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1/17/06 - 6/16/06
previously in development (2006-2007 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The human mind is a complex mystery. It allows us to feel emotions, to process everyday life, to think, and to dream. It also determines how we deal with extremes situations...such as the extreme grief felt by the loss of a loved one. New York Police Detective Ray Hakansovich lost his young daughter in a gruesome act of revenge and his mind handled this trauma by saddling him with narcoleptic drift...a form of post-traumatic stress insomnia. This "drift" gives him an edge in solving homicides as the lack of sleep bestows on him a photographic memory which provides a unique insight into every crime scene. But, along with the lack of sleep come vivid hallucinations of his departed daughter who seemingly follows and challenges him on every case. Detective Hakansovich spends the nights wandering the glimmering streets of New York City...mourning his daughter, figuring out how to get back his estranged wife, and working to solve some of New York's most horrible homicides. Although none will ever be as horrible as the one that keeps him awake every day... Executive Producer and Director Paul Anderson (Resident Evil) creates a crime drama apart from the rest with an everyday homicide detective who is working under extreme circumstances despite his extraordinary personal situation. Chazz Palminteri stars as the Captain who keeps him in-line.
· Amy Carlson as Lauren
· Chazz Palminteri as Joseph DiCaro
· Jason O'Mara as Ray Hakansovich
· Marcia Gay Harden as Cheryl
· Naelee Rae as Maddie
· Vanessa Ferlito as Georgia Fields
· Bert Salke as EP
· Chris Brancato as EP
· John Glenn as CRTR/EP
· Paul W.S. Anderson as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Brancato-Salke Productions