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11/23/05 - 8/18/06
previously in development (2006-2007 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The CIA killed Kennedy. Roosevelt let Pearl Harbor happen. The Johnson administration faked the moon landing. There's nothing that fascinates people quite like a government conspiracy. Unless you're an innocent man caught up in the middle of one and running for your life. State Department mid-level staffer Jackson Lynch (Jesse Bradford: Swimfan) is on the fast track to D.C.'s success. But his boss just gave him an assignment that will change the course of his life. While delivering an envelope, Jackson witnesses a murder at the Syrian Embassy and barely escapes with his life. The next day without a mention in the news, Lynch realizes everything has been covered up – including, he discovers, the 'accidental' death of his boss. Is he next? Now he's on the run with secret government documents that not even the president is cleared to see. He can't trust his higher ups and the conspiracy is so big even his ex-senator father can't help him. Jackson will have to think on his feet, exploiting loopholes in the system and trusting only his network of lower-level but powerful friends scattered across key D.C. departments. Together, they will be able to help him get to the bottom of a mystery that has already claimed four lives. The writer of Y2K and the producers of life as we know it create a conspiracy in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest and The 39 Steps. Each episode will answer one important question and provide Jackson with the clues to unravel the conspiracy.
· ??? as Benjamin Lynch
· Ben Shenkman as Brian Balogh
· China Shavers as Angela Selfridge
· Jesse Bradford as Jackson Lynch
· John Heard as C. Colin Whitworth
· Kelly Overton as Kate Lewis
· Omar Metwally as Mr. Assad
· William Lee Scott as Peter Burnet
· John Wirth as EP
· Matthew Gross as EP
· Michael Engler as DIR (Pilot)
· Thomas Hines as WRTR/EP
· drama
· ABC Studios