/15/17
(from Syfy's press release, August 2017) Z NATION follows a team of everyday heroes, led by Lieutenant Warren (Kellita Smith), during their epic struggle to save humanity. Season 4 begins with a mind-bending jump in time. Murphy and Warren find themselves alive in Zona, the zombie free playground for billionaires. Meanwhile, the rest of our heroes are fighting alongside the last of the humans against the mutated Zombie Virus and the unkillable "MAD-Z's." Warren's mysterious dream of a black rainbow and flesh-eating black rain propels the season forward and puts our heroes in the middle of an even worse Zompocalypse. Here they will have to battle Jugalo Zombies and find the Zombified President of the United States - or at least his thumb. Produced by The Asylum, Z NATION stars Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, DJ Qualls, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Joseph Gatt, Emilio Rivera and Matt Cedeño.
· Anastasia Baranova as Addy
· DJ Qualls as Citizen Z
· Harold Perrineau as Hammond
· Keith Allan as Murphy
· Kellita Smith as Addy
· Michael Welch as Mack
· Russell Hodgkinson as Doc
· Tom Everett Scott as Garnett
· John Hyams as DIR (Pilot)
· Karl Schaefer as CRTR/EP
· drama
· Asylum, The
· Dynamic Television