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10/13/04 - 8/10/05
previously in development (2005-2006 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) Life is different in Texas: bigger, bolder and certainly more colorful. The talk is different, the walk is different...even the crimes committed there seem more vivid, creating the need for a feisty female ADA like Chance Morgan. In an age in which everyone has become accustomed to spectacle, this Houston hothead and her crazy courtroom theatrics never disappoint. Growing up in the smallest of towns, Chance Morgan learned about honesty, integrity, and fairness from her father, a barber/justice of the peace. Now an Assistant DA in the big city, Chance is a young spitfire whose daring legal strategies are quickly earning her quite the reputation. She jumps right in, investigating grisly crimes side-by-side with the detectives on the case. And when she does get into the courtroom, she uses her quick wit, sharp tongue, and controversial tactics to get a conviction. Constantly going head to head with the boys club is hard work, and only Chance's passion keeps her going. But when the stresses of the city, her job, and her floundering love life get to be too much, she retreats to the warm embrace of her small hometown and family. Writer Gary Glasberg (Crossing Jordan), and producer Gina Matthews (What Women Want and 13 Going On 30) have created a refreshing new take on a legal show centering around a smart, sassy character based on real life Houston DA, Kelly Siegler.
· Bruce McGill as Charles Bauman
· Fran Kranz as Baines
· Frances Fisher as Evelyn
· Julian Ovenden
· KaDee Strickland as Chance Morgan
· Michael O'Neill as Wyatt
· Viola Davis as Rebecca
· Gary Glasberg as CRTR/EP
· Gina Matthews as EP
· Grant Scharbo as EP
· Michael Dinner as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· 20th Century Fox Television
· Roundtable Ink