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1/20/06 - 5/9/06
previously in development (2006-2007 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) A women's role in the workplace would be unrecognizable to their grandmothers. While some will play by the old rules, some make up their own...others will just break them all without blinking, if it suits their purpose. The only link modern women have to their predecessors is the whole mother thing, and some of today's women don't even want that. The successful law firm of Wilson, Porter & Knox is a place where a women lawyer can truly make her mark. Though some women are allies, others are conniving two-faced backstabbers who will steal your clients with a smile. Lauren, returning to work after leaving her second child at pre-school, sees an awesome challenge, and with good reason. Young ambitious Caroline keeps her dating life at bay to stay focused on making partner. Marcia, the office vixen, is divorcing her ex-husband for virtually the same reason. The voice of reason is Pamela, a lesbian working-mother who's dealing with issues at home. Some women will play dirty, using every tool, including their sexuality, to get ahead. The screenwriters of Are We There Yet? and the director of Legally Blonde and Monster-In-Law turn to the high-stakes, high-pressure, high-paying legal world to tell stories of strong women facing each other in the workplace while striving to maintain a personal life. Starring Kelli Williams, Regina King, and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon.
· ??? as Brian Jacobs
· ??? as Michael Shell
· ??? as Ray
· ??? as Receptionist
· Garcelle Beauvais as Marcia
· Jill Ritchie as Kristin
· Julie Warner as Mary Porter
· Kelli Williams as Pamela
· Paige Turco as Caroline Fordham
· Regina King as Lauren
· Xander Berkeley as Campbell Knox
· Carl Beverly as EP
· Claudia Grazioso as WRTR/EP
· Robert Luketic as DIR (Pilot)
· Sarah Timberman as EP
· Steven Banks as WRTR/EP
· drama
· 25C Productions
· Sony Pictures Television