[sunday, january 06, 2013]    
11:00 AM OWN super soul sunday: oprah & eckhart tolle: being in the now (#402-60)
2:00 PM CMT nashville: pilot (#101)
3:00 PM CMT nashville: someday you'll call my name (#103)
4:00 PM CMT nashville: we live in two different worlds (#104)
5:00 PM CMT nashville: you're gonna change (or i'm gonna leave) (#106)
6:00 PM CMT nashville: lovesick blues (#107)
7:00 PM LIFETIME lifetime movie: stalked at 17
  CMT nashville: where he leads me (#108)
  ABC once upon a time: queen of hearts (#209)
8:00 PM HGTV extreme homes: pod house, shell, nomad cube (HEXHS-105H)
  DISCOVERY moonshiners: prophecy fulfilled (#206)
  CBS person of interest: identity crisis (#2J6218)
9:00 PM BIO dog the bounty hunter: ghost rider (#157)
  DISCOVERY moonshiners: tickle goes rogue (#207)
  HGTV property brothers: out of the in-laws' house (HPBRS-213H)
  SYFY syfy movie: dead, the
9:30 PM BIO dog the bounty hunter: call waiting (#153)
10:00 PM BIO dog the bounty hunter: father of the bride (#145/146)
  DISCOVERY moonshiners: troubled waters (#208)
  COOKING unique eats: eat & sleep (CCXTR-405H)
11:00 PM FOOD restaurant stakeout: who hires these people? (#RI0205H)

  [january 2013]