[01/27/10 - 06:50 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, January 27
Updates include: The CW orders its first two pilots; ABC adds two of its own; and NBC to move into "The Pink House."

[08/13/08 - 06:59 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, August 13
Updates include: ABC locks casting on 18 pilots; Cynthia Stevenson set for "Surviving Suburbia" at The CW; and Jennifer Lopez to bring "Maid in Manhattan" to the small screen at ABC.

[05/27/08 - 03:56 PM]
Development Update: Tuesday, May 27
Updates include: Alan Ball to spearhead HBO's "Bad Girls" import; ABC completes "Five Year Plan" casting; and Media Rights Capital sets midseason plans for The CW.

[05/13/08 - 02:59 PM]
The Futon's Upfront Notes: Abc
Updates include: "Boston Legal" to end; "Here Come the Newlyweds" and "Dance War" may return; and details on the 17 pilots under consideration for midseason.

[05/08/08 - 05:45 PM]
Development Update: Thursday, May 8
Updates include: Ruben Santiago-Hudson cast in ABC's "Castle"; David Sutcliffe to return to "Private Practice"; and the Alphabet passes on "The Golden Cage."

[03/26/08 - 05:22 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, March 26
Updates include: NBC wants to bring "Family Feud" to primetime; ABC puts two more pilots in the mix; and MTV to bring "Ladette to Lady" to the U.S.

3/26/08 - 1/27/10
previously in development (2008-2009 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) As a Beatle once said, "Life is what happens to us while we're busy making other plans." Don't believe him? Take a look at these five twenty-somethings – plus one who wishes he was – living in Chicago. Filled with naivety and undeterred confidence, they've all got their next five years all mapped out to a 'T'. Of course, for each one, "life happens." And that's where the fun begins. Fresh out of law school, Mickey wants to move to the Chicago suburbs and settle down, while Darcy, his health-nut girlfriend, is determined to save the planet as long as she doesn't have to miss any meals. Darcy's brother Doug plans to do as little as possible for as long as possible, even though control-freak Judy sees him not as a boyfriend but as a fun makeover project. Mickey's divorced 35-year-old brother Glen is desperately trying to live the twenties he never had, while his roommate Mutabi, a student from Africa, is always on hand to offer Glen deep wisdom and incredible lamb chops. These three sometimes-odd couples hang out together as friends, lovers, roommates, or rivals. And when one plan meets another, the sparks really fly. From writers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman (The Office, Just Shoot Me, Son of the Beach) comes an energetic, freewheeling ensemble comedy that's set very much in the present, but always looking towards the future. As this group of (mostly) twenty-somethings gets caught between who they think they are and who they are yet to become, there is a lot for them to discover. And as they learn, when the best-laid five-year plans go astray, you can always laugh about it later.
· Brooke D'Orsay as Darcy
· Joy Osmanski as Judy Flatherty
· Lee Thompson Young as Mutabi
· Steve Howey as Mickey Simon
· Steve Rosen as Doug
· Will Sasso as Glen Simon
· Gail Mancuso as DIR (Pilot)
· Joe Port as CRTR/EP
· Joe Wiseman as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· Universal Television