[sunday, september 16, 2012]    
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11:00 AM OWN super soul sunday: oprah & iyanla vanzant: soul to soul part 2 (#316-60)
  DISNEY XD ultimate spider-man: run pig run (#120)
11:31 AM DISNEY XD avengers, the: earth's mightiest heroes: emperor stark (#219)
12:00 PM NICK winx club: return to alfea (#503)
1:05 PM TBS mlb special: at ny yankees 6, tampa bay 4
1:30 PM HGTV my first place: offer here, offer there, offers everywhere (HMFP-2312H)
7:00 PM NGC alien deep with bob ballard: fires of creation (#101)
[series premiere]
  NBC football night in america: week 2 (#702)
7:30 PM CBS 60 minutes
8:00 PM NGC alien deep with bob ballard: wrecks of the abyss (#102)
  PBS broadway or bust: boot camp (#102)
  DISNEY good luck charlie: teddy and the bambino (#314)
  ANIMAL PLANET off the hook: extreme catches: go ahead. mako my day. (#108)
  VH1 rehab with dr. drew: intake (#601-60)
[6th season premiere]
  ESPN sunday night baseball: at atlanta 5, washington 1 (#2324)
  DISCOVERY survivorman: survivorman's top ten (#405)
[one-hour special presentation]
  BIO women on death row: episode #5 (#105)
[1st season finale]
8:20 PM NBC sunday night football: detroit lions @ san francisco 49ers (#2603)
8:30 PM CBS big brother: episode 1429 (#1429)
  DISNEY my babysitter's a vampire: siren song (#209)
9:00 PM 3NET 3net special: storm surfers: not defeated
  NGC alien deep with bob ballard: it's alive (#103)
  SPIKE TV bar rescue: owner ousted (#208)
  VH1 behind the music: train (#233)
[15th season premiere]
  HBO boardwalk empire: resolution (#25/301)
[3rd season premiere]
  FOOD great food truck race, the: music city madness (#XT0305)
  AMC hell on wheels: purged away with blood (#206)
  NICKTOONS huntik: secrets & seekers: ladies' choice (#119)
  E! keeping up with the kardashians: baby, baby, baby (#718-60)
[7th season finale]
  TNT leverage: rundown job, the (#509)
  TLC long island medium: help me (#303)
  TV GUIDE nail files: high heels and low class (#206)
  DISCOVERY one car too far: under the hood (#105)
[1st season finale]
  OWN oprah's next chapter: usher (#206)
  ID sins & secrets: fresno (#307)
  OXYGEN snapped: jessica hill (#916)
  PBS wallander: the dogs of riga (#4217)
9:30 PM NICKTOONS huntik: secrets & seekers: the unseen guide (#120)
  TLC long island medium: the princess and her prom (#304)
10:00 PM NGC alien deep with bob ballard: ocean's fury (#104)
  HGTV all american handyman: the crawlspace obstacle course and bbq island build off (HHMAN-305ZH)
  ANIMAL PLANET animal planet special: eating giants: hippo
[special presentation]
  TLC breaking amish: what have we gotten ourselves into? (#102)
  WE bridezillas: christine & minyon (#915)
  BBCA copper: la tempete (#105)
  SPIKE TV flip men: the bet (#208)
  BIO i survived…: heather/donna/kim (#824)
  HISTORY ice road truckers: race the melt (#615)
  FOOD iron chef america: zakarian vs. gallante (#IA1021H)
  OWN iyanla: fix my life: fix my reality star life part 2 (#103)
[new episode - special night]
  TNT leverage: frame-up job, the (#510)
[5th season summer finale - special time]
  E! married to jonas: emergency-in-law (#105)
  DIY million dollar contractor: kitchen for the kids (DMDC-203H)
  BRAVO real housewives of new jersey, the: a bald canary sings (#419)
  ID unusual suspects: the perfect suspect (#402)
  SHOWTIME weeds: it's time, parts 1 & 2 (#812/813)
[one-hour series finale]
10:30 PM E! e! special: carly rae jepsen
[special presentation]
11:00 PM BRAVO watch what happens: live: jacqueline laurita & theresa caputo (#806)
11:30 PM ADULT SWIM black dynamite: the race war or big black cannon, balls run! (#106)
11:59 PM ADULT SWIM robot chicken: executed by the state (#601)

  [september 2012]