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8/31/04 - 7/8/05
previously in development (2005-2006 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) Some people believe that children are the future and that no child should be left behind. But when the principal of Francis Drake High School hires his smart-aleck slacker friend to take over the gifted and accelerated class, some of the other teachers are worried that the future of these kids does not look very bright at all. Appearances are not everything in this comedy where one teacher's somewhat selfish passion for life makes an amazing impact on a group of students that goes well beyond anyone's expectations. Bob Hart had been wasting his life working in a used bookstore. He was happy as a man like him could be until his best friend Andy convinced him to become a high school English teacher for gifted students. When the highly motivated students meet their barely motivated new teacher it's a culture clash of atomic proportions. Plus Bob's weird teaching techniques, like selling grades for cash, keep getting him sent to the principal's office. But after the dust settles it's clear that this just might work out great, at least until Bob does something else to screw things up. Acclaimed actor Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent, "I'm With Her") creates a lovable curmudgeon in the tradition of Archie Bunker. It's a rich offbeat comedy that proves inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources, like teenagers.
· Busy Philipps as Madison "Maddie" West
· Dana Davis as Ryan
· Dave Foley as Andy Savage
· Jake Weary as Harris
· Peter Dinklage as Robinson "Bob" Hart
· Steven C. Parker as Joseph Petty
· Tina Majorino as Allison Barrett
· Donald Todd as CRTR/EP
· Rodman Flender as DIR (Pilot)
· Stu Bloomberg as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· ABC Studios
· Cabloom!