[04/06/16 - 11:35 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, April 6
Updates include: FYI pulls the plug on "Kocktails with Khloé"; Jamie Bamber among latest cast in ABC's "Model Woman"; and Warren Christie bound for "Eyewitness" at USA.

[03/23/16 - 06:05 AM]
2016 ABC Program Development Guide - Drama Series
ABC details its 14 drama projects under consideration for next season.

[03/14/16 - 11:39 PM]
Development Update: Monday, March 14
Updates include: CBS rolls its drama pilot "Sensory" due to casting issues; "Galavant's" Joshua Sasse to star in The CW's "No Tomorrow"; and Justin Cornwell tapped as lead in "Training Day" at CBS.

[03/07/16 - 11:38 PM]
Development Update: Monday, March 7
Updates include: Jenna Fischer to star opposite Matt LeBlanc in CBS comedy pilot; Andie MacDowell to lead ABC's "Model Women"; and WGN America orders pilots for "Roadside Picnic," "Scalped" adaptations.

[03/01/16 - 11:41 PM]
Development Update: Tuesday, March 1
Updates include: Jason Lee to lead "What Goes Around Comes Around" at CBS; Taylor Handley to answer the "APB" at FOX; and Katie Aselton joins the cast of FX's "Legion."

[02/26/16 - 11:26 PM]
Development Update: Friday, February 26
Updates include: USA pulls the plug on "Satisfaction"; Bill Paxton to lead "Training Day" at CBS; and Camila Mendes is set as Veronica Lodge in The CW's "Riverdale."

[02/22/16 - 11:48 PM]
Development Update: Monday, February 22
Updates include: Peyton List, Mekhi Phifer cast in The CW's "Frequency"; Dan Byrd first to board ABC's "Model Woman"; and Vanessa Hudgens is bound for NBC's "Powerless."

[02/05/16 - 11:34 PM]
Development Update: Friday, February 5
Updates include: Kal Penn, Maggie Q among those cast in ABC's "Designated Survivor"; FOX adds two single-camera projects to its pilot roster; and CBS orders pilot for medical drama "Sensory."

[01/27/16 - 11:34 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, January 27
Updates include: Miranda Otto bound for FOX's "24: Legacy"; Virginia Madsen cast in "American Gothic" at CBS; and ABC adds dramas "Conviction," "Model Woman" to pilot roster.

1/27/16 - 4/6/16
previously in development (2016-2017 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, March 2016) Beauty and glamour. Fame and fortune. Betrayal and intrigue. It's 1977 and the formidable Bertie Geiss (Andie MacDowell), with her colorful husband Miller by her side, lords over the Geiss Modeling Agency, a monopolistic powerhouse that sets standards of beauty worldwide. Bertie has an eye for spotting talent and cultivates her finds by mentoring the "girls" in a sorority-type home with strict rules and regimens. Her son Elson is gorgeous and has his mother's eye for the next face, while son Lonnie longs to escape the business side and find the next star. Rebellious daughter Michelle, although model material, wants no part of fashion and chooses to photograph reality, not fantasy. But Bertie's true children are her models, especially her top-tier star clients. So when supermodel Rebecca Blackwell returns from Paris demanding what amounts to free services from the Geiss agency, Bertie hatches a plot to keep her under her wing. The next fire to put out comes in the form of betrayal. Bertie's Paris partner Lio Fibonacci, a sexy, dangerous snake is secretly pilfering models to join his new agency in New York while introducing the models to the disco nightlife of glamour, sex and drugs which Bertie forbids. As everyone knows, your enemy's enemy can be your friend, so Bertie offers an olive branch to her former client and now competitor Helenjane Harris to join forces against Lio. Lonnie may have a chance to shed his "numbers guy" persona and get in the talent-scouting game when he plucks a Pippi Longstocking-type girl from the waiting room named Gemma Pinschenat. Bertie sizes her up in seconds and is about to dismiss her when she's surprised by Gemma removing the mortician's wax camouflaging an intriguing gap between her front teeth. Bertie immediately sees what Lonnie saw - a potential star and Lonnie's "first face". As Bertie fights to stay on top, her family is floundering. Husband Miller is the target of Rebecca's passes, son Elson -- normally a player - is falling for Gemma, and Lio is making the moves on daughter, Michelle, whom he knows is forbidden fruit. As she nears hitting the big 50th birthday, will Bertie be able to hold on to power in the anything-goes/if-it-feels-good-do-it world of the 1970s?
· Andie MacDowell as Bertie Geiss
· Caitlin Carver as Michelle Geiss
· Chris Mason as Elson Geiss
· Dan Byrd as Lonnie Geiss
· Felix Gomez as Lio Fibonacci (Originally Cast)
· Jamie Bamber as Lio Fibonacci
· Kayley Ronayne as Rebecca Blackwell
· Madeline Blake as Gemma Pinschenat
· Marcus Callender as Drew Pickett
· Nicole Ari Parker as Helenjane Harris
· Steven Weber as Miller Geiss
· Helen Childress as CRTR/EP
· Liz Craft as EP
· Richard Shepard as DIR (Pilot)
· Robert Lacey as BOOK
· Rosalie Swedlin as EP
· Sarah Fain as EP
· Scarlett Lacey as EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Anonymous Content
· TriStar Television