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11/14/05 - 5/9/06
previously in development (2006-2007 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) How can two sisters with the same parents have completely different upbringings? Tess was raised by her hippie parents and had a totally idyllic middle-class upbringing. But just when she went off to college her professor dad struck it rich with a hit book and suddenly they were leading a very different life...and Tess' sister Gabby, 10 years younger, was raised in the lap of luxury with not a care in the world. Now, years later, Gabby has been expelled from college and the last thing she's going to do is tell her parents. She connives her way into living with Tess, who is busy trying to make her own way and establishing herself as a journalist while taking pains not to allow herself to lean on her parents for financial support. Much more than a comedy between a frugal sister and a spoiled sister, this is a comedy that taps into the widespread generation rift between the Gen-X-ers who have struggled for years to get ahead and the super-entitled generation that is currently nipping at their heels. A writer of Friends dissects her own sisterly battles and affections to prove that family is more important than anything. It's a comic tale of the culture clash between today's two generations of young adults. People in their twenties who seem entitled to have life handed to them on a silver platter, and people in their thirties who knows they have to melt the silver to make their own tray.
· Andrew W. Walker as Nicholas
· Brad Raider as Dax
· Jane Lynch as Jennifer
· Kaley Cuoco as Gabby
· Marisa Coughlan as Tess
· Michael Boatman as Mark
· Andy Ackerman as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Shana Goldberg-Meehan as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· Warner Bros. Television