[tuesday, august 14, 2012]    
7:15 PM CARTOON amazing world of gumball, the: the meddler (#134)
8:00 PM The CW hart of dixie: hell's belles (#2J6161)
  ABC middle, the: the map (#3X6913)
  CBS ncis: psych out (#916)
  HGTV property brothers: picturing the possibilites (HPBRS-407H)
8:30 PM ABC last man standing: the spotlight (#1ATP23)
  PBS pbs special: doo wop love songs (my music)
9:00 PM ABC happy endings: yesandwitch (#HE203)
  TRAVEL mysteries at the museum: lost colony of roanoke, dr. linda hazzard, deep blue, greenbrier hotel bunker, death of edgar allan poe, liberty bell 7 (#309)
  CBS ncis: los angeles: the dragon and the fairy (#318)
9:30 PM ABC don't trust the b---- in apartment 23: making rent… (#1ATF03)
10:00 PM CBS mentalist, the: blood and sand (#3X6805)
  NBC stars earn stripes: recap (#101/102)
10:30 PM A&E storage wars: from russia with chucks (#56/304)
  SPIKE TV world's worst tenants: rub a dub, big man in a tub (#102)
11:00 PM ION flashpoint: a new life (#F411)
  HGTV million dollar rooms: an estate with 2 million dollar rooms, a vintage casino room, and a 2 story sports facility. (HMDRS-210H)
11:30 PM HGTV natural born sellers: it must be perfect (HNBSE-105H)

  [august 2012]