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8/3/04 - 5/13/05
previously in development (2005-2006 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) Every house has a story. Every story is an opportunity. And on L.A.'s Westside, every opportunity is worth millions. High end real estate is a wickedly competitive business where an agent would kill his own mother to snag a listing...well, at least tell people she's dead. The real estate agents at the family run Whitman & Associates are forever wrestling with the question: Can you sell the American dream without selling your soul? For a select few the answer is yes. For most, the answer is most definitely no. Though the firm is known as a powerhouse brokerage-to-the-stars, it is now in deep trouble. Listings are off, super agent Michael Serrano is thinking about defecting, and owner Bruce Whitman just accidentally backed his car over the owner of a rival agency. Fortunately, Whitman's soulful daughter Jenna has come home to help rebuild the company. With any luck, she'll be the conscience to her father's competitive drive and help stabilize both the business and her crazy family. But first she'll have to figure things out with her old flame, Michael Serrano. Silvio Horta (Jake 2.0, Urban Legend) exposes the hilarious underbelly of the high-stakes real estate world and finds enough sex, greed, deceit and betrayal to last a lifetime.
· Ashley Scott as Jenna
· Camille Guaty as Sharon
· Charlotte Ross as Vanessa
· Judith Light as Nancy
· Peter Facinelli as Michael
· Peter Weller
· Stark Sands as Adam
· Andrew Plotkin as EP
· Bryan Gordon as DIR (Pilot)
· Silvio Horta as CRTR/EP
· Steve Pearlman as EP
· drama
· Class IV Productions
· Warner Bros. Television