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2/4/05 - 6/30/06
previously in development (2006-2007 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) Time...it's our most precious commodity. Some of us have too much of it, others not enough. The one thing for certain, we all live by its structure. But what if you started losing track of what you did with your time...a part of your day just disappears and you don't have a memory to show for it? Husband and father John Henderson thought he had a normal life raising his kids and designing software, until he began to notice he was losing track of time. Exactly an hour each and every day. The first time it was just plain weird. The second time it got frightening, because he snapped out of it standing over a dead body in the woods...a dead body that looked vaguely familiar to John. The discovery of this dead body will open up a growing conspiracy in which John believes he never should have been involved. Now, John's life has become a battle between the two parts of himself: the 23-hour good guy who's trying to uncover the truth of what happens during his lost hour, and the 60-minute dark part of himself that's doing things with a cold-blooded skill. What happens to him during the hour? Who is telling him what to do? And more importantly, how is he being controlled for 60 minutes every day? As the conspiracy threatens to pull John's life apart, his relationship with his family is put to the test. Even John's friends are not who he thought they were, as his actions during his lost time start affecting more lives and, eventually, could impact the future of the United States. Producer/director Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow), with the creator of Boomtown and Speed and a writer for The X-Files, combine action and suspense in a thrilling modern day Manchurian Candidate. David James Elliott (JAG) stars as a man on a mission to stop himself.
· Alex Fernandez as Larry Fitzgerald
· Candice Bailey as Natalie
· Colm Meaney as Charlie
· David James Elliott as John Henderson
· Erika Alexander as Jane
· Gabriel Casseus as Calvin Cauthen
· Kenny Baumann as Michael
· Orla Brady as Kate
· Sarah Jones as Cami
· Bert Salke as EP
· Chris Brancato as EP
· Graham Yost as CRTR/EP
· Jon Avnet as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Brancato-Salke Productions